My favourite continent by far – Asia is a land that spells freedom for me. It was the first place I ever travelled solo. The first step into my new life. I’ve been travelling all my life, but Asia was a place that captivated me like nowhere else had before. Plan a two week holiday or a year’s backpacking trip – check out my Asia destination guides and trip planning itineraries. From the beaches of Thailand to the temples of Cambodia. Swim the waterfalls of Laos, dine on the best street food in Vietnam, explore the streets of Kuala Lumpur or swim with sea turtles in Indonesia. Fancy getting off the beaten track? Sri Lanka is the country for you – a little piece of my heart was left behind. Let me help you with planning the ultimate trip to Asia.

Asia Travel Itineraries

It can be overwhelming to plan that first trip to Asia, so I’ve done the hard work for you and compiled these extensive guides to help you plan your adventure. Whether you’re planning a brief layover, a holiday or a backpacking trip, I’ve got you. Check out these posts:
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Asia Travel Itineraries

Best Things to See
& Do in Asia

Asia is the ultimate adventure destination for thrill-seeking travellers. Not only is travel really affordable over there, but there are so many unique experiences to suit all travel styles depending on which country you visit. The diversity of the countries and landscapes mean you can hop between safaris and jungle hikes to waterfall-rappelling, tubing and even yoga retreats. There’s so much to do, you’ll be spoilt for choice! So, I’ve picked out some of my favourite experiences from years of backpacking across Asia – these are the ones you won’t want to miss.

Best Things to See & Do in Asia

Solo Female Travel
in Asia

Asia is a perfect place to start your solo travels. Thailand was the first place I ever travelled solo, and I’ve always felt so safe there. Everywhere I travelled around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, I have found it super easy to meet people and make friends. Here’s 5 tips for feeling safe when you travel solo in Asia:
Trust your gut – my number 1 rule. If something feels off, leave the situation!
Never arrive anywhere late at night, it will instantly feel dodgy.
Research hostels & accommodations – always read the reviews.
If you feel nervous, check in with friends / family nightly and send them your location.
Talk to people! Don’t let yourself feel isolated. Make friends and form a group.
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Solo Female Travel in Asia

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Asia?


Asia is the best for travelling on a budget – your money stretches so far. Particularly in South-East Asia – you can find luxury accommodation for budget prices. If you’re backpacking, expect to pay between £5-15 for a hostel depending on how basic/luxe it is. You can easily find huts on the beach for £10-30 depending on location/luxury. And hotels/Airbnb can start from £10 a night and can range up to the really luxurious 5* hotels.
Read: My Top Hostels in South-East Asia


Some of the cheapest and best quality food I have eaten in the world. Asia is the home of amazing street food markets, and cheap but great quality eats. Don’t bother with restaurants – you’ll find the freshest and tastiest meals at the cheapest street food shacks and stalls. Follow the locals – if there is a queue, it’s good! Expect plastic chairs and eating in the street. But you’ll pay less than £5 for a full spread!


There are internal flights available cheaply across Asia – just watch out for extra charges for luggage. The best way is to use the overnight buses, trains and ferries between the islands. In South-East Asia – enjoy luxury buses for cheap prices and always do your research. Read: Top tips for surviving a sleeper bus in Asia. I also really recommend checking out public transport in places like Sri Lanka – they’re cheapest by far and a great way to travel.

Koh Lanta beach, adventure activities in Thailand 2019

Suggested Daily Budget

50 GBP / 60 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating street food and using local transportation. If you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Travel Resources

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How Much Does It Cost to Travel Asia?

Money Saving Tips for Asia


Eat street food

Follow the locals and eat freshly prepared street food instead of heading to restaurants. Hint: the best places to eat usually look like someone's house or garage.

Stay in hostels

If you're on a budget – hostels are the best in Asia. They're super cheap, great for making friends and often you'll get cheap trips or discounts on activities.

Haggle everywhere!

You are expected to barter in Asia, it's part of the culture. So don't be afraid to try and bargain down the price – it's fun once you give it a go!
Hot air balloon ride in Dambulla, Cultural triangle, sri lanka

Book as a group

Find friends in your hostel and book activities as a group – it works out much cheaper and you can usually negotiate extras along the way!

Money Saving Tips for Asia

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