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The first-timer's guide to long-term travel and planning the ultimate gap year experience. Suitable for travellers of all ages, this 45-page eBook contains everything you need to know. Plus it's jam-packed full of inspiring travel quotes and actionable tips. Don't let anything stand in the way of your adventures – here's all the advice I learned the hard way. Fast-track your way to freedom with detailed tips on everything from visas, healthcare and insurance, to packing, saving and choosing a backpack. Plus – don't miss out on the epic bonus chapter that tackles the question: Will I regret taking time out to travel? 


Adventure travel blogger Absolutely Lucy shares the ultimate guide to planning your gap year experience. Real, raw, honest advice from a woman who has been solo travelling the globe for 6+ years. Now she shares her experiences and the lessons she's learned with the gap year and long-term travellers of the future.

Always dreamt of travelling the world? Do you spend hours at your desk dreaming of white sandy beaches and jungle adventures? Trust me – travel is not something that only happens for the lucky ones. Anyone can live this lifestyle – it just takes a bit of planning. Now thanks to my new eBook – you can gain access to all the tips and tricks I have learned the hard way from day one. Fast-track your way to your adventures today.

Bursting at the seams with useful information, inspiring quotes and actionable tips to help you minimise stress and maximise your trip. The book is aimed at first-time travellers, or those who are planning to take on long-term travel for the first time. It doesn't matter whether you're fresh out of university, or you're taking a career break from work. This guide will tell you everything you need to know, and much more. I've taken 60 pages of information and compressed it into this handy 45-page guide to make it easy and fast reading. But this eBook is more than just a quick read, it's great to refer back to at every stage of the gap year planning.

This new eBook includes 8 amazing chapters that cover everything you need to know to plan the ultimate getaway. Plus a bonus chapter which tackles the big question: Will I regret taking time out to travel? 

What’s inside?

  • Why choose to take a gap year?
  • How to quit your job or studies for travel
  • The basics – how to start planning
  • Visas – what you need to know
  • Healthcare & travel insurance
  • Saving money on long-term travel
  • Planning activities & transfers
  • What to pack & choosing a backpack

Think of this eBook as your best travelling buddy with many years of backpacking experience under their belt. Whether you're travelling solo or with a friend, or partner, you're bound to have questions and run into a lot of confusing information along the way. This handy gap year guide streamlines the information so that you only focus on what's important. Let this eBook help you start to drown out the doubts in your mind and replace them with confidence in your abilities.

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