North America

North America is a huge area of the world and one that I haven’t explored as much as I would have liked. But the parts I have been lucky enough to visit, I’ve created guides plus lots of inspiration posts for helping you to plan your own trips. Posts in this section centre around everyone’s favourite US destination – New York. Plus, I’ve got a range of posts from my most recent trip to Mexico and my road trip with a friend over there. Canada is big on my bucket list, and I can’t wait until I get to go over there and explore properly. But in the meantime, I’ve worked with top brands to create a range of blog posts to inspire your fly-drive trips, road trips and dream holidays over there.

North America
Travel Itineraries

Whether it’s planning the ultimate USA road trip, a shorter city break or a summer holiday – I got you. I’ve been to New York more times than I can count on one hand and have put together the ultimate guides to planning a short autumn, spring or winter break over there. Read about the more unusual and less touristy things to do in the city, and how to go there on a budget! Or head to Mexico for some sunshine and amazing food – and those gorgeous, white sandy beaches. Prefer to escape into nature? Canada is the one – my posts make your adventures accessible and budget-friendly. Check out these posts:
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North America Travel Itineraries

Best Things to See &
Do in North America

North America is such a varied place with such different climates, it’s almost impossible to share all the amazing experiences that await a traveller. Explore cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Montreal and Toronto. Head to Mexico and explore the Riviera Maya or visit Mexico City, or even visit Mayan temples hidden in the jungle. Go to Disneyworld in Florida, or head on a USA road trip. There’s so many options, here’s some ideas:

Best Things to See & Do in North America

Solo Female Travel
in North America

Travelling in the USA varies greatly from travelling in Canada or Mexico so I don’t want to generalise about what your experience might be as a solo female traveller. But I do want to reassure you that as a solo female traveller who backpacked alone through Mexico, I felt completely safe at all times. Here’s 5 tips for feeling safe when you travel solo in North America:
Trust your gut – my number 1 rule. If something feels off, leave the situation!
Never arrive anywhere late at night, it will instantly feel dodgy.
Research hostels & accommodations – always read the reviews.
If you feel nervous, check in with friends / family nightly and send them your location.
Talk to people! Don’t let yourself feel isolated. Make friends and form a group.
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Solo Female Travel in North America

How Much Does It Cost to Travel North America?

The Langham Hotel, Boston


These costs range hugely depending on which area you choose to travel. Obviously New York City will be an expensive trip – but trips here also tend to be shorter. A US road trip will be expensive, as will Canada holidays. If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend Mexico as it’s a lot more budget-friendly and hostels are a great option for all – or hire a car/van and camp.
Street food tacos – messy but delicious


Across the USA and Canada, there are lots of budget-friendly diners and restaurants that won’t break the bank. But if you’re on a budget, try shopping at supermarkets and preparing your own food. For Mexico, street food is the best, cheapest and most delicious option! Look for popular stalls as you walk around or head to night markets.
USA Road trip


This will likely be one of the most costly parts of travelling the USA or Canada – flights and car/van hire do add up. But often these trips are once-in-lifetime so weigh up how much you are willing to spend. Look at transport that can double as accommodation to reduce costs. For Mexico, the local buses are great and fairly cheap, if you’re on a super tight budget – try the “chicken buses”. They’re actually really good, a fraction of the cost and usually arrive quicker!
Moraine Lake Sunrise - James Wheeler

Suggested Daily Budget

100+ GBP / 120+ USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating out a little, cooking most of your meals, and using local transportation. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

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Ever wondered how I manage to snag SUCH great travel deals and save so much on accommodation, airfare and travel? my Travel Resources will give you access to all my favourite booking websites and all the best places to get travel essentials on a budget. My goal is to help you save money so you can spend more on your adventures once you arrive.
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How Much Does It Cost to Travel North America?

Money Saving Tips for North America

Absolutely Lucy in local restaurant with mariachi band

Camp or stay in hostels

This entirely depends on where you are going but either look at hiring a car/camping or head to hostels for the cheapest deals. Hostels in Mexico are amazing!
Street food tacos – messy but delicious

Cook for yourself

If you're travelling Canada or the USA, I recommend shopping at supermarkets and preparing your own food. It's healthier and much cheaper. Stay at places with a kitchen.

Use the "chicken buses"

Mexico's "chicken buses" don't have the best reputation. But honestly, I did it solo and they were safe, comfortable, efficient and a fraction of the price!
Boston Public Library

Look for free activities

If the USA or Canada are getting super expensive – look to cut back on activities costs. Perhaps there are free hikes or fun things to do that won't cost the earth.

Money Saving Tips for North America

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