Have you considered a hiking holiday before? Hiking is something that has grown in popularity in recent years, due to the many benefits it offers – you’ll get to see unique landscapes, challenge yourself, be active and potentially meet others (if you plan a group trip). 

As touched upon just then, hiking holidays can be done in a group situation, alternatively you can opt for a self guided trip, take this Camino de Santiago from Sarria in 7 days as an example. You’ll hike for 7 days and travel 114km, seeing amazing panoramas and traditional villages. When opting for a hiking holiday, there is a hiking difficulty – this way a complete beginner can enjoy as well as advanced hikers who go yearly (Once you’ve got the bug, this might be you each year). 

To help you decide if a hiking holiday is for you, below we have put together our guide on the different benefits a hiking holiday offers. 

The Benefits of a Hiking Holiday

You get to see amazing panoramas 

To start with, one of the main benefits of a hiking holiday is the incredible landscapes you get to see along the way. As you can imagine, a hike is often off the beaten path, meaning you get to reach places cars or motorbikes struggle to get to – a camera is a must on your travelers! Depending on your hike, you’ll see amazing panoramas, beautiful waterfalls and nature at its finest. Can you remember what it’s like to not hear any cars and just listen to nature as it passes you by? It’s something to be cherished! 

You get be active 

One of the best things about a hiking holiday is that it gives you the chance to be active and get fit. Normally on holiday you spend all your time sitting still, eating and drinking and come home feeling more lethargic and unhealthy than when you went out there. When on a hiking holiday you get to be active from the get to, spending time in nature and feeling good about yourself. You can get your step count up, see some of the most stunning views and become fitter and stronger as a result. It also means if you stop for a bite to eat, it’s well deserved!

Take on a new challenge 

If you’re looking to push yourself and to find a new challenge to take on, a hiking holiday is the answer. There are a myriad of hiking routes you can choose between and you can let yourself do something you’ve never done before. While hiking is hard, when you finish, you’ll feel a real sense of achievement that you will never forget! Be sure to take plenty of photos and pick your walking route wisely!

Will you be booking a hiking holiday and where will you be going to? Which of the above benefits most resonated with you? Is there any advice you would like to offer to our readers?