As a solo female traveller, staying connected using the best eSIM for travelling has meant I’ve been able to text, call, and use my phone for the internet worldwide. Exploring the globe for nearly a decade has led me through different continents, travelling solo and exploring various cultures and landscapes. I’ve adventured to the jungle depths of Costa Rica, the golden shores of Mexico, and safaris in Sri Lanka. I’ve recently returned from a road trip across Italy and Slovenia where I needed my phone to navigate and eSIMs helped me to stay on course.

Working as a digital nomad, I need the ability to stay connected using my mobile phone; for this, I use eSIMs. The ever-increasing roaming charges when using mobile phones overseas have reached new levels. Airalo eSIMs, however, provide a dependable and affordable solution I and over 5 million users have relied upon as the best eSIM for travel in over 200 countries. 

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM acting in the same way as a physical SIM, allowing you to activate a network plan and use your phone for texts, calls, and the internet. Differing from a physical SIM card, eSIMs are built into devices and simply require activating. You don’t need to order and wait for a physical card to arrive. Airalo has made things as convenient for travellers as possible.

There are 4 simple steps to complete and you’ll have an eSIM connecting you to the online world in minutes:

Solo travellers can benefit hugely from an eSIM, especially if you have a travel style like me and often group several destinations together! There’s no need to order and wait for a physical SIM to arrive, so users can pick the package they need for the length of time they need it and get connected almost instantly. 

eSIMs Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An eSIM?

I recommend eSIMs for anyone wanting to beat roaming charges when travelling abroad. Ever since Brexit, our roaming charges have skyrocketed, but this is my travel hack for staying connected and keeping travel costs low. Having the flexibility of a plan for the duration you need it, with no hidden fees is a breath of fresh air compared to the cost of roaming abroad. My solo travels have taken me through Asia, Central America, Europe, and Africa, and I wouldn’t have been able to document my travels or stay in touch with loved ones without using an eSIM. Airalo made the transition from a physical SIM to an eSIM easy by creating a user-friendly website explaining everything you need to know about how their eSIMs work

Using an eSIM in place of a regular, physical SIM card enhances the security of your device as it can’t be removed if your phone gets stolen or you lose it. We all know how small SIM cards can be, and carrying them around with you as you navigate your solo travels can be stressful, as they can easily be misplaced and left at hostels! eSIMs make life convenient and allow more brain power to be spent on making memories during your trip.

Is My Phone eSIM Compatible?

Finding out if your phone is eSIM compatible is easy. Head over to the ‘Settings’ app on your phone and open ‘Connections’. Click ‘SIM Manager’ and if you are given the option to ‘Add eSIM’, you will most likely be able to use an eSIM. You can also check eSIM compatibility by clicking ‘About Phone’ and opening ‘Show EID’. If an EID number is displayed, this can be another way of showing your phone will work with a regular SIM and an eSIM.

On my iPhone 13, I found the option to ‘Add eSIM’ by going to ‘Settings’, then clicking ‘Mobile Data’, and I could see the option ‘Add eSIM’ highlighted in blue. Most flagship mobile phones made from 2018 onwards are compatible with eSIMs, so if your phone is only a couple of years old, you’ll likely be able to use them.

Is It Difficult To Switch To An eSIM From A Traditional SIM Card?

Switching to an eSIM from a physical SIM card is effortless as there’s not much for you to do! Dual SIM ability means you can use both types of SIM at the same time. With Airalo, this means keeping my physical SIM card in my phone and downloading the eSIM plan I want, depending on where I’m travelling. 

Having both options available means you have a fallback if you experience any issues with either SIM solution. As there’s no need to remove your existing physical SIM card, it can stay safely stowed away in your phone, ready for when you next need it.

Will I Face Expensive Roaming Charges With An eSIM While Travelling?

Curbing expensive roaming fees is the main reason I chose to switch from traditional SIM cards to eSIMs. Unlike the network charges for using your phone abroad, Airalo eSIMs are prepaid plans, with no hidden fees. You get exactly what you pay for, and you can choose from a range of options varying in validity, data, and cost. 

As eSIMs are generally prepaid plans, you won’t experience expensive charges while solo travelling and you can change your mobile plan to align with your travels, even if you’re going from country to country. The best eSIM for travel after trying and testing their services, are the options available from Airalo. The company has a diverse team working around the world, dedicated to providing an affordable, trustworthy solution to make staying connected easier for travellers. 

Do I Need A Different eSIM For Each Country I Visit?

Flexibility is at Airalo’s core, and they have eSIM choices to suit any type of traveller for the exact trip they’re about to venture on. Choose between local, regional, and global eSIMs depending on whether you’re travelling a single country, through countries in one region, or taking on a worldwide solo adventure!  

You may need a different eSIM if you purchase a local option but decide to extend your travels, heading to several other countries. Upgrading to a better-suited eSIM solution with Airalo is easy with their wide range of options for over 200 countries

Where Can I Travel With An eSIM?

Airalo supports eSIMs for over an astonishing number of locations, making them one of the best eSIM options for travel today! The convenience eSIMs bring to avid travellers adventuring around the world is beneficial in so many ways. You don’t need to worry about buying different physical SIM cards for various countries, and you can change plans to suit the path your travels take you on. 

The team at Airalo offers 24/7/365 support, which is a huge bonus, as hiccups with data plans can happen anytime, anywhere, and quick solutions are needed while travelling! Even if you forget to buy and set up your eSIM before getting on your departure flight, don’t panic. You can purchase Airalo eSIMs from anywhere. Even if mobile phone considerations slip your mind, you can get online and connected in minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of eSIMs?

I’ve used traditional physical SIM cards and eSIMs for travelling and found several key eSIM benefits. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you can arrange data, texts, and calls for your mobile from anywhere in the world with Airalo, but what are some other eSIM advantages?

  • Easy to switch networks
  • No wait for a physical SIM to arrive
  • No need to find a tool to remove your physical SIM
  • Increased safety as eSIMs can’t be removed
  • Many devices are compatible with eSIMs
  • More affordable than roaming charges

If you’re frustrated with paying pricey roaming charges every time you head overseas, it’s time to explore the option of an eSIM to cut costs and keep you more connected than ever.


Why eSIMs Make Solo Travel Safer For Women

There is no doubt that travelling solo as a woman is a different experience to that of our male counterparts. My decade of solo female travel has seen me travelling to 50 countries and exploring diverse cultures. As someone who travelled solo before the days of eSIMs, I can personally say they have transformed the experience of solo female travel. Access to eSIMs at the click of the button is invaluable for helping female travellers to feel confident and secure when they touch down in a new country. Here are some other reasons why eSIMs make solo travel safer for women. 

1. Instant Access To Information

I always say solo travel is made much easier through planning and preparation – having instant access to check my flight time, ferry departure location, train number, or some other vital piece of information is super useful as a solo traveller. I’ve been able to find key travel information and more by using eSIMs, and this has limited the stress of long travel days. 

2. Connection To Emergency Services, Family, and Friends

Luckily, I haven’t needed to contact emergency services on any of my solo travels, but knowing I have the means to, makes me feel confident I could cope if an emergency were to happen. I thrive in my own company, and that’s one of the reasons I like solo travelling, but I’m also close to family and friends. Staying in touch with loved ones while I’m away keeps me updated on everything that’s happening at home, and I can share my adventures too (it’s also great if you are feeling a bit homesick one day!)

3. Ability To Use Mobile Tools and Apps

I don’t use my phone for everything, but I have a few apps I couldn’t live without. Some of these include Google Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Airalo. Thanks to downloading eSIMs, I can continue to use all of these while abroad. It also means that I can be even more location independent and do everything from my phone without needing to find wi-fi.

Which eSIM Is The Best For Solo Travellers?

I’ve found Airalo eSIMs to be the best for solo travellers, as options start at just $4.50 and the company has availability in over 200 countries and regions. Freedom is a huge reason why I love to solo travel, and this includes everything from the destinations I choose to travel, to what I get up to while I’m there. 

Airalo provides such an array of coverage options, with 24/7 support, and instant connectivity. Knowing I can switch networks and plans in a few simple steps makes me feel supported by Airalo, and minimises my stress while away. There’s enough to think about when solo travelling around the world, and it comes at a high price! Airalo eSIMs offer an affordable, flexible solution to tailor the mobile cover best suited to you, so you aren’t paying for anything other than what you need.

Which Is The Best eSIM For International Travel?

Finding reliable eSIMs for international travel makes things so much easier to stay connected. Airalo is my eSIM recommendation for international travel as the company has a wide range of options for different countries, and with every eSIM purchase, customers can enjoy Airmoney as a reward. Airmoney points quickly rack up, especially if you’re like me and tend to hop around the globe several times a year!

Strong signal strength is another reason to give Airalo a try, as no matter where I have ventured, I’ve always had a signal. The app is user-friendly and I can monitor everything from usage to topping up my plan or changing to a different location option. You can even earn $3 of Airmoney points by getting friends on board using your referral code!

Choosing The Right eSIM For Your Trip

So, the time is coming closer to your departure date, your bags are nearly packed. You’re organising the last few components of your trip – but what about your phone? When choosing the right eSIM for your trip abroad, there are a few considerations to ensure you purchase the plan best suited to you.

Explore Local, Regional, and Global Options

Airalo supports eSIMs for over 200 destinations, but it’s still worth checking if the location you’re travelling to is covered. If you plan on travelling to several countries in one trip, you’ll need to choose a plan suited for multi-country travel such as Airalo’s global eSIMs.

Check Customer Support Availability

Knowing customer support is available whenever I need it is a huge benefit of Airalo’s services. I can contact the support team as and when I need to, so if I experience issues with getting online, or my signal is weak, I have somewhere to head for help.

Consider Data Usage

We all have different needs for our mobile phones. Some travellers simply need the ability to send a few texts and make a couple of calls per week, but digital nomads like me need to be connected to the internet to upload content and monitor progress. Various eSIMs have different internet allowances, so if you’re a heavy data user, make sure you choose the plan able to accommodate your internet needs.

Navigating from Italy to Slovenia using eSIMs from Airalo on a road trip in a hire car

5 Reasons To Use An eSIM On Your Next Solo Trip

Using an eSIM on your next solo trip is a must if you want to dodge expensive roaming charges and be supported by a reliable company like Airalo. You’ll save money and gain so much more from Airalo services, so here are my top reasons for choosing an eSIM for your next solo adventure:

1. Immediate Activation

When ordering a physical eSIM online, the wait for it to arrive can be painstaking, especially if it’s only days before your departure date! With an eSIM, there’s no waiting period. Once you’ve chosen the option suited to your trip, you can purchase, install, activate, and use your eSIM right away.

2. No Concerns Keeping Physical SIMs Safe

Juggling luggage is hard enough without factoring in tiny SIM cards to keep safe! Using eSIMs takes the stress away from trying to keep SIMs secure when you’re constantly unpacking and repacking your bag from hostel to hostel. 

3. Cheaper Than Roaming Charges

Roaming charges are becoming increasingly expensive, but one way to beat them is using an eSIM. Daily roaming charges can equate to a lot over weeks, and if your travels take you beyond a month, you’ll quickly realise how much roaming charges can eat into your budget. 

4. Better Security

Regular SIMs can be removed from mobile phones. This isn’t always the easiest process, but it’s still something that can happen. Removing eSIMs, on the other hand, is impossible, as they already exist in devices and simply need to be activated. This increased security puts you and your mobile in a safer position if it gets lost or stolen.

5. Availability For Global Connection 

If there’s one reason to choose an eSIM, it’s to remain connected on your travels around the world. Without Airalo, I wouldn’t be able to check in and see what’s happening back home, coordinate travel plans with friends, or remind myself of ferry or flight details. 

Being able to connect with the online world and others on my solo travel missions with Airalo makes it the best eSIM for travel I have experienced, and I’m sure you will love what the company has to offer too!