Sri Lanka

One of my favourite Asian countries and easily one of my most authentic travel experiences. I spent a month travelling the country and working with various brands to help promote tourism in the area. This was actually six months before the terrorist attack that happened in 2019. If anything, I think it’s more important than ever to support the economy over there.

The best way to do this is by travelling and spending money in the hotels, restaurants and shops. These are the people who struggle the most following the attacks.

Travelling Sri Lanka – why you should go

Travelling Sri Lanka was like I imagine travelling South East Asia was 30 years ago, before it became so touristy. It’s an amazing experience and super easy to travel due to the high level of English spoken countrywide.

The food is incredible and the people are amazing, so welcoming and friendly in a way I haven’t found elsewhere. We stayed in several homestays while travelling the country. I really recommend this as a way of getting to know the people.

Highlights of the country

This country has so much to offer, from the beaches to the jungle, to the mountains, to epic national parks with wild leopards and elephants. Don’t miss the Cultural Triangle which is packed full of some of the oldest temples in the country, incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sigiriya and some amazing landmarks.

Highlights of travelling the country – staying in a luxury safari camp in Yala National Park and a hot air balloon ride over the misty mountains in the Cultural Triangle.

What to read:

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Make sure you travel there as soon as possible, it’s a country that is changing rapidly to build a tourism infrastructure and in 10 years it won’t be the same.