Kitting out a campervan with vanlife essentials is only part of your vanlife journey, as it’s vital to also be road legal and choose the right campervan insurance. Navigating through endless insurance companies can be tiresome; trust me, I’ve been there! But insuring your van correctly means you can adventure around the UK and beyond with peace of mind.

But, how do you choose the right campervan insurance?

When choosing the right campervan insurance, it’s essential to provide the insurance company with the correct vehicle and conversion details along with any engine modifications. Intended usage, vehicle value, driver age, insurance type, and claims history can all affect the price of campervan insurance.

I wouldn’t want to add up all the hours I’ve spent scouring the internet or talking to various insurance companies on the phone! My experience in this topic is good news for you as I’ve done most of the hard work in finding the best campervan insurance companies worth taking a closer look at. You just need to figure out which one is best for you!

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Choosing The Right Campervan Insurance (What To Look For When Choosing A Campervan Insurance Policy)

Vehicle insurance can feel like a minefield, but working out the kind of insurance you need for your motorhome or campervan will make things far easier from the get-go. Before talking to an insurance company on the phone, it can be useful to make a list of everything you need to be insured in your van.

When choosing a campervan insurance policy, be sure to look for key elements such as the contents of your van, the value of the campervan, self-build campervan cover, emergency allowances, mileage limits, security discounts, EU cover, and insurance for carrying gas such as LPG on board. You’ll also need to work out if you need third-party, third-party fire and theft, or comprehensive cover

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Different Classes Of Campervan + DVLA Classification 

The DVLA has pretty rigid rules when it comes to converting a vehicle into a motorhome or campervan. To get the correct self-build campervan insurance, it’s vital to meet the requirements set out by the DVLA for whichever class of campervan you own. 

Class A 

Class A campervans are more like luxury motor coaches, typically featuring everything from high-end finishes and sleek designs to innovative functions and spacious slide-outs. These kinds of vehicles are the largest class of campervan, often coming with a considerably high price tag. 

Class B

Class B campervans are what we all picture when we imagine a campervan; a van that’s converted into a potential home on wheels, featuring amenities such as a bed, kitchen area, and bathroom. Class Bs are far more compact than Class As and they also tend to have a cheaper mark-up too. 

Class C

Bigger than Class Bs and smaller than Class A motorcoaches, Class C campervans are a middle-of-the-road solution to camping. They are ideal for families or small groups of friends hiring a campervan and hitting the mountains together. Class Cs typically have a cab section separating the driving and living space, and are also built on a truck or van chassis providing robust construction and reliability.

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Which Is The Best Campervan Insurance? (My 5 Top Picks)

Choosing the best motorhome or self-converted campervan insurance will be a breeze with the list I’ve created. It’s important to remember you don’t have to settle for the first quote you’re given as you may find a cheaper price by shopping around.

Adrian Flux

Top of the list is Adrian Flux, which is the company I am currently using to insure my van. I’ve found Adrian Flux ideal for covering everything I need in my campervan, along with providing competitive pricing and friendly customer support. The quote I was given for a policy full of useful features for my future travel plans was the cheapest, whilst still containing everything I need to insure my campervan right.

Sterling Insurance

Backed by over 30 years of experience, Sterling Insurance is a company trusted by many for campervan insurance. There’s a useful live chat feature on their website, alongside EU and breakdown cover, a 24/7 claims hotline, and the ability to get quick quotes.  

Just Kampers Insurance

Just Kampers Insurance is one of the UK’s most popular choices for campervan-specific insurance. The company has been providing camper insurance for 20 years, keeping travellers safe and protected on the road. Thousands of positive reviews back Just Kampers promise to provide quality, trustworthy, and sensibly priced campervan insurance.

Brentacre Insurance

With insurance to suit various types of vehicles from campervans and classic cars to modified motors, and performance cars, Brentacre Insurance is a company with owners’ best interests at heart. Offering a customizable policy where you can tailor insurance to your needs, Brentacre is a quality insurance choice for your campervan. 

Comfort Insurance

Understanding the needs of campervan owners is part of the battle when sourcing the right campervan insurance, and Comfort Insurance does just that. It’s hard to argue with the thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews for the company, with campervan and motorhome owners choosing them to protect their precious vehicles. Along with providing motorhome and campervan insurance, Comfort also offers hire insurance. This is ideal if you’re planning on hiring a camper this year for a summer adventure of a lifetime.

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3 Tips On Getting The Cheapest Campervan Insurance

Insurance can be a hefty investment, especially when it’s for your home on wheels, but it’s possible to reduce the cost of your campervan insurance in a few simple ways.

1. Compare Prices With Other Companies

I’ve already said it once, but I’ll say it again – don’t settle for the first insurance quote you’re given! By exploring the options of different companies, you may be able to barter on the phone and bring prices down. Insurers want you to choose their company, but if they hear you can get the same or similar cover for a lower cost elsewhere, they will be more inclined to lower their price or make you a deal.

2. Improve Security

Making small improvements to the security of your campervan is a great way to increase your safety on the road, and also bring down the cost of campervan insurance. Adding components such as an alarm and a tracker on your van keeps you safe while travelling in addition to decreasing the insurance cost. 

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3. Pay Annually

Paying for your insurance annually rather than monthly can make a surprising difference to your overall insurance expenses. Alongside bringing costs down, it also makes things easier in the long run as you won’t have regular increments leaving your bank. It will instead be one lump sum which you can pay and forget about until next year.

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Campervan?

The cost of insuring a campervan can vary depending on the insurance type and what the policy covers. In the UK, campervan insurance can cost anywhere from £150, but it’s significantly more for higher-priced vehicles and policies offering more coverage. 

Do I Need Different Insurance If I’m Planning To Live In My Van?

Living full-time on the road doesn’t mean you need different insurance, but it still requires you to choose the right campervan insurance for your individual needs. It’s wise to insure your campervan as best as you can, giving the insurance company the correct and up-to-date information, such as whether you are residing in your van full-time.

Do I Need To Insure My Self-Build Van As A Campervan? 

Whether you’ve worked on your van alone, or completed the conversion with friends, family, or professionals, it’s essential to purchase self-build campervan insurance. This often requires specialist insurance companies who understand what a self-built campervan is, and have the ability to protect it as your home away from home.

Is It Cheaper To Insure A Van As A Camper? 

It’s generally cheaper to insure a van as a campervan rather than a regular van, as insurance companies know we campers tend to drive our vehicles safely and slowly! Unlike a standard works van, it’s not common for campervans to contain expensive, desirable tools and other equipment that puts regular vans at higher risk of theft and damage.

What Won’t Campervan Insurance Cover?

Standard motorhome or campervan insurance doesn’t typically cover wear and tear, animal infestations, or full-time vanlife, however, the latter is possible to find from more specialist insurance companies.