Are you ready to find the 35+ digital nomad jobs that could change your life in 2024?

Do you dream of living the digital nomad lifestyle? Of working with a view of the ocean and palm trees instead of some dreary industrial estate. Perhaps you just want the location freedom of working remotely to enable you to travel more frequently, or even base yourself abroad. Here I share 35+ digital nomad jobs that could help you transform your work-life balance in 2024, to regain the freedom to travel and work on your own schedule. I think it's time we really demystify the idea that working remotely and becoming location independent is some pipe dream that only the luckiest get to live. 

Working and travelling is a far more attainable reality than most people realise – mostly because it's not all travel bloggers and influencers who are doing it. I've met programmers, web developers, app designers, yoga teachers, coaches, virtual assistants and many more on my travels who are all finding ways to travel full time or move abroad while working remotely and earning a good and reliable income to support themselves. If the last few years have shown us anything, it's that we don't live to work, we work to live. You would be amazed at the enormous number of ways you can make money online – and these are growing by the day! It's predicted that by 2035, over a billion people worldwide will be working remotely – why shouldn't you be one of them?

How have I managed to travel and work online?

For the last decade, I've been a full time digital nomad, or part-time, and have travelled all over the world. Currently, I'm a travel blogger, content creator, influencer, public speaker, SEO expert, marketing whiz for a children's charity, sometimes freelance journalist, voiceover girlie and many more. My job is varied and constantly changing but I love it. Working remotely has honestly changed my life – it has given me the freedom and the inspiration to build my own business and brand over the years and has enabled me to focus on my passions. It's also given me a way to grow my skill-set exponentially in a way that I couldn't if I were working full-time in one role. If you're interested in finding out how to get started, read this article on Becoming a Digital Nomad: 25 Useful Tips and 4 things to consider before becoming self-employed

How to find digital nomad jobs

There are so many great ways to find digital nomad jobs and remote working opportunities online. A great place to start is Remote Rocketship – it's a new platform which centres around finding your dream remote job and currently has nearly 30,000 work from home roles. Memberships start from $5 a week and gives you access to thousands of jobs based worldwide which will allow you to utilise your skills in a range of areas including marketing, tech and many more. A few features I really love are the free AI resume review that you can access, which gives you a great indication of areas you need to strengthen for applications. Remote Rocketship are great at finding those jobs that aren't advertised on LinkedIn or other platforms and give you access to hidden roles that could suit your skillset. They also find these digital nomad jobs within 24 hours of being posted which gives you the best chance of being an early applicant. They'll email these job openings direct to your inbox which just takes the legwork out of job hunting when you're travelling. Click here to check out Remote Rocketship now.

Other digital nomad websites for remote working opportunities: 

If you're looking for clients, check out these websites:

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35+ Digital Nomad JOBS to change your life

I've created this epic list of amazing digital nomad jobs that could help transform your life by getting online. From the more obvious choices, to ones you never believed could be turned into. remote working opportunity. It's time to think outside the box, so many more companies and businesses are open to employing digital nomads now than ever before, so why not pitch your skills?

Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader or Freelance Journalist

My first ever online job was as a freelance journalist and newspaper columnist – it's one that easily translates to digital. If you have experience in journalism and the right contacts – it can be very easy to work as a freelance journalist while travelling or living abroad. If you have a nose for stories – you'll be able to find them wherever you go. It's all a case of pitching to the right people and being able to sell your ideas. If you don't have experience or a qualification but love to write. There are always copywriting, proofreading or editing jobs available online which can really help you to build your portfolio. Check out Upwork and Fiverr for freelance work.

Translator or Transcriber

Both jobs which often go under the radar – but these can be a great way to get online work. Don't forget in the digital world we live in – most texts will need to be translated into other languages. If you know multiple languages, it can be a great way to utilise your skills. Likewise, TV programmes, Youtube videos, online courses and even podcasts will come with a transcription available for those who are unable to hear. Check out Go Transcript or Transcribe Me for jobs.

Run an e-Commerce Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit – why not channel that into creating an online business selling products you love? You could set up your own website selling T-shirts, coconut bowls or pretty much anything! If you already have an audience – it's a good way to make extra money selling your own products or those from outside sources. It also works nicely when travelling as often you can set these up so that you simply take the orders, but the actual products are sent from the supplier direct to the customer. Now anyone with a blog or website can add an e-commerce section easily using plugins like WooCommerce or Shopify. Check out this article: How to set up an e-commerce website in 9 steps

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

One of the top digital nomad jobs and a great way to sell your skills. If you have a talent for illustration or design – learn how to package and market these skills to land your own clients and work from anywhere. Every company out there needs graphics for their advertising campaigns or websites – you could be the person who creates them. Love to draw? If graphic design isn't your thing, why not become an illustrator? Perhaps your drawings are already popular through your social media channels – you could turn those followers into customers by offering the right services. You could even start creating illustrations for children's books as one digital nomad I met had done – she had been travelling full time for several years. Find freelance graphic design jobs on Indeed.

Social Media Manager

It has become vital for brands to have social media outlets and for these to grow and reach their customers directly. This is why the influencer industry has become so huge. It is a form of direct advertising that has never been available before. Hence why there are SO many social media managers that work on varying levels. Some focus on brand work and helping brands to grow/manage their accounts. Others work on behalf of large accounts that need outside help to maintain their content publishing schedule and to continue to grow their accounts. And then you also get those who target smaller accounts and work with them to help grow their following – perhaps to help grow their business.

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Virtual Assistant

This follows on nicely to virtual assistant jobs which can sometimes incorporate social media scheduling. But it doesn't stop there – the virtual assistant role can include a huge range of administrative tasks to help support businesses where needed. It helps to have experience with programmes such as WordPress, Trello, Slack, Google Suite and Microsoft Word/Excel. Keyword research is also a common task for virtual assistants so it's worth teaching yourself these skills. The role can change hugely depending on the business and person you are working for. Many bloggers also hire virtual assistants to support with all the smaller day-to-day tasks. This role can also mean working specific and more flexible hours to suit your employer (and the timezone they are in) so take this into account. Read this article: How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do From Home

UGC + Content Creation

Still an emerging industry but one where it is possible to make thousands weekly if not monthly – with the right portfolio, clients and a good eye for content creation. You don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money off social media and video content. All you need is to create that "user-generated content" for brands to use on their own platforms. Content has really shifted over the last few years and this more natural content is highly valued by brands right now. Why not use your skills to provide video clips and even voiceovers for brands? Watch this video on how to get started as a UGC Content Creator.

Data Entry

Now admittedly, as digital nomad jobs go, this is one of the more boring options. However, it is steady work that is in high demand by a LOT of companies. If you're new to online work and don't feel you have marketable skills – data entry is a great option for beginners. You need to be confident with programmes with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, and look into other data entry software so you know what to expect. If you're good on a computer with basic numeracy and literacy skills – this could be perfect for you. Check out this article for the options available: 12 Legit Data Entry Jobs from Home


You don't need to be a travel blogger to work remotely! Creating a blog can be a great way to focus on passive income from ads and affiliate links which gives you the space to focus on more projects. Bloggers – across a range of topics – are able to work online which gives them the freedom to work from home, to relocate or to travel whenever they like. It doesn't mean they always choose full-time travel, but it gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere! You could blog about fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, finance or even crafts! I know amazing bloggers who are making thousands of $$$ per year in passive income on topics like crafts. This gives them the freedom focus on building a business around their lifestyle. YES it does take a LOT of work – but it's worth it. Read: How to start a blog & upgrading your website

Building a Personal Brand

Social media has transformed the way we do business and it's now easier than ever to build your own personal brand and create a lifestyle business of your own. You don't need to be a blogger or "influencer" to do it. You just have to have an entrepreneurial mindset – to see where there is a need for your passion and skills. Then to see how you can monetise this by creating an authentic and profitable personal brand. This can be through creating your own digital products, or through e-commerce. But most importantly – it's a brand that you are entirely in control of and it's money that goes directly to you. This can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying – but there are amazing resources available to help inspire and motivate you.

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Programming and App developer roles

I know several full and part-time travellers who work in programming and it has helped them to travel all over the globe. It has also meant that they haven't had to rely on picking up work when travelling as they've often had longer-term clients. It's a skill that is hugely in-demand as more brands and individuals require personalised and details websites and programmes. Coding and the problem-solving side of this work is such a valuable skill. I actually wish I had trained in this much earlier in my career as it could have transformed my working life. Read: How to Become a Programmer: The Complete Beginner's Guide. One of my great friends works as an app developer and has spent the last decade travelling the world. He is tied only to a good WIFI connection and loves his job and the freedom it brings. It's an exciting industry to be a part of.

Website developer & designer

Slightly different to the above, digital nomad jobs in this field will focus more on the wider picture and overall project. Instead of writing code or specific programmes, a developer will help with the overall building of a website and the design elements. Again, if you have a knack or training in these areas, there can be good money in this work as it's also in high demand. A complete website redesign can cost thousands – so imagine how much money you could make per project. Read: How to get hired as a junior web developer

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Another of my own digital nomad jobs and one that enabled me to live in both the UK and Germany, while travelling Europe. The nature of this work is online and often means working with younger and more flexible companies who are open to flexible working. I was working with a start-up company that developed into market-leaders during my time with them. SEO is one of the hardest things to learn because it is an ever-changing beast. However, it is highly useful and worth keeping tabs on changes online that could affect either your business, work or website. Since leaving that role, I've taken on my own SEO clients on a freelance basis and helped to develop their websites and reach. Read: What is SEO and How It Works?

Affiliate Marketing

Whether you work for an affiliate marketing company or you simply use it through your own blog, website or social media channels. It can be a great way to generate passive income if you have an audience. This means that technically you could be earning money even when you are asleep or sunbathing on a beach in the Maldives. Basically you work on commission and advertise products using special links which give you a % of the sale. It's small amounts, but can add up if you are selling larger or more expensive items – or if you have a large audience. Read: Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Teaching Languages or Online Tutoring

I've previously completed my TEFL for travels with plans to teach English online, I also have lots of friends who have travelled for years while teaching English online. It's a greta way to easily earn and work from anywhere so if you're an aspiring digital nomad, it's a great way to get started. Or perhaps you offer private tutoring in languages or any other special skills such as music. If you do decide to settle in a place, you can even start to branch out and offer these services 1-2-1 or in group sessions locally, and then move these online if you move on.

Get 10% off the 120hr Professional TEFL Course from TEFL UK using my code: 31A87808. This is the exact course that I took and it provides you with thousands of teaching English opportunities across the world after you qualify, plus you will be able to teach English online. The course is comprehensive and designed to create confident teachers who can command a classroom.

Life Coach, Health Coach or Business Coach

You can become a coach or even a mentor in pretty much anything with the right training. If there is a topic that you're passionate about, why not train as a coach and start offering online sessions? You could become the person who is helping others to do the same and take charge of their life. It would also mean you could set your own schedule, working hours and live as a digital nomad or work remotely.

Counsellor or Psychotherapist

So many counsellors and psychotherapists already offered online sessions for clients, however the last few years has increased the demand for this service. I've heard first-hand how this still generates great results compared to in-person therapy so if you have the training and experience, perhaps it is worth looking at how you can take the support you offer online. You could gain location-independence while still retaining your role and using your skills to help people.

Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher or Meditation Teacher

My sister works as a personal trainer and has always trained clients online as well as in-person, she trains some clients from another country and timezone without any issues. My yoga teachers have always offered online classes, with one of them even moving abroad and continuing to host weekly classes but now she also hosts retreats abroad in her new home in Cyprus. Sometimes working as a digital nomad can actually open you up to even more opportunities in your working life. Many yoga, meditation and wellness offerings are available online, which just makes them ever more convenient for those teaching and the clients. If you can build up a roster of regular clientele, you could easily build out a schedule that works for you.

Video production and editing

One of the most sought-after skills at the moment and a great one for those seeking digital nomad jobs. It's also one that you can teach yourself thanks to countless online guides and Youtube. Many businesses will require video whether it's for their website, social media channels or advertising. If you have the skills to create and edit video footage, you can easily do this from anywhere. You may even find it opens doors to more travel as a way of securing footage and working with companies worldwide. A good portfolio is a must! Find jobs in video production and editing.

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Voiceover Artist

I was so excited when I met a traveller friend who told me this was what he did for work! (He had the best voice!) It's another of the digital nomad jobs that we don't necessarily think of but that is used all the time. Companies need voiceover artists for their websites, social media or advertising footage, they are also needed for TV or radio adverts. If you have a great voice – it's a good line of work to get into. You will need some recording equipment or access to a studio in order to provide the material – but if you love it, it's a worthwhile investment. Read: How to Start Voice Acting - Become a Voice Actor in 2020

Customer Support or Technical Support

Again – a service that all companies need and often outsource. This can range from taking calls to supporting digital chats through online messaging systems. If you want a less demanding role where you can clock in and clock out with ease – this might be for you. Find remote customer service jobs.

Published Writer

This is actually my next big project – I'm going to write a book! You don't have to write online in order to make money. You can create self-published works and sell them via Amazon or various other sources. Or you may even be able to find an agent and publisher to sell your books. Either way, it can be a great way to have regular and steady income wherever you are. As long as you are writing, you can do it from anywhere! I know a woman who writes children's books and usually bases herself in South America while writing.

Consulting services

If you're an expert in your field or have lots of experience on a specialist topic – you could start offering consulting services. I know people who do this in social media, affiliate marketing, coding and even architecture. It's also a great way to charge higher rates for specialist support and to set your own schedule which is great for travel. This could come in the form of regular Skype meetings and even phone coaching, or you might prefer to look over work/presentations and then offer notes.

Accountant, bookkeeping or tax support

Whether you work for a company or individually with clients, this could be a great way to maintain a steady stream of clients from anywhere in the world. As long as you can access their files and data, and are able to file the relevant documentation – this could be a great way to earn while you travel and become a digital nomad accountant. While tax advise would differ depending on the country, if your clients are all in the UK that would keep things simple and you wouldn't have to be in the UK to advise or support.

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Photographer or Videographer

A perfect job for travellers – both open a lot of doors for flexibility and also capturing a place along the way. You can also easily find work with hotel brands, travel companies, tourism agencies and many more who require your services.

Take surveys online

If you have the time to spare, this can be a great way to make some extra $$. There are entire websites and social media groups dedicated to taking surveys and various services in order to earn extra cash. This can also come in the form of helping to test user experience as a "mystery shopper" or even getting paid to shop, or watch Youtube videos. Check out this article: 12 Websites Offering Odd Jobs to Earn Extra Cash