When the idea of a solo trip to Thailand enters the mind, scenic beaches, bustling markets, and the hum of tuk-tuks navigating the country’s streets are usually what people imagine. Thailand offers a wealth of culture, cuisine, and beauty that encapsulates everything a traveller could want from an adventure abroad. That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive solo travel guide to Thailand so you can stop imagining what the country is like, and instead, go and experience it for yourself!

It’s hard to put into words my love for Thailand and the Asian continent since it’s a place I have been lucky to explore extensively. The call to jump into the deep and go backpacking solo in Thailand is a journey travellers worldwide take each year. When tourists leave to return home, it’s not uncommon to hear they’ve left a little piece of their hearts in the country; a place where the nomadic soul overflows with appreciation for this vibrant culture.

I love mixing planning and spontaneity for any adventure; a solo Thailand trip included. This means I’m typically clued up on the most important aspects of a trip such as the currency I need, how to get there, visa requirements, accommodation etc, but I’m also open to last-minute excursions and activities when I’ve reached my goal destination. Being prepared helps me feel confident as a woman travelling solo, and this peace of mind allows me to immerse myself in any destination, knowing I am safe, secure, and able to enjoy myself to the fullest. 

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Everything You Need To Know Before A Solo Trip To Thailand

When I decided to take the plunge to solo travel Thailand and beyond, I knew I had lots of research and planning on my hands! Coming from the UK, there was a lot I needed to know before jumping on a plane and flying across the ocean to Asia. I’ve compiled my experience, knowledge, and tips that helped guide me through a successful solo Thailand trip so you can find everything you need to know in one convenient place. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog so you can refer to all of this information with the click of a button!

How To Get To Thailand As A Solo Traveller?

The first hurdle you’ll have to conquer is getting to Thailand in the first place. For most, the easiest way to travel will be via a plane to one of the country’s airports – there are more than 30 to choose from! Suvarnabhumi International Airport (more commonly recognised as Bangkok Airport) is Thailand’s biggest airport and this is where the majority of travellers fly into the country.


Direct Route

Route With Layover


LHR London Heathrow

LHR London Heathrow



MCT Muscat


BKK Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

BKK Bangkok Suvarnabhumi


11hr 35m

15hr 10m

It’s possible to find direct flights from the UK to Thailand, taking off from one of the larger British airports such as Heathrow or Stansted. Some flights may have a layover, which for some may be a hindrance, and for others, it might add an extra adventure. If you want to solo travel Thailand and are sticking closely to a budget, flights with a layover are often cheaper than flying direct. It’s always worth looking into all the flight options available, along with any deals for flying at quieter times of the year. 

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Tips For Finding Cheap Flights To Thailand

After years of solo travel, I’ve found one of the biggest expenses to be the initial travel costs of flying to a country. Unless I’m travelling to Europe, the UK seems so far from Asia, America, Australia and many other places on my travel list. Sourcing affordable flights is the perfect way to kickstart your travel plans and help stay as close as possible to your budget. Let’s take a look at some of my top tips for finding cheap flights to Thailand:

1. Be Flexible With Plans

You may have a goal destination in mind for your travel, but if you are fully set on only travelling to one location at a specific time, your flight choices are limited and expensive. Being flexible with your plans and allowing comparison sites such as Skyscanner to search for various flights to different locations on a range of dates means you are more likely to find deals, and may even end up choosing a different destination than you originally planned!

2. Travel out of Peak Season

Peak season tends to be when schools break up for Easter, Summer, or Christmas, and these are the typical times when flight prices skyrocket. Avoiding peak season means you are far more likely to find cheap flights, but it’s also worth looking at the time of day you’re flying. Early mornings may not sound pleasant, but flights in the early hours can be way cheaper than travelling at more convenient and popular times of day. 

3. Compare, Compare, Compare!

I usually let comparison sites do most of the hard work for me when I’m searching for flights to somewhere new. It makes for a far less stressful experience and means I can grab a bargain too! Explore various websites such as Skyscanner to help find the best deals for your chosen destination and avoid paying more than you need to! If you don’t have accommodation planned out yet, it’s worth looking into options for both flights and hotels together as you may find a bargain for booking both at the same time. 

4. Pack Smart

I know the feeling when you’ve already filled your backpack but there’s still a wardrobe of outfits you were planning on bringing on your solo trip to Thailand. Trust me when I say packing light will be one of your best decisions. It means you’re not lugging around unnecessary items during your trip, and also means you can avoid any last-minute extra baggage fees at the airport. Different airlines have various rules with baggage, so make sure to measure and weigh your bag beforehand so you don’t incur any surprise fees.

5. Use Flight Deals and Air Miles

Finding flight deals has arguably never been easier thanks to the abundance of websites available with memberships to help cut your flight costs down. Signing up for an airline points card can also make a huge difference if you’re a regular traveller, as you can collect the miles and use them towards your next adventure.

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Do I Need A Visa For My Trip to Thailand?

Travellers heading to Thailand need to hold a valid passport, and most tourists such as those travelling from the UK will be granted 30 days visa-free in the country. To stay longer in Thailand for work or studying, you’ll need to apply for a visa before you set off. It’s essential to have the correct documentation for your travels and avoid overstaying your visa as this can make things complicated and may result in a fine, deportation, or make it difficult to re-enter Thailand in the future.


How Do I Book A Solo Trip To Thailand? 

There are a few different options for booking a solo trip to Thailand, it all depends on the type of adventure you’re seeking and where you plan to explore.

Entire Planned Trip: 

Arranging a trip where everything including your flights, accommodation, and activities, is already pre-booked is possible, but it means you’ll likely have to stick to an itinerary or schedule to keep on track. Travelling as organised as this is perfect for some, but if you’re travelling solo, it may be a good idea to allow some free time to leisurely explore, and maybe even meet some other solo travellers too.

Group Trip: 

If you and a group of friends are looking to head to Thailand together on a group trip, get ready for some epic adventures! Tours are a great way of exploring the country in a group, and you may be able to save some money on larger bookings too. Making memories is what travelling is all about, and if you’re heading to Thailand alone but want to make friends, joining a group tour is a simple way to do so. 

Meeting Other Solo Travellers:

Heading out on a solo Thailand trip can build your confidence to travel alone, but it’s a great feeling to find other solo travellers when you’ve reached the country. If you haven’t already been chatting with people on the plane or at the airport, you’ll likely connect with solo adventurers like yourself at beach bars, markets, hostels, or any group tours you join.

Flight and 1 Night Accommodation:

I love challenging myself but I also like to know where I’m staying on my first night until I’ve had a chance to scope out an area and see where my curiosity takes me! Booking a flight and 1 night of accommodation means you can settle in and rest after a long journey but you aren’t tied to staying in the same place for your entire trip. Comparison sites comparing various flight and hotel prices will guide you in the right direction for finding deals for your first 24 hours in-country.

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How To Book Hostels and Hotels in Thailand? 

With today’s technology, all it takes is a bit of time online to find some of the best deals for booking hostels and hotels in Thailand. Flights alone can be pricey, so finding affordable accommodation in South Thailand and beyond can be made easier by using websites such as booking.com or hostelworld which do the hard work of price and quality comparison for you. I love reading the honest reviews left by other travellers as it helps paint the picture of what the accommodation, hosts, and local area are like.

The Essentials: Currency, Language, Plugs

The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht, so you’ll need to make sure you have cash, a pre-loaded travel card, or both before you land in the country. It’s worth knowing some simple words and phrases in Thai to help you navigate through your trip and to show respect and interest in Thai culture. I always like to learn a few basic phrases for each country I travel to, such as how to ask for help or directions. This can also be helpful when getting around Thailand via buses, ferries, tuk-tuks, or trains. 

As for packing, it’s best to pack light and avoid additional airport charges, but make sure you bring the right electrical plugs! You’ll need either flat parallel pronged plugs such as the ones used in the US, or the two round pin sockets used in Europe and Asia. You may find three-pin plug sockets, but to be on the safe side, it’s wise to bring an alternative so you’re not stuck with a dead battery! Check out my girls’ packing guide for Asia and Australia for my must-haves and top tips when heading overseas.

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What Is The Best Way To Get Around Thailand Solo?

Thailand is a vast country and if you plan to visit multiple destinations you will need to make use of the extensive buses, trains and ferries available between the cities, popular beaches and islands. The best way to book transport in Thailand using 12go where they have lots of options for travel and routes. You may also want to book internal flights between Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Koh Samui – you can book Thailand flights using Skyscanner.

What Is The Best eSIM For Thailand?

Avoid hefty roaming charges when you travel to Thailand by picking up a Thailand eSIM from Airalo – they’re available for 200 countries worldwide and I highly recommend the service. They’re quick and easy to set up, with no need to change your physical SIM or phone number. They work instantly, so they’re great for solo female travellers or solo travellers who would find it helpful to have data and connection for their phone as soon as they touch down in Thailand.

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Best Travel Insurance For A Solo Trip To Thailand 

My personality is split into two; I love being spontaneous and taking on new adventures and challenges in a heartbeat, but I also enjoy the peace of mind and comfort being prepared brings. Having travel insurance allows me to feel secure on my trips, as I know I’m covered if the unexpected happens and something goes wrong during my travels. 

Travel insurance can seem like a hefty investment, but as a solo female traveller for several years, I see it as one of the most valuable additions you can make to a trip. You can plant a seed of security in your mind as you make fun memories, knowing you have a safety blanket to fall back on if you need to.

Safety Wing

Safety Wing travel insurance policies are created with nomads in mind and provide the flexibility of either booking before or during your trip. They offer a ‘pay as you go’ plan for continuous coverage in 180+ countries, so if Thailand is your first destination of many, you can remain covered by Safety Wing and use their mobile app on the go to make things even easier.

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Outbacker insurance offers a range of benefits such as covering up to 230 sports and activities for the adventurous solo traveller, along with 24hr, 365-day emergency assistance which I find a huge comfort, especially when travelling to new locations. Outbacker also stands out to me as they cover a range of coronavirus-related risks such as the inability to travel due to the virus, contracting coronavirus while abroad, and more. 

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World Nomads

World Nomads understand the needs of solo travellers exploring overseas and have simple and flexible options to suit a range of budgets, locations, and needs. They cover a spectrum of insurance needs such as adventure sports and activities, overseas medical care, pregnancy, accidents, and more.

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Should I Go To Thailand On My First Solo Trip?

Taking the plunge into any destination as a solo female traveller can bring on a wave of feelings from excitement and exhilaration to nervousness, but I promise you won’t be the only person experiencing these emotions in Thailand! Solo travel is a magical way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new, with many people from around the world choosing Thailand as their solo travel destination.

We are far more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for and solo travel is a great way to grow confidence and test the waters of a solo adventure, knowing many other solo travellers are doing the same thing in the country. I felt safe and comfortable during my time in Thailand, and I knew if I ever felt uneasy, I could join a group or a tour to meet others along the way. 

Thailand is ideal for tourists, boasting beautiful islands with white sand beaches such as Koh Lipe and Koh Phanang to explore, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Ban Chiang Archaeological Site in the north-east where history lovers can learn more about Thailand’s culture and history.


How Much Does A Solo Trip to Thailand Cost?

The cost of a solo trip to Thailand depends on how you plan to spend your time. If you want to stay in the swankiest hotels, head out on daily activities or tours, and dine out every day in the most expensive restaurants, your trip will quickly rack up to a substantial amount! Flights and accommodation tend to be the biggest financial contributors to the total cost of a trip to Thailand. You can save money for travelling by following some of my tips and being smart about where you decide to spend your funds. If you’re trying to save money for travel – make sure you download my FREE eBook: 50+ Ways To Save Up To £10k For Travel.

1 Month in Thailand:

One Way Flight

£300 (from London)


£250 (hostel)


£150 (street food)


£200 (depending on activity type and frequency)


£150 (buses, trains, ferries)



This is an example of what just over £1,000 can get you in Thailand for one month. This amount can change considerably depending on the time of year you’re travelling, where you’re staying, and the things you plan on doing while in the country.

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Is Thailand Safe For A Solo Female Traveller?

Safety while exploring as a solo female traveller is something that’s always at the forefront of my mind. I want to be able to adventure around a country feeling confident and safe, and that’s why I’ve put together in-depth resources about some of my tips for solo travel. Thailand has so much to offer from beach parties and delicious street food to epic boat rides on crystal waters, and maybe these are a few of the reasons the country attracted over 28 million tourists in 2023

As for solo female travel, the abundance of tourists helps make Thailand a safe place as there are a number of young travellers also exploring and many group travel options where solo explorers can meet others on the same journey. Thai people are known for being super friendly and approachable, though I always follow a few golden rules when I travel regardless of location.

These include not walking around alone while it’s dark, buying my own drinks and keeping hold of them to avoid potentially being spiked, and being mindful of who I am around. If something feels off, I always trust my gut and return to where I feel safe, whether this is my hotel room, hostel dorm, or speaking to the activity group leader.


Which Thai Island Is Best For Solo Female Travellers? 

Ko Lanta is a standout location and the best Thai island for solo female travellers as there’s so much to do and a variety of places to stay. Although it attracts tourists, it’s not as busy as some of the other places in Thailand. You can read more about my tips for travelling around Ko Lanta here and learn more about what this dreamy island can bring to your solo trip to Thailand. 

Luana Villas, Krabi, Tailândia, Ko Lanta

A stone’s throw away from two of Ko Lanta’s stunning turquoise water beaches is Luana Villas, boasting air-conditioned rooms, a stunning garden and terrace, free toiletries, and a private bathroom with every room. This is the perfect location to spend a few days of luxury, breathing in fresh air, exhaling stress, and watching worries melt away. With an airport shuttle, getting to Luana Villas is easy, and you’ll be greeted by modern decor and friendly faces upon arrival. 

Check out the latest prices and availability here

Hub of Joys, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta

Hub of Joys is a great fit for backpackers hoping to stay in budget-friendly accommodation and meet other travellers from around the globe. There’s a choice of mixed or same-gender dorms, along with private rooms for those hoping to spend some time alone. Bike rental is available at the hostel which is a bonus, making things even easier for venturing around the local area, and exploring the hidden gems of Ko Lanta. 

Check out the latest prices and availability here

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Where Are The Best Places For Solo Travel In Thailand? 

Narrowing down the best places for solo travel in Thailand is hard, as there are simply so many locations to suit the solo explorer! A few locations come to mind for Thailand solo travel, and each one offers something different to satisfy the hearts of avid adventurers.


The city of Bangkok is far more than Thailand’s capital. It’s a bustling location full of spirited energy and opportunity for everyone who travels there, providing insight into Thai life. Experience Bangkok like a local and feed your soul with delicious and affordable street food, enjoying dishes such as mango sticky rice or green curry. Remember your trip of a lifetime by purchasing something from a floating market, or simply sit back and take in the magical sights of the city.

Chiang Mai

Volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai was an unforgettable experience and a memory I often refer to when I’m asked about my travels in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai holds a place in my heart for many reasons, and it’s a location I always encourage travellers to visit if they are on the lookout for breathtaking scenery and some of the country’s most extravagant Buddhist temples. 


During my time adventuring in Thailand, I left Pai at the end of my trip as I was constantly told how blown away I would be by the mountainous scenery, hot springs, and waterfalls. Situated in a valley, the town of Pai is quieter than Thailand’s cities, and you can feel the relaxed, calm energy in the air as soon as you arrive. 

Khao Sok

When I was told there was a real Jurassic Park landscape in Thailand, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… then I visited Khao Sok. The rich green forests of Khao Sok were the magic I needed to immerse myself in after spending time in more bustling parts of the country. The tropical environment is unlike anything I have experienced before. The scaling cliffs rising from the water are a sight straight out of a movie scene that you don’t want to miss. 

Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is the answer for the typical imagery that floats to mind when you think of Thailand. White sand beaches with clear blue water, inviting beach huts, and beach bars can all be found in Ko Lanta, where you’ll no doubt meet other solo adventurers and make lasting memories together. The atmosphere in Ko Lanta is laid back, making it the perfect location to relax and refresh after days of travelling around the country and its many stunning islands. 

Koh Tao

When I think back to my time in Koh Tao, I am immediately transported back to late nights sipping cocktails and unleashing my best dance moves on the sand. The island is a beautiful setting for meeting other backpackers and letting loose to some music for a few nights. For me, it isn’t a location to experience a slice of true Thai culture, but instead a destination ideal for socialising and partying. 

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How Do I Make Friends When Solo Travelling Thailand

One of the biggest concerns I hear solo travellers talking about is how to make friends on a solo trip. When you first board your plane to Thailand, it’s easy to think you are all alone and you may not meet any other backpackers who are also on a mission to solo travel Thailand. These thoughts are normal for any solo adventure, but when you touch down in Thailand, you will undoubtedly spot an abundance of backpackers on the same adventure. 

1. Be Open To Conversation

I completely understand how daunting it can be to talk to somebody new or head over to a group of people with the hopes of introducing yourself and bonding over a beer. Through years of solo travel, I’ve found the best way of meeting people and engaging with new potential friends is to be open to conversation! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, tell your story, and bond with other backpackers. 

2. Wear A Smile

A smile can say a thousand things, but one thing for sure is that wearing a smile immediately makes you seem approachable and friendly. Even if you’re feeling a little nervous or out of your comfort zone, a smile can change how you feel and make you look open to new conversations. 

3. Join Group Activities

Across Thailand and its many islands, you’ll find an abundance of group tours and group activities to join. Backpackers tend to jump into activities in a heartbeat with the hopes of exploring Thailand more deeply, and having a great time doing it! By taking part in Thailand group activities with new people, you can work together and immediately have a conversation starter about the plans for the day to get you going.

4. Initiate Conversation

Be confident and initiate conversation! Whether you spot a friendly group of travellers at a bar or you see a solo backpacker sitting alone having dinner, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. This is great practice for building confidence, and before you know it, you’ll have made a new friend or two. Think about your introduction and ask where the person is from, their plans for Thailand, and where they have been so far!

Thailand is a destination I will never forget, and somewhere I will continue to explore over the coming years. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Thailand, I hope my solo travel guide has helped highlight some key considerations and must-visit locations.


Where will your solo Thailand adventure take you?