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If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance you’re already passionate about solo female travel, or that you’re dreaming about taking that first step. I love inspiring women to start their own independent travel journey around the world. Travelling solo is a strong feminist statement, it’s striking out against the “should” of society. I’ve been travelling the world solo and documenting my travels for over seven years and it is by far the most empowering and confidence-boosting thing I have done. Choosing solo female travel is choosing yourself, and what’s more beautiful than that?

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Should I Travel Solo?

The short answer is YES! When I first went travelling alone, it was because none of my friends were at a point in their life when they could drop anything and travel. Some of them were too scared to take a year out to travel the world. I reached a point where I had to make a decision – either I go alone, or I could spend years waiting for someone to come with me. I had to go. Sound familiar? If you’re facing the same big decision, I’m here to assure you that deciding to solo female travel was the best decision of my life! So much so that after the year ended, I kept on going for another six years and I’m still going strong.

Check out these blog posts for inspiration:

Should I Travel Solo?

How to make solo female travel your reality

If you’ve ever had dreams of solo travel, I’m here to whole-heartedly support that and to show you how to make it happen. Everything from getting your family onside, to planning, packing and dealing with nerves. I share my solo female travel secrets – from how to make new friends and meet people when you travel solo and how to prepare for your trip. And the most important topic of all. Why you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you that you can’t, or shouldn’t, travel solo.

Solo Female Travel Tips

How to make solo female travel your reality

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The Solo Female Travel Handbook!

Real, raw, honest advice from a woman who has been solo travelling the globe for 7+ years. If you've ever dreamt of becoming a fearless woman who travels – The Solo Female Travel Handbook is the best friend you never knew you needed. This book is a tool to help you feel empowered, safe and confident when you travel alone. Aimed at first-time or wannabe solo female travellers – this book contains every scrap of advice that I've learned the hard way. Sharing authentic travel experiences, fears and worries from real women, while providing expert advice for avoiding or coping with sticky situations. It’s packed with practical advice to help you prepare for your solo adventures – get your copy now!

Solo Female Travel Location Guides

Check out these guides for solo travel tips for some of my favourite places around the world!

Staying safe when
you travel alone

Many of the questions I’m asked the most about solo female travel revolve around safety. The media repeatedly paints the world as a dangerous place for women to reinforce that believe that we should stay home where we are protected. The truth is that the world is a beautiful place for a woman to travel solo – naturally there are dangers that don’t affect men in the same way. But is that any different to being in our home countries? Don’t feel intimidated by solo female travel. As a woman who has travelled solo for over five years, believe me when I say you have nothing to fear. You are more capable than you believe and if anything, travelling solo is the biggest boost to your confidence. It shows you the person you really are when societal expectations disappear. And trust me, you’re going to love her.

Staying safe when you travel alone

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