imageAnyone who has been reading this summer will understand how busy I’ve been, and so many things have slipped for me including the state of my hair and any kind of beauty/pamper routine. That’s why this weekend has been so lovely, because I haven’t over-planned and had left myself time to really treat myself. I took the time to host a Pamper Party for my girls, treated myself to a face mask and body scrub, and even dyed my hair! Finally! The last time I dyed my hair, a few months ago, I went all out and not only gave it a base colour of Black Cherry – to give it a really nice red colouring in the sunshine, and then added in my own bright red streaks underneath. (I used the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss with the Smart Beauty Highlights kit.) It doesn’t sound like something you should do at home, nor does it sound like it would look that great, but I felt a bit adventurous and actually just did the streaks myself one night. You can’t really see the base colour in the picture below because my room was dark, but you can see the streaks effect and I think they looked rather good for a first time effort on my own hair! I hadn’t really thought they would actually take to my dark hair so well, but was so pleased they did.

photo (10)Unfortunately, after I dyed it at the beginning of June, I then became super busy and had no time to give it  the touch up it needed. It still looked good and still held the colour well, but had obviously faded and although I still had plenty of good hair days where I loved my barnet, I had a fair few days where I wanted to tear it out because I felt it looked scraggy and messy. It’s amazing how much our hair affects us, our confidence and the effort we put into the rest of our appearance. Although my hair never actually made me feel down, it certainly affected how I felt about the way I looked in that time, but I never realised until I actually dyed it again this weekend. I went for my favourite all-over colour Black Cherry again, which  looked great in the sunshine yesterday. And although I also bought some Claret Red dip dye to try on the ends, I think I’m actually going to hold off on that and enjoy the all-over colour for a little while first. It has really made me appreciate my hair and particularly now that this dye seems to have made it look a lot healthier and fuller – it even seems to have hidden how much I really need a trim to tidy it up – so I’m happy!

hairhair 3hair 2

My hair has been through a lot of changes in the past few years – I’d always had shoulder-length to longer dark hair throughout school. Then suddenly, right before university, I decided to chop it all off and have a bob, which I loved and really enjoyed. But I soon realised how much effort short hair was after being forced to always do something with it and started to lust after longer hair again. You can see in my photos how my hair grew over the next few years and now I would say it is nearly the longest it has ever been. I loved having short hair, it really gave me a confidence boost and made all my clothes look totally different. I would definitely have short hair again, but not any time soon. In the between stages, I had lots of variations on fringes and long bobs, layered cuts and all the rest. In the end I decided to grow my hair out, mainly for my best friend’s wedding at which I was bridesmaid last summer. Ever since, I have continued to grow it and strangely it hasn’t annoyed me ye! I thought longer hair would get on my nerves but I love having it – particularly because it means washing it a hell of a lot less and that I have given up on brushing it. I also love that my hair has kept it’s natural curl instead of losing it with the extra weight.

Just going back to my comment about how hair affects your confidence, I wrote a feature the other day on a charity called Look Good Feel Better, for which a group of volunteers who give cancer patients makeovers to help them rebuild their confidence by showing them how to use make-up to redefine their faces after losing all of their hair through cancer treatments. It may sound trivial to some, like these people have a lot more to be worrying about, but actually, when you think about it.. so many women and girls are diagnosed with cancer and all of our society are so obsessed with appearance that the loss of your hair, eyelashes and eyebrows is a big thing. It is something that makes us feel vulnerable at a time when we are physically at our weakest, a time when what we really need to feel is strong enough to beat this thing. It is a charity that takes a woman, and helps her make friends who understand what she is going through, a charity that puts a smile on the face of a woman who has terminal cancer. It make others feel confident to stand in front of their families without a wig on for the first time, and makes others fee brave enough to tackle everyday life. Make-up and hair is more than just stuff, it is a shield against the world and when life takes that away from you, you have a right to demand it back. (Read here)


How attached to your hair are you? How do you think you would feel if suddenly it was taken away from? Any suggestions for what colour I should try next?