Finding a remote job where you can work from your campervan can be a tough quest! With an increase in remote jobs since the pandemic, however, there are now more work from home jobs available, This means you can have financial security, support your travels, and become a true digital nomad!

So what are the best ways for vanlifers to make money on the road?

Some of the best ways to make money on the road include crafting and selling goods, completing seasonal farm or festival work, transiting your current job into a remote role, teaching English online, affiliate marketing, social media, and working as a freelancer on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Remote Rocketship. 

With every picture-perfect post of vanlife on social media comes a story, and one of those is finances! Travelling the world in a campervan is an experience like no other, but the peace of mind a remote income brings is irreplaceable. Knowing I can support myself wherever I venture in my campervan allows me to worry less about finances, and gives me funds to do exciting activities, alongside saving for emergencies and future adventures.

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20 Ways Vanlifers Can Make Money On The Road

In today’s modern world, it’s possible to find remote jobs supported by a wide range of skills. If you’re not sure what kind of work you’d like to do, explore my list of various roles from digital jobs to seasonal jobs, and see which ones appeal to you the most! Online courses are great for levelling up your skills and getting you qualified for a reliable stream of remote income. It’s worth exploring available courses if you’re struggling with finding a job to suit you.

1. Sell your work on Etsy

For a creative and inspiring way to earn money on the road, take a look at It’s an online marketplace where creatives can sell their work, and it’s a popular site for handmade items and out-of-the-box gift ideas. It’s possible to sell a variety of crafts and products on Etsy, from macramé and crochet to fine art prints and digital downloads.

2. Selling Crafts At Festivals

If you’ve got a knack for craft making but would rather sell in person than online, it’s worth considering setting up a stall and selling at festivals. This may incur a trader’s fee, but at a busy festival in the peak of summer, you could make a decent amount of money in a short space of time. Vanlife festivals are booming across the UK, and these are great locations to meet fellow travellers and share your unique creations.

3. Teaching English Online

Teaching English online is one of the most common ways vanlifers I’ve met on the road kickstarted their remote working journey. Platforms such as Cambly, Preply, and Palfish are all great choices where alongside making money, you can interact with students from all around the world and learn some new things too! Check out this blog post on getting your TEFL certificate to teach English as a second language worldwide and online. Or you can become a tutor in a wide range of topics including maths, chemistry, musical instruments, history and many more with TutorHunt.

4. Working As A Freelancer

Freelancing can be a reliable way of making money on the road if you have a desirable skill or service you’re able to provide. Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour are some of my top picks. By working with clients, you can build a freelancer portfolio to set you up for years of successful travel in your campervan. Common services include data entry, website development, proofreading and editing, copywriting, transcribing, and video editing.

5. Using Remote Rocketship to find remote jobs

Part of the battle of sourcing a work from home job is knowing where to look! Remote Rocketship is gaining popularity as a platform to find remote jobs from software engineering to virtual assistant roles. Applying for jobs is easy thanks to their user-friendly website that links freelancers with job posts for a variety of positions.

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6. Converting Campervans

Countless campervans on the road are self-built wagons, where travellers have taken a panel van and converted it into a camper. If this is what you did with your home on wheels, and you loved doing it, it’s worth giving some thought to turning your skills into a business. Converting campervans is a fantastic way to explore the country, help others with their builds, and make money to support your own adventures.

7. Mobile Mechanic

If you’re a skilled mechanic living life on the road, why not turn your skills into a money-maker? Vanlifers are always in the search of mechanics, as we use our vans regularly, so it’s common to face vehicle wear and tear in addition to breakdowns. The role of a mobile mechanic can take you around the country so you can see new sights, while also helping fellow campers get back on the road.

8. Social Media

The world of social media has become an industry where it’s possible to make money from platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook through videos, photos, and posts. Provided you have a signal and a talent for content creation, this is an innovative way to make money, and in some cases even receive products for free. Check out this blog post to find out how to maximise travel blogging partnerships and how to pitch brands.

9. Video Creation

Becoming a YouTuber may be appealing to those who enjoy filming and video editing, and it’s an awesome way to get your vanlife story out into the world! Video creation on YouTube and Patreon can earn you money, but it can take time to build up a community able to support your finances. 

10. Seasonal Farm Work

If you prefer in-person roles rather than working solely behind a computer, seasonal farm work might tick the box. This kind of work is usually restricted to certain times of the year such as summer when fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. Racking up enough hours during these periods may mean you only have to work during the summer and can take a few months off to find some winter sun!

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11. Working On Campsites

Campsite work has countless advantages for vanlifers. It doesn’t fit into the category of remote jobs, but it’s a feasible option with plenty of perks. In addition to earning money, you’ll also have access to facilities such as toilets, showers, fresh water, grey waste disposal, and more. 

12. Photography

The ability to catch scenic shots on a camera doesn’t have to stay between you and the photo icon on your phone or computer! Taking quality pictures and selling them on websites such as Shutterstock can build you a portfolio and make money in the background while you continue your travels.

13. Blog Writing

Sharing your vanlife tales is a creative way to open up the world of life on the road in a fun, accessible way. Through blog writing, you can partner with brands and include affiliate links so you can make money directly from the words you type. It can take time to create a successful website, but making it user-friendly and remembering SEO practices are simple things to get you going!

14. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a less common way of making money on the road, but it’s still a remote job where you can work from home. It involves selling items without physically having the stock to hand as the stocking and sending of items is left to the supplier. This means you don’t have to give up precious space in your campervan for products as everything is arranged online. 

15. Transition Your Current Job Into Remote Work

The simplest way of making money as a vanlifer is to transition your current job into a remote role. This takes away the stress of finding a new job or learning a new skill and means you can stick with what you know. I would advise investing in a reliable internet source, especially when working a 9-5 job or similar where you need consistent internet access.

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16. Online Fitness Instructing

If you hold a fitness certification, a laptop, and have a community supporting your vanlife journey, why not hold online fitness classes? These can be taught over applications such as Zoom, and you can run them from wherever you are in the world. Alongside teaching classes, if you also have personal training qualifications, online coaching can be another way to make money on the road. 

17. Travelling Healthcare Professional

Working as a travelling healthcare professional such as a nurse or carer is a rewarding and inspiring way to financially support your campervan lifestyle. It may be easier to find roles in your local area through an agency, so you can tailor your work to the location where you’re based. 

18. Create Online Courses 

Sharing skills and knowledge is an excellent way to help others, and creating online courses helps make this accessible. Whether you have skills in photography, design, coding, or social media content creation, designing and selling a course can become reliable, passive income. 

19. Ride For A Food Delivery Company

Carrying another mode of transport such as a push bike or motorcycle in your campervan is handy for exploring the area you’re parked in without having to drive your camper everywhere! It can also be a money earner as companies such as Deliveroo, Ubereats, and Just Eat are always looking for food delivery riders. One of the huge benefits of these companies is that some of them allow you to change location to wherever you are, so you can deliver takeaways across Scotland for a few weeks, before heading south and doing the same role in Cornwall!

20. Seasonal Festival Work

Seasonal festival work is a lively, energetic way to make money from home, and although most festivals in the UK happen during summer, it’s possible to find festival work throughout the year. In addition to paid roles, some festivals may only need volunteers, where you receive free festival access and food instead of monetary compensation for the hours you work.

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