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Welcome to my travel resources page!

*This page contains affiliate links – this means I get a teensy tiny commission which helps support this blog and doesn’t cost you a penny more.

Ever wondered how I manage to snag SUCH great travel deals and save so much on accommodation, airfare and travel? This page will give you access to all my favourite booking websites and all the best places to get travel essentials on a budget. My goal is to help you save money so you can spend more on your adventures once you arrive. Keep scrolling to find out all my travel secrets…


Hot tub overlooking the jungle, Semuc Champey, Guatemala


Love booking your next trip, but hate watching the majority of your budget trickle away on hotels? Use these great resources for booking accommodation that won’t max out your budget and still enjoy the luxury or social vibe you’re after. Top tips for saving money on a place to stay:

  • Solo travellers consider staying at a hostel – it doesn’t always have to mean backpacker parties – try boutique hostels or a private room in a hostel for a more social vibe.
  • Loyalty to a booking agent can work in your favour – repeatedly using can get you to a Genius level which means you get access to exclusive discounts on properties, free breakfasts, late check-outs.
  • Don’t always go for hotels – try looking for apartments, private rooms, homestays, B&B’s and you might get a much better deal plus access to facilities like a kitchen which could save you more money on dining out.
  • Compare prices across various websites including the hotel’s own website,, Hostelworld, and various other booking agents – sometimes you can get  a much better deal just by spending 5 minutes shopping around.



Why spend a fortune on flights and taxis when you can save money for dinners and shopping on your next trip? There are so many ways to get better deals and cost the amount you spend on bus rides and train fares across the UK, Europe and beyond. Top tips for saving on travel costs:

  • Be flexible! Sometimes just changing the time or the day you plan to travel can save you hundreds.
  • Never book at the weekend, always book and shop using Incognito or Private Browsing mode on a Tuesday-Thursday as these days are cheaper.
  • Instead of picking an expensive destination – why not try Flight Roulette and just pick the EVERYWHERE option on Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights?
  • Go for overland travel – its better for the environment and your wallet – buses and trains can save you a lot of time and $$$.

My Travel Essentials

My top travel essentials that I couldn’t imagine travelling without. These are my most used items that have lasted me the longest and have travelled with me from one side of the world to another. While these may be slightly more expensive items – I’ve chosen very carefully which brands I want to invest my money in. And after more than six months of use – I can vouch for the quality of each.