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Canada is a country that has always been high on my bucket list and I know that when I eventually get there, the only way I want to travel is to drive. I’ve actually got family living in both Toronto and Montreal, so if you ask me, a Canada road trip would be the perfect way to squeeze in a visit. I’d definitely consider doing the Canada working holiday visa after how much I enjoyed Australia. I’m expecting much the same as far as the wide open roads and breathtaking scenery. But instead of deserts and oceans, this time I’d look forward to having my mind blown by the incredible mountain ranges, national parks and lakes. If you love road trips as much as I do, this post is perfect for you.

For those who are new to travel or road tripping abroad, or who simply want the planning process to be as easy as possible. Fly drive Canada holidays are a perfect solution for those who don’t want the stress of organising a big trip, but want to keep the freedom of the open road. Enjoy the best of both worlds and get to see all the spectacular sights Canada has to offer. From east to west, Canada has so much to offer including the Rocky Mountains, Whistler, Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls and Nova Scotia. So read on to find out why you should book a trip today!

Emerald Lake, Banff, Alberta, by Bruno Soares dos Santos, fly drive Canada holidays

Emerald Lake, Banff, Alberta, by Bruno Soares dos Santos

What are fly drive Canada holidays?

One of the most popular ways to explore Canada, these self-drive holidays are the ultimate package deal of travel, accommodation and activities. Everything you need to enjoy your trip is included in fly drive holidays in Canada from the time you book. This leaves you with little more to do than sit back and enjoy the drive as you travel across this beautiful country. With a package that is organised around your dream trip – you can see Canada the way you’ve always imagined. Start by choosing your vehicle, whether it’s a car or a motorhome, and give yourself the freedom to stop and enjoy hidden gems along the way. You decide the journey so whether you want to stop and take in the views, spot wildlife or even a great picnic spot, the choice is yours.

Pick from a selection of pre-selected routes travelling east, west or in any direction you please. Or, if you don’t find a plan that includes everything you want to see, you can tailor your own package. With epic scenery in every direction, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Once you’ve chosen your route, you can add on activities and excursions along the way. And don’t forget, each night you’ll be provided with a pre-booked hotel to rest your head before the next day of travel. Either side of the road trip, you will have return flights booked flying to and from your chosen airports. This is the trip for the adventurous soul who wants a stress-free holiday and the support of a team of experts to make every moment perfect.

Peggys Point Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, fly drive Canada holidays, by miquitos

Peggys Point Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, by miquitos

10 reasons why you should choose fly drive Canada holidays

Canada’s beauty will blow your mind

Take a second to look at the images in this post and you’ll see how utterly incredible Canada is. While there are some awesome cities to check out, you don’t travel there for that. It’s all about getting away from it all, exploring stunning nature, enjoying hikes and climbs, visiting mountains and alpine lakes, epic views and the list goes on. Whether you prefer mountains, forests, cities or ocean – there’s something to suit all tastes.

Freedom and flexibility to travel how you want

One thing that is hugely appealing for those looking to book fly drive Canada holidays is getting to enjoy adventure travel without being held to an itinerary. Perhaps you don’t have the time to plan a trip independently, so getting a team of experts to do it for you can be a great idea. But fly drive trips allow you to still remain independent and to structure your days the way you like. If you want to drive a certain route, stop off to take pictures or have a picnic along the way, or take a detour to check out a view. The choice is yours.

Canada is made for road trips

Think huge open roads, epic national parks and camping spots. With so many amazing places to visit that are so spread out, there’s no better way to travel to be able to squeeze as much in as possible. Plus who doesn’t love a road trip? It’s a fantastic way to travel and to see and experience a country in a totally different way to when you just fly in and out of a city.

Carl Campbell, Otter Lake, fly drive Canada holidays

Otter Lake by Carl Campbell

Book your entire road trip as a package

The term “package deals” always screams Benidorm to me. But the truth is, these days travel companies have completely changed their package deals to reflect what the customer really wants. There are some incredible adventure travel packages available all over the world and fly drive Canada holidays are a perfect example of this. You get to enjoy adventure travel and getting to explore amazing locations. But you also don’t have to deal with the organising stress or spend ages comparing prices! A team of experts is on hand to tailor your trip to your every whim and travel desire. Even better, the team of experts is at the end of the phone if you need them during your trip.

Tailor your route to your travel desires

A team of experts will help you to tailor your travel route to what you would love to see the most. If you love mountains and lakes, they will organise so you get to see as much as possible. If you fancy a few days hiking and cycling in national parks, or even camping out. Even if you want more time in the cities for sightseeing and shopping. If you want to stop off for adventure activities or even to visit some hot springs. Your journey can always be changed to fit in another stop.

Add extra activities and excursions to your itinerary

Whether you fancy squeezing in a whale watching trip, or want to go skiing during your holiday. It’s so easy to add in extra little trips and to book them before you even arrive. Save yourself any stress while actually on holiday by asking about great add-ons for your package. You can never have too many adventures!

Banff National Park – Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, Rocky Mountains, by Bernard Spragg

Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, Rocky Mountains, by Bernard Spragg

Enjoy home comforts after a long day of adventures

Spend each night at a pre-booked hotel with all your home comforts after a day on the road. Choose between hotels for all budgets and styles and have them all booked ahead. If you want to, you can spend a few nights camping. Or even hire a camper van for comfort during your whole journey but the freedom to stop anywhere and sleep. The choice is yours.

Fly in and pick up your pre-booked car at the airport

Starting your fly drive Canada holidays couldn’t be easier. Just catch your flight and when you land in the country, your pre-booked car or even motorhome will be waiting for you at the airport. Hit the road straight away without any complicated paperwork or last minute organising.

Enjoy hotel upgrades if you book pre-packaged fly drives

Some companies offer great little bonuses if you book their pre-packaged fly drives so it’s worth looking into the fixed packages they have available. You may find that one of the trips perfectly fits with your dream holiday. Some companies offer free hotel upgrades to more luxurious options as an incentive for booking these pre-organised trips.

I don’t know about you guys, but writing this post has seriously given me the travel bug! I’m so keen for a trip to Canada and to really get lost in nature. Most of all, I really need to see some of these views with my own eyes just to believe that they are real! I hope this post has inspired you to try adventure travel but on your own terms!

Have you been to Canada – which was your favourite part? Is Canada on your bucket list?

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