Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Sustainability

I’ve always had a passion for fashion (sorry couldn’t resist!) and love beauty products. I’m all about finding brands and products that will have the smallest impact on the environment and that I will love for years to come. I try to steer clear of fast fashion as much as possible and will only purchase clothing that I know I will wear to death. I champion sustainable brands and those who steer clear of animal testing or harm, also promoting fair trade.

One thing I will bring up again and again is my love of vintage and second-hand shopping – I love fashion that tells a story. I will always recycle my old clothes either by selling them on or donating to charity, but this is rare as I usually end up wearing them until they fall apart. Living out of a backpack for so many years really helped me gain a new respect and understanding of fashion as something creative and unique, not something easy and convenient.

Over the years I’ve built up a core wardrobe of clothing I will wear time and time again. I’m unashamedly promoting the beauty of wearing the same outfits multiple times but having the creativity to style them in totally new ways. Make sure you check out my post on how backpacking makes you more creative with your style.

Natural beauty

When it comes to beauty – I’m a fan of natural products that you will stay loyal to for life. As someone who has suffered from eczema and various skin issues over the years – I take care of my skin and try to keep it balanced with pure products. I love brands like The Body Shop who champion vegan and cruelty free products at great prices.

I’m also a huge fan of essential oils, plus using coconut and jojoba oil for my skin, hair and nails. Check out this section for lots of posts on great brands and fashion/beauty tips that are perfect for those travelling. Read my post on the best travel minis for maintaining your beauty routine. As always, feel free to get in contact if you’re interested in any specific outfit/product details.