Indonesia is one of my favourite continents to travel. My solo trip to Bali took me through rice paddies, swimming around temples, and taking yoga classes. After watching Julia Roberts find herself and so much more on her journey in Bali, I knew I wanted to head to the island and have an Eat, Pray, Love experience myself! A solo Bali trip can be exactly what you want it to be. If you’ve got a big budget and ample time, explore the luxury hotels and restaurants, indulge in yoga classes, massages, and natural healing experiences. For budget backpackers like me, you won’t feel out of place in Bali! 

Pre-covid, Bali saw an average of over 6 million international visitors a year, however, this has dropped to around 1 million over the last few years. This still means there’s a tourist presence in the country, but you’ll likely find more space on beaches and beds in hostel dorms compared to pre-2020. During my time in Bali, I didn’t struggle to meet other backpackers, and I instantly made friends with several people staying in the same hostel as me.

If you bond well with other travellers in your hostel, why not travel around Bali together for a few days? This will give you the chance to really get to know other solo backpackers, and can also save money on transport and activities. Surfers will love riding waves all day in the clear waters before collapsing under the sun on pillowy soft white sand. If you have money carved aside for transport and want to explore more of Bali alone, invest in renting a motorbike which is a cheap and fun way to navigate Bali and explore the sites you’re interested in seeing. 

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

Everything You Need To Know Before A Solo Trip To Bali

Deciding to solo travel Bali is an exhilarating decision, and it will land you a location famed for its friendly people, vibrant culture, stunning landscape, and opportunities for travellers. I took my solo trip to Bali in the early days of my travelling journey, and I chose the destination for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as a solo female, I like knowing other solo travellers will be adventuring to the same location as me. This means although I will be alone for some of my trip, I can choose to be around others in communal hostel areas and make friends with other solo females.

Secondly, Bali is a location widely known for its beauty, and I am a nature lover, so I knew I would fall in love with the landscape in seconds. Hiking through the Tegalalang Rice Paddies saw me and my newly-found friends sweating in the sun and making memories through the endless green beneath our feet. My trip to Bali was a balance of relaxation, partying, exploring cultural and historical sites and immersing myself in everything the island has to offer.

How To Get To Bali As A Solo Traveller

Reaching Bali as a solo traveller is best achieved by flying. Coming from the UK, Bali is a fair distance away, so flights tend to cost a few hundred pounds and last for several hours. To use flight time effectively, I like to bring travel guides on board with me, so I can start planning activities I’d like to do, and key places I’d like to visit before returning home. 


Route With 1 Layover

Route With 2 Layovers


LHR London Heathrow

LHR London Heathrow


KUL Kuala Lumpur International

ATH Athens International

SIN Singapore Changi


DPS Bali (Denpasar)

DPS Bali (Denpasar)


18hr 05m

32hr 10m

Most flight options available when travelling from the UK to Bali only have one layover, but the couple of flight options with two layovers are slightly cheaper. Depending on the time of year you’re travelling, flights to Bali can start anywhere from £300, and increase to over £600 during peak season. As flights tend to be the priciest part of any trip, I’ve put together a full guide with tips on how to find the cheapest flights here.

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

Tips For Finding Cheap Flights To Bali

Sourcing cheap flights to solo travel Bali is an awesome way to kickstart your holiday! Minimising your spending beforehand means saving most of your budget for when you’re in the country; eating delicious Indonesian cuisine, taking part in epic hiking tours, and soaking up sun rays on the beach. Here are some of my top tips for finding cheap flights to Bali:

Travel Off Peak

It may sound obvious, but I can’t stress enough how much cheaper flights can be when travelling off-peak. During peak season, airlines hike prices up, which means a more expensive ticket to reach Bali, and a busier environment when you arrive. Explore flight options at less popular times of the year, and at less convenient times of the day such as early in the morning to find the cheapest results.

Be Flexible

When I first started solo travelling, I didn’t realise how impactful it would be to keep my plans flexible. Being open to flying from a range of airports in the UK can affect flight prices A LOT! My best advice would be to use a comparison website and compare flights for a range of dates and airports to find the most affordable option. 

Use Comparison Websites

Comparison websites are a favourite of mine for sourcing the cheapest flights and accommodation in seconds. I rely on Skyscanner to support my solo travel adventures by sourcing the most competitive flight prices available. I can search various fields such as airport, location, date, and price, and Skyscanner produces results showing me everything I need to know about the flights like duration, layovers, and price.

Pack Smart

Packing smart and knowing the baggage limits of the airline you’re travelling with is essential. Budget airlines in particular are known for their last-minute fees for overweight baggage. Before you begin packing, take a few minutes to read the airline’s website and find out exactly how much luggage you can bring. Keeping below this weight means you can avoid fees and kickstart your solo trip to Bali in the best way possible! Check out my favourite cabin backpack for maximising your packing and avoiding charges.

Sign Up For Flight Deals

Signing up for a flight deals membership online or an Airmiles card can be the perfect option if you fly regularly and want to save some pennies. The accumulated points can be transferred into discounts on your next flight, or even upgrades to business class if you feel like getting a taste of luxury!

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

Do I Need A Visa For My Trip To Bali?

To solo travel Bali, you need a visa, a passport with two blank pages and validity for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival. You can apply for a visa online by visiting the Indonesian immigration website here, or apply for a visa on arrival if your visit is for tourism, government duties, business, procurement of goods, or transit. Visas on arrival cost 500,000 Indonesian rupiah (just under £25) and last 30 days. 

Visas can be extended for 30 days by applying to an immigration office in Indonesia. It’s also possible that you may be asked for proof of onward travel after your solo Bali trip comes to an end. This can be a return flight ticket or an onward flight to another country. There’s also a new tourist levy in place from February 2024 where tourists have to pay the Bali Government 150,000 rupiah (around £8). This can be done online or on arrival at a payment counter at the airport. Find out more by visiting the UK government’s official website for Indonesian travel advice here, or the Bali Provincial Government’s website here.

How Do I Book A Solo Trip To Bali?

Your Bali trip can be exactly what you want it to be! Whether you see yourself standing beside the Tegenungan Waterfall, visiting Badung Market, or getting a dose of vitamin C at Seminyak Beach, there’s always something to do! 

Entire Planned Trip:

An entire planned trip to Bali means you’ll know exactly what you’re doing each day and night. This can be a reassuring way to travel if you’re preparing for your first solo adventure abroad, but it can also be restrictive. I find so much joy in leaving parts of my trip unplanned, as when I make friends with other travellers, plans can arise and change very quickly, and I like to be open to this!

Group Trip:

Group trips provide the perfect opportunity for connecting with others and making friends during a fun activity or breathtaking hiking tour. Bali is a place where adrenaline junkies can head to watersport activities and nature lovers can explore the Monkey Forest. Completing activities as part of a group can be a big confidence booster, especially at the beginning of your trip when you’re still settling in.

Outward Flight and First Night’s Accommodation:

Only planning your outward flight and first night’s accommodation is a brave and exciting move! This will leave most of your trip unplanned, so you can choose the accommodation and activity you gravitate towards each day. This might not be the best-suited option if this is your first solo trip, but seasoned travellers will likely enjoy the spontaneity this kind of travelling can bring.

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

How To Book Hostels And Hotels In Bali

Hostels and hotels are everywhere in Bali. You can find options ranging from budget hostels in the centre of Ubud to luxury hotels overlooking gloriously golden beaches. I always turn to and hostelworld when searching for accommodation options. Both websites are easy to use, and with a quick destination and date search, I can scroll through countless pages of accommodation options ranging in rating, location, amenities, and price. 

How To Book Transfers And Ferries In Bali

Booking transfers and ferries in Bali can be a stressful time, but 12Go is a company that makes things easier for travellers. The company provides travel services for various modes of transport, so tourists can easily find out how to transition from location to location. 12Go has a team of over 100 people, working to ensure transportation times, prices, and availability are correct and up-to-date. 

12Go is mobile-friendly, so you can explore countless transport options in minutes, all from your mobile phone. Arrange travel to reach the tropical waters of Gili Meno in minutes, using the company’s website to display ferry times and prices all in one convenient place. Find out more about everything 12Go offers by visiting their website here.

Currency, Plugs, And The Best Ways To Get Around Bali

Indonesian Rupiah is Bali’s currency, and this is the main currency that’s widely accepted across Bali. When packing for your trip, make sure you have the correct plug adaptors as Bali uses plug types F and C. For getting around Bali when you land, there are many different types of transport to choose from. 

Shuttles, buses, taxis, scooters, and motorbikes are popular options, though you may need an international driving licence to drive on your own in Bali, so check this before signing up for a car rental! You can check out more tips in my girls’ packing guide for Asia here.  

Best Travel Insurance For A Solo Trip To Bali

Travel insurance isn’t something you need to get before your solo trip to Bali, but it’s something I would highly recommend. We all like to think travelling is just like the picture-perfect posts we see on social media, but accidents and events can happen, so it’s wise to be prepared and have reliable insurance to fall back on. I’ve written a full guide on travel insurance for solo backpackers, which is worth a read if you’re not sure which option to go for.

Safety Wing

Safety Wing offers flexible, affordable, and reliable insurance options for travellers, with a range of coverage options depending on the type of trip you’re planning in Bali. The company offers coverage from sickness and injury to lost luggage, motor accidents, and more. Having a range of coverage helps put travellers’ minds at ease as there’s somewhere to turn if something goes wrong. 

Learn more about Safety Wing by clicking here

World Nomads

Bali is a destination known for adventures, and with over 200 activities covered by World Nomads, they are a great fit for travel insurance. The dependable multi-lingual support available means you can contact the company and gain advice for any situation in minutes, in the language you are most proficient in. 

Learn more about World Nomads by clicking here


The insurance options offered with Outbacker are extensive, and many options are standard such as holiday working cover, and coverage for over 100 activities and sports. With 24/7 assistance available, there’s always someone to contact for advice or help with developing situations abroad. The affordable travel insurance options mean you can stay within your budget, while also enjoying the comfort and security travel insurance brings. 

Learn more about Outbacker Insurance by clicking here

Best eSIM For Travelling To Bali

Investing in an eSIM for your solo trip to Bali means you can stay in contact with friends and family, and also organise to meet up with new friends from your hostel. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to source reliable, affordable SIM options with new data charges and limitations across networks. Airalo makes things simple with its eSIM options. The company has a range of options available for your Bali adventure starting at just $5.50! Check out all of Airalo’s eSIMs for Bali here.

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

Is Bali A Good Place To Travel Solo?

Solo travel and Bali go hand in hand. There are simply so many other solo travellers on a mission to lean into the yoga, cafe, and beach vibe on the island, that making friends is effortless. It’s a safe country for solo travellers, females included, as the local people are incredibly friendly, approachable, and kind, wanting to provide the best experiences for tourists possible! 

Known for being one of the safest locations in Southeast Asia, a trip to Bali will make you feel relaxed, and refreshed, especially if you’re coming from other areas in Asia where you’ve partied a little too hard! I didn’t experience any moments where I felt nervous or uncomfortable, and even on public transport, I felt safe and secure.

Should I Go To Bali On My First Solo Trip?

Bali is a fantastic destination choice for your first solo trip as it’s popular with other solo travellers, Balinese people are friendly, accommodation is readily available, and the island isn’t recognised as having crimes against tourists. For your first solo trip, I would advise planning at least a few nights of accommodation and some activities so you can settle into your trip without being thrown into the deep end, having to find places to stay and things to do from the off! 

Bali has a wet season lasting from October through February, and a dry season from March to September, so it’s wise to align your trip with the weather you’d prefer to experience. Both seasons are incredible in their own right. The wet season sees the landscape encompassing a sea of vibrant green, while the dry season brings sunshine and blue skies.

Is Bali Expensive For A Solo Traveller?

Bali is an affordable place to solo travel, especially if you stay in budget accommodation, opt for both paid and free activities, eat street food, and use public transport to get around. The most expensive part of your trip will be flights, but activities can quickly rack up costs too. Uluwatu Temple, for example, stands proudly on a cliff edge, overlooking blue waters below. 

Here, you can experience Balinese Hindu culture and the Kecak Fire Dance; a breathtaking display of colour, music, and celebration, but all of this comes at a cost of around 200,000 IDR (just under £10). Taking part in several activities per day can equate to a considerable dent in your budget, so try not to get carried away and take part in too many activities!

How Much Does A Solo Trip To Bali Cost?

Bali remains one of the cheapest locations I have ever travelled to! Coming from the UK, I found my money stretching far across hostels, food stalls, markets, activities, and more, leaving me without much anxiety about my finances. Flights were the heaviest burden on my budget, but once I landed in Indonesia, everything seemed so affordable!

One Month In Bali

One Way Flight



£270 (hostels)


£180 (limited restaurant visits)


£250 (depending on activity type)


£150 (buses + taxis)



Sticking to a budget is easy in Bali, as long as you have a rough idea of how much you have to spend in different areas. Dedicating money towards specific things like food, in-country transport, and accommodation makes it easy to avoid overspending. You can check out the tips that have helped me save on my solo travels for the past decade here

Is Bali Safe For A Solo Female Traveller?

Bali is known for being a safe destination for solo travelling in Indonesia, with many solo females heading to the island each year. Balinese people are incredibly generous and friendly, wanting travellers to feel as comfortable as possible on their trip to the island. 

There’s an extensive amount of activities available for tourists to explore Bali, and with such a prevalent community of nomads and expats, you won’t feel alone on your solo mission. You can explore my solo travel tips, where I talk about everything I’ve learned on my solo female travels over the past several years. 

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

Which Part Of Bali Is Best For Solo Female Travellers?

I fell in love with Ubud as soon as I stepped foot in the town. Maybe it was because I’d read so much about the area, or maybe my heart was pulling me into the raw, majestic landscape. Either way, Ubud is a must-visit location, and solo female travellers can feel comfortable and confident as you’ll cross paths with other tourists and solo travellers.


The town of Ubud has a highland location paired with a relaxed, laid-back energy every traveller falls in love with. Beneath the towering jungle trees and foliage, Ubud is home to an array of temples, including the magnificent Tirta Empul. The town has a different vibe from the surf culture found at the beach, and the warm air and scenic environment make a trip to Ubud beautiful and rewarding.

Where Are The Best Places For Solo Travel In Bali?

Everywhere I travelled in Bali, I felt excited, comfortable, and safe. The only components of the trip I found hard were dealing with humidity and boarding my flight home! For solo travel in Bali, a few locations come to mind as being awesome for activity opportunities and safety as a female.


The beach town of Seminyak is a favourite with tourists, offering a vibrant energy, a bustling nightlife, and shops to buy some gifts to take home. It’s a relatively busy area, where tourists walk the streets, so if you prefer a quieter experience, you may not want to stay in Seminyak for too long! I found it the perfect place for meeting new people and seeing a different side of Bali, away from the jungle land of Ubud and into the luxury of Seminyak


Nestled on Bali’s southwestern coast, Kuta is a short distance from Ngurah Rai Airport, offering travellers a perfect destination for beachside relaxing, swimming, and surfing. The area is known for its luxury resorts and hotels, but there are also many hostels suited to backpackers and budget travellers. The area is popular with tourists and doesn’t offer an authentic Balinese experience, but it’s a good place to start your Bali journey, surrounded by other travellers and tourists. 


Years ago, Canggu was a hidden gem in Bali, but it now has a tourist presence and it’s easy to see why! The coastal village offers the full package from cafes and clubs to rice fields and beaches. Travellers can experience such diversity in Canggu, making it an ideal location to explore north of Seminyak. 


Uluwatu is home to jaw-dropping temples surrounded by lush forests, an incredible coastline great for surfing, and calm energy, bringing tourists peace after visiting busier areas of the island. Before setting off on my 3rd solo adventure to Indonesia, I knew Uluwatu was on my list for Bali!

Gili T and Gili Air 

The island of Gili Trawangan (Gili T) is only around 3-4 hours away from Bali and can be reached by ferry. Visitors can experience nightlife alongside gorgeous white sand beaches and expansive views across the ocean. Gili Air has a similar vibe, where tourists can enjoy relaxing on the beach or diving underwater to explore marine life lining the shore.

My bumper guide to Bali - where to stay and what to do?

How Do I Make Friends When Solo Travelling To Bali?

Taking on a solo Bali trip may leave you wondering how on earth you’re going to make friends! This is easy with such a tourist-loved location like Bali. I made friends within days of arriving on the island, and this was made so much easier by staying in hostels and inviting conversation from others!


A smile goes a long way, and if someone enters the communal area in the hotel you’re staying in, why not give them a big smile and say hello? This may feel unnatural at first, but it’s such a great way to introduce yourself to new people and let others know you’re open to chatting. 

Suggest A Group Activity

Nothing says fun and bonding like a group activity! When you’re next having a conversation with a few people at your hostel, why not suggest a group tour or activity? This is a great way of connecting in a new and exhilarating environment and you could even save money doing activities as a group. 

Have Reserve Conversation Starters

Having a backup of a few questions and conversation starters can really help to relax and get you feeling confident when interacting with new people. Travel is a go-to topic of conversation with other backpackers, so kick things off by asking where someone has been, what their future travel plans are, and where they want to go in Bali! You can read more of my tips for travelling alone here.

Bali is a destination that’s gripped the hearts of travellers from all over the world. Do you have a solo trip to Bali in mind? Where do you plan on exploring on the island?