Without doubt, one of my favourite countries I have ever visited. Thailand holds a magic that set my soul alight and keeps it burning five years on. It was the country that made me fall in love with solo travel, and with myself. I’ve now been lucky enough to travel Thailand three times and each visit has brought a whole new experience and seeing the country in a totally different light.

What Thailand means to me

My first time travelling Thailand was actually my first ever solo trip which saw me spend months travelling the country from the southern islands up to the mountains in the north. Later I returned for a flying visit to relive my Bangkok memories after some more Asia travels. Then in 2019 I returned yet again, but this time for a family holiday!

Favourite places in the country

Some of my favourite places in Thailand have included Koh Lanta, the stunning island that will forever have my heart. Pai – the ultimate backpacker haven up in the north where I stayed at a circus school overlooking the mountains. And of course, Khao Sok, an 80 million year old rainforest in the centre of Thailand where I stayed in a cabin on the lake surrounded by jungle, wild elephants and under the stars.

Travelling Thailand

Thailand was the country where I learnt that I could solo travel and love it, for that it will always have my heart and I will forever keep returning for more adventures. It’s also the easiest place to solo travel so I recommend it for any aspiring travellers out there.

South East Asia has such a well established backpacker route that it’s a perfect place to dive into local culture and out of your comfort zone while still feeling safe and content that you can travel alone. It’s perfect for backpackers and long-term travellers, or even for that summer holiday with your friends or family.