A solo trip to Belize transports travellers into a world of paradise, where vibrantly blue waters, palm trees, and white sand beaches shape the landscape. Home to the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and the second largest in the world, Belize is a paradise location for travellers who love snorkelling and diving. The Mesoamerican Reef is a glorious sight, stretching over 600 miles along the coast of Belize, Mexico, and a couple of other countries in Central America.

When I touched down in Belize, I felt as though I had landed in heaven! Quaint fishing villages line the shore and vast jungles are home to rare and elusive wildlife such as jaguars, howler monkeys, and armadillos. I’ve explored countless countries over the last decade, and I’m yet to experience a location like Belize. The lush green landscape, fresh and decadent cuisine, and epic historical sites captivated me from day one.

My solo Belize trip was everything I wanted it to be and more. The subtropical climate means the country gets a mixture of hot and wet periods, helping fuel the thriving green rainforest. There’s so much opportunity for travellers to experience everything Belize has to offer up close, and you won’t be disappointed by reserving some of your budget for a diving or snorkelling experience!

Planning a solo trip to Belize? Here’s where you will find:

  1. Everything You Need To Know Before A Solo Trip To Belize
  2. How To Get To Belize As A Solo Traveller
  3. Tips For Finding Cheap Flights To Belize
  4. Do I Need A Visa For My Trip To Belize?
  5. How Do I Book A Solo Trip To Belize?
  6. How To Book Hostels and Hotels in Belize
  7. Travel Insurance For A Solo Trip To Belize
  8. SIM Cards in Belize
  9. Is Belize a Good Place to Travel Solo?
  10. How Much Does A Solo Trip To Belize Cost?
  11. Is Belize Safe For A Solo Female Traveller?
  12. Best Part Of Belize For Solo Female Travellers?
  13. Best Places For Solo Travel In Belize?
  14. How Do I Make Friends When Solo Travelling Belize?


Essentials for Belize
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Find activities and tours for Belize (Get Your Guide)
Get an eSIM for Belize (Airalo)

Fresh lobster on the beach in Caye Caulker with a Belikin beer

Everything You Need To Know Before A Solo Trip To Belize

If you’re looking to solo travel Belize, it’s wise to know what to expect from the country beforehand, so you can better gauge the type of experience you’ll have. Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a relatively safe location for travellers, though it’s best to be extra vigilant in areas within southern Belize City, as there has been an increase in local crimes.

Sticking to safer areas with tourist infrastructure is your best bet, and something I did to avoid putting myself in harm’s way. Crime in the city aside, I felt safe for the duration of my stay in Belize. Locals were always friendly and approachable and made me feel calm and relaxed. The abundance of hostels makes it easy to meet other solo travellers, and I found this led to me making friends from the offset of my trip.

How To Get To Belize As A Solo Traveller

Getting to Belize will most likely be via plane. If you’re travelling from the UK, download some movies and podcasts, or bring a couple of books as the flight takes several hours. Using a flight comparison website is the best way to find the cheapest option for your flight to Belize, and you can learn more about my top tips for finding cheap flights.


Route With 1 Layover

Route With 2 Layovers


LHR London Heathrow

LHR London Heathrow


ATL Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

CDG Paris Charles de Gaulle

ATL Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson


BZE Belize City Philip S.W.Goldson

BZE Belize City Philip S.W.Goldson


26hr 08m

35hr 48m

Reaching Belize is an epic journey, with most flights taking at least a day. Prices are around the £400 mark, though this can fluctuate depending on airlines, airports, and the time of year you’re travelling. Both of the above example flights take over a day, with either one or two layovers. The price difference was only about £50 more expensive to take the faster flight, which I think is the better option, especially if you are strapped for time.

Tips For Finding Cheap Flights To Belize

Finding cheap flights to Belize will set off your solo trip to a great start! Flights are always the biggest thief of my trip budget, but it’s necessary to have reliable flights that get you where you need to be. 

Use Comparison Websites

Comparison websites are a game-changer for planning any adventure. I’ve used Skyscanner for years to source the best and cheapest flights, saving me time and money. The website is simple to use, and travellers can set parameters such as airport, destination, departure date, and more, unveiling the most suitable options.

Travel Out Of Peak Season

Peak season means an increased volume of travellers and higher-priced flights. Taking your solo trip to Belize during off-peak means you’ll be surrounded by fewer tourists when you land, and flights will be considerably cheaper. I also find it useful to explore other options such as early morning flights. These are often cheaper as fewer people want to travel at such an inconvenient time!

Keep Your Plans Flexible

Remaining flexible while booking your flight can also bring prices down. Search various airports, dates, and even destinations for cheaper options that will still land you in an epic location. Keep an open mind, as you may find a flight to a destination close to Belize for a far cheaper price, and you then have the added adventure of journeying to Belize when you touch down.

Pack Light To Avoid Fees

Airlines, particularly budget airlines, have a sneaky way of charging last-minute baggage fees for passengers. Before beginning to pack your bag, check online with the airline you’re flying with to see if they have any baggage restrictions. Turning up on the day with a bag that’s too heavy could land you hefty last-minute fees. My biggest piece of advice is to research the baggage regulations for the airline you’re flying before you begin packing. This way you’ll feel confident knowing you’ve kept within the weight limit. 

Do I Need A Visa For My Trip To Belize?

You don’t need a visa to enter Belize, and once you’ve landed in the country, you can stay for a maximum of 30 days. Your passport needs to be valid for at least 3 months upon arrival, and fees are in place for extended stays. If you want to stay in Belize longer than 30 days, you can apply for a Visitor’s Extension Permit which will grant you an additional 30 days. You can learn more about the permit by visiting the official Belize immigration website here.

How Do I Book A Solo Trip To Belize?

Taking the plunge to solo travel Belize is a big move! The country is tucked away in Central America, which takes around a day to reach from the UK. When planning your trip, you have the freedom to decide where you want to go, and what you want to do while in the country. If it’s your first solo adventure, you may want to plan the entire trip or take a group trip, but seasoned travellers may enjoy the rush of excitement that comes with a relatively unplanned holiday!

Entire Planned Trip:

Planning a whole trip including flights, accommodation, and activities is an ideal fit if you want the comfort of knowing exactly where you’ll be each day. This doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity but can be a good fit if you’re feeling a little apprehensive about travelling to a new country. 

Group Trip:

Group trips provide the ideal opportunity for meeting new people and making friends while exploring Belize. If you love water activities, search for a trip that includes a snorkelling or diving excursion, where you can bond with other travellers about the underwater beauty existing on the country’s coast.

Outward Flight and First Night’s Accommodation:

Leaving room for last-minute decision-making when you’re in Belize is an exhilarating way to spend your time! Planning only your outbound flight and first night’s accommodation means you can shape your trip when you’re there. If solo travelling over the last several years has taught me one thing, it’s that plans can change! I prefer to leave some of my trip unplanned as other travellers and locals often make suggestions of where to go or stay, and I like to follow through and listen to the advice given. 

How To Book Hostels and Hotels In Belize

Hostels and hotels are plentiful in Belize, and to book the best locations with the most competitive prices, I trust booking.com and hostelworld. Nothing paints a better picture of what accommodation is like, than the opinions of travellers who have been there. Booking has ratings for accommodations, so it’s easy to see the experience others have had. With in-depth descriptions of what various accommodations offer, I can easily find the hostel or hotel best suited to my needs, whether that be proximity to a beach or town, or a central city location. 

Currency, Plugs, And The Best Way To Get Around Belize 

The Belize dollar is the official currency of Belize, but it’s also possible to use US dollars. You’ll likely relieve change in Belize dollars, and US dollars may not be accepted everywhere in the country, especially in rural areas. Buses are the most common way of in-country travel, and these are safe for solo travellers. Plug types A, B, and G are used in Belize, so make sure you pack one of these so you can use everything you bring, and keep items like laptops or cameras charged up. For more packing tips, read my girls’ packing guide.

Can I Get Around Belize Without Knowing Spanish?

The official language of Belize is English, with Spanish following closely behind. If you’re fluent in English, you won’t have any issues conversing with locals in Belize, so there’s no need to be stressed about learning Spanish. It can be useful to know a few key phrases of Spanish to practise with locals, but this isn’t a must as many people speak English! 

Best Travel Insurance For A Solo Trip To Belize

I didn’t used to think much about travel insurance, but after a few trips travelling solo, I decided I needed the support insurance could bring. No one likes to think about things going wrong on holiday, but sometimes they do! Being backed by dependable travel insurance means you’re covered if the unexpected happens, and you need support, hospital treatment, a return flight home, or to make a claim. Explore my full travel insurance guide to learn more about the importance of travel insurance and find the best option for you.

World Nomads

Flexible insurance and consistent support are at the heart of World Nomads travel insurance. The company offers flexible options, so travellers can choose the insurance best suited to their trip, and activities they will take part in overseas. Trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical transportation, and tech protection are just a few of the coverage options from World Nomads.

Learn more about World Nomads by clicking here


Outbacker offers coverage for over 100 sports and activities, which is ideal for a solo Belize trip, as there are many potential excursions available for tourists. Trying a new activity can be daunting and exciting all in one! With Outbacker, you can feel confident that you’re covered if any accidents happen, with medical expenses covering up to £15 million outside of the UK.

Learn more about Outbacker Insurance by clicking here

Safety Wing

Safety Wing insurance boasts coverage for over 180 countries with 24/7 support. With affordable options and a wide range of coverage, Safety Wing is a company with travellers at the forefront. Cancelling plans and filing claims is a simple process, so even if you experience a hiccup during your Belize adventure, there is somewhere to turn for advice and support. 

Learn more about Safety Wing by clicking here


Best eSIM For Travelling To Belize

Unlike physical sim cards where you have to physically put the sim in your phone and activate it, eSIMS work digitally. This is a fantastic option if, like me, you spend lots of time travelling to various destinations and need to remain connected. Airalo offers eSIMs for over 200 countries, and they have an eSIM for Belize.

Airalo eSIMs can be purchased anywhere, so you don’t have to refrain from keeping in touch with friends and family, and you can get in touch with new friends in Belize easily. There are no hidden fees and 24/7 support available so there’s always someone to help just moments away. 

Is Belize A Good Place To Travel Solo?

Belize is a relatively safe country for solo travellers, but it’s wise to avoid the south of Belize City which is known for gang presence and local crimes. I am a firm believer that danger can be found anywhere, so I always take precautions regardless of the location I’m in. Staying street-smart, avoiding low-lit areas, and not being alone outside at night are some of the precautions I took on my solo Belize trip. 

In Belize, the rest of the mainland is deemed safe, along with the Cayes, where you will be able to immerse yourself in the incredible environment without safety issues. Getting around Belize is easy thanks to local buses, and not only will this give you an insight into local life, but buses are also safe places with minimal security issues. 

Should I Go To Belize On My First Solo Trip?

Choosing Belize as your first solo travel destination is a bold but achievable move! For starters, the country is far away, especially from places like the UK, where it takes over a day to reach the country. This doesn’t make it a bad location to travel to, but it does mean setting yourself up for long flights with one or two layovers.

When you land in Belize, having an idea of where to stay for at least your first few nights will help you settle into the climate, culture, and environment. You can then spend as much time immersing yourself in the Belizean wilderness as you want, exploring key sites like the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, Southwest Caye, and San Ignacio. 

Belize has tourist infrastructure, but it still has an authentic feel, where tourists aren’t dominating the streets. I prefer this type of travel as it allows me to dive into the culture of the country I’m in, rather than be surrounded by tourists all the time! Staying in hostels allowed me to meet other solo travellers who I stayed in touch with and met up with during my trip. If you want to meet other solo travellers while in Belize, hostels are an awesome place to start!

Is Belize Cheap For Solo Travel?

Compared to other countries in Central America such as Nicaragua, Belize is more expensive for solo travel. Activities like diving and snorkelling have a high price tag, and hotels can be expensive too. Sticking to hostels for the duration of your solo Belize trip will help keep costs down, along with opting for street food over restaurants.

Flights are the most expensive part of a trip to Belize, with accommodation and activities following behind. Carve out some of your budget for paid activities, but also keep an eye out for free activities as this way you can have fun and make memories, without eating into your budget. Buses only cost a few dollars, and getting around the country this way is far cheaper than taxis. 

How Much Does A Solo Trip To Belize Cost?

A solo trip to Belize will cost a considerable amount, with flights, accommodation, and activities being the most expensive. If you have a tight budget, explore all options available to make your trip cheaper, such as travelling during off-peak season, staying in budget hostels, eating street food, and taking part in a mixture of affordable and free activities. 

One Month In Belize

One Way Flight



£350 (hostels)


£250 (limited restaurant visits)


£350 (depending on activity type)


£100 (buses)



One month in Belize can be pretty pricey, but costs can be limited by being smart about where you spend your budget. Relying on local buses immediately limits transport costs, and if you make friends with other travellers, explore the option of a group activity or tour where prices may be cheaper with more people taking part. Read all my best money-saving tips for travelling on a budget.

Is Belize Safe For A Solo Female Traveller?

Putting the south side of Belize City aside, the country is safe for solo female travellers. If it’s your first solo trip overseas and you’re feeling nervous about the crime in the country, rest assured this isn’t to be found everywhere! The gang culture in the south of Belize City is where most of the country’s crimes take place, so avoiding this area is the best and safest measure to take. 

During my time in Belize, I didn’t have any uncomfortable exchanges. Locals were smiley, chatty, and recommended places for me to see! It can be easy to read information online about the dangers of travelling solo to countries, but taking safety measures and avoiding crime hotspots will put you in a far better and safer position. As a solo female travel expert, I’ve shared lots of my best advice for solo female travellers – read now!

Which Part Of Belize Is Best For Solo Female Travellers?

When assessing whether areas are good for solo female travellers, I look at the accommodation options available, popularity with travellers, and accessibility to activities and sites of interest. Caye Caulker fits the bill perfectly with breathtaking scenery and a casual vibe that instantly made me feel at home.

Caye Caulker

The energy in Caye Caulker is so relaxed and laid back, that it’s impossible to feel stressed! The area is popular with backpackers and scuba lovers on the hunt for magnificent ocean scenery, delicious seafood, and underwater caves. The small island can be reached by air or boat, and you’ll be greeted by a tropical paradise when you land.

Where Are The Best Places For Solo Travel In Belize?

There are several locations I would say are the best places for solo travel in Belize. Each location has a different vibe, from laid-back and relaxed San Pedro to the bustling and vibrant San Ignacio. The opportunities for travellers in Belize are endless, so be sure to take advantage of the crystal waters and lush rainforest, experiencing the true heart of Belize.

San Ignacio

Some areas of Belize are becoming increasingly touristic, but San Ignacio has an authentic, local feel. Here, you can experience Maya temples and cave networks, while enjoying activities like kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding. 

San Pedro

If San Pedro is known for one thing, it’s the clear, turquoise waters surrounding the town. It’s a haven for water activities where divers and snorkelers will be treated to an underwater spectacle thanks to the array of diverse marine life. San Pedro is a favourite destination for travellers, so if you want to make some new friends on your solo Belize trip, head to the town!

Ambergris Caye

Another popular destination for travellers is Ambergris Caye. The island is the biggest in the country, home to a barrier reef, clear waters, and an abundance of unique marine life. The natural beauty of Ambergris Caye is jaw-dropping, so if you’re weighing up locations to explore on your Belize trip, add this one to your list!


Hopkins is full of culture, offering an insight into Belize’s past. Along with learning some of the history of the country, you can also experience nature with a tour of the Mayflower Bocawina National Park. If you’ve always dreamed of sailing through the rainforest on a zip line, there’s no better place than in the wilderness surrounding Hopkins. 


Upon arrival to Placencia, you’ll be welcomed by friendly locals, and most likely a warm climate thanks to the subtropical environment of the peninsula. The laid-back nature is instantly relaxing, and as a solo female traveller in Belize, I felt entirely comfortable and safe during my time in Placencia. 

How Do I Make Friends When Solo Travelling To Belize?

Making friends on your solo Belize trip is probably something you’ve wondered about. After nearly 10 years of solo travelling, I’ve experienced my fair share of introductions to new people, and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to get potentially blossoming friendships off the ground. You can find more of my tips for solo travelling and how to be prepared.

Make Eye Contact

When we feel anxious and nervous, it’s easy to avoid eye contact and look at the ground or our phones, but this isn’t a good way to make friends! As you’re walking through your hostel to return to your room or get something to eat, make eye contact with other travellers, smile, and watch the conversations unfold! 

Use Conversation Topics

Having a few go-to questions in your back pocket is handy if you’re someone who gets a little nervous meeting new people. Knowing a few questions to turn to if a conversation goes dry or I meet somebody new makes me feel relaxed and more confident. If you’re interacting with a fellow backpacker, that’s a great conversation starter! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk about your travel journey, as many conversations can stem from this. 

Suggest Group Activities

If you see a sign about a group rainforest tour or a boat ride and you’d love to go, why not bring the idea of a group excursion up to some of the travellers in your hostel? This is a perfect opportunity to bond and get to know new people, all while having a fun and exciting experience in Belize.


Does the tropical paradise of Belize appeal to you? Where are you thinking of exploring in the country?