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Absolutely Lucy is the go-to solo female travel blog for adventurous women who seek a life beyond the norm. A website jam-packed with adventure travel tips, advice for solo female vanlifers and amazing solo female travel destination guides.

Meet Absolutely Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy, a solo female travel blogger from the UK with a penchant for adventure, slow travel, vanlife and music festivals. I spent almost a decade solo travelling the globe with my backpack and living abroad in nearly 50 countries.

What made me want to travel the world? I was 25 and stuck in my hometown working a job that didn’t fuel my fire, in a relationship that was falling apart. I felt stifled, stuck and knew I had to make a change. It was the biggest decision of my life to quit my job as a journalist and to leave my 9 year relationship to travel the world – but I knew I was making the right choice.


I planned a year of backpacking across Asia, Australia and New Zealand – a chance to take time out and see the world. I think I already knew before the plane took off that I wouldn’t be home in a year. Fast-forward through the most exciting year of travel and personal growth. I became the version of myself that I loved and felt inspired daily by the experiences and people I met.

I backpacked across Thailand, through the jungles and across the beaches, I took a slow boat to Laos then explored Vietnam. Australia called my name – so I answered that call with a working holiday visa and spent the next year travelling and working abroad. I spent months in the outback working on a farm, I explored national parks, camped on beaches and road tripped across Australia.


Over the years to come, I solo travelled across Europe, explored cities like Milan, Prague, Lisbon and stunning islands like Madeira. I made my dreams of backpacking around Sri Lanka a reality, including safaris and hot air ballooning at sunrise. Spent time in Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Cambodia, volunteered at an elephant sanctuary and taught English to local children. I even moved to Germany and set up a new life in Hamburg for a year, hosting events for expats and growing a community of over 1,000 fellow travellers.

Leaving Germany fuelled my fire for solo female travel once more and I finally got to take my dream solo trip across Central and South America. Starting in Mexico, I backpacked solo through the jungles of Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica climbing volcanoes, snorkelling and lazing on beaches. I hit the surf in Nicaragua, ventured into the beautiful colonial towns of Panama then danced my way into Colombia.


Then the pandemic hit, and I was forced to cut my travels short and return to the UK. I went from complete freedom to full lockdown within less than 24 hours. It was a whirlwind and took a while to process, but as the months went by I realised I would be in the UK longer than I expected. So, I decided it was time to invest in a camper van. I had loved vanlife in Australia and travelling across Europe, so it seemed like the perfect investment for me to be able to safely continue to travel solo while the world was in chaos. Cue my vanlife travels across Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Norfolk, Suffolk and lots of UK festivals. I loved it so much, I was invited to become a brand ambassador for Camp Quirky, the UK’s greenest handmade campervan festival organised by Quirky Campers. I’ve given solo female travel talks there two years running on the Diversify Vanlife UK stage.

Now, the world is my oyster. I’ve based myself on the North Norfolk Coast in the UK but that doesn’t mean travel is stopping anytime soon. I’m finally ticking some amazing spots off my Europe bucket list including Tuscany, Montenegro, Marrakesh and many more. Watch this space!

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