This is a much newer career/blogging section of the blog with lots of great tools and advice. I’ve created a range of blog posts designed to help you achieve the career or create the blog you’ve always dreamed of. I started out my career/blogging path at a time before blogging was “big”. This meant I was forced to really learn and find out the hard way when I made mistakes.

I spent hours researching and perfecting my own work. Now I’m not perfect by a long shot. But the knowledge I have gained over the years is invaluable to those starting out. Check out this career/blogging section for posts on how to pitch to brands and creating your perfect media kit, or even my guide to freelancing and creating a home office anywhere you go. You will also find my much-loved post on how to take amazing pics for Instagram!

Career/blogging tips & experience

When it comes to career/blogging – I started mine early as a journalist. I quickly secured my career role as a columnist for a newspaper. Later, I became a fully fledged reporter.was still at university when I landed these roles, and had already been working since I was 14 years old. I love to work hard and over the years I’ve worked in journalism, as a sales manager and in marketing, content & SEO. Plus as a writer and professional blogger, a travel blogger, and a qualified TEFL teacher.

I’ve also featured in many articles in newspapers, online magazines and podcasts. This is where I’ve shared my experiences and knowledge, and I will soon be appearing on the BBC. I’m currently working closely with two charities. Writing and creating for a domestic violence charity and as an ambassador for an environmental charity working against climate change. I love using my own knowledge to help others develop their skills and can’t wait to help you do the same. Explore this career/blogging section today.