Food & Drink

I’ve often said that my travels are actually just a way of following my stomach across the globe. Food is one of my big passions in life. I love experiencing the world through a variety of flavours, colours and spices. From the spiciest curries and the hint of turmeric, to the warming foods of countries like Germany, Romania and Austria.

I’ve enjoyed dining with Michelin-starred chefs and at food festivals across the UK. I’ve been lucky that through my work I’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing restaurants. From huge chain restaurants to cute independents and top-rated restaurants. I started small, dining out with friends, but soon was attending food festivals and huge events where taste was the main priority. Read my post on the perfect foodie’s day out in London Bridge.

A passion for food around the world

I’ve always loved to try a range of flavours and have a very adventurous palette without fear of not liking tastes. Some of my favourite foods have come from Asia. With the light and spicy tastes of freshly cooked Thai street food being one of my faves. Check out my post from a Middle Eastern cooking class with Visit Qatar.

Vietnamese cuisine will forever win me over with their amazing vegetarian flavours and who doesn’t love a Cambodian fish amok curry? Right up there was traditional Sri Lankan food which reminded me so much of my family’s own traditional Mauritian cooking.

Cooking at home

I also absolutely love to cook and take every opportunity to get in the kitchen and whip up a treat. It’s the way I’ve been raised and it’s something I really miss when I’m on the road for long periods and don’t have access to a great kitchen. My favourite things to cook revolve around Italian foods, Greek cuisine and of course, lots of spice! Mexican and Asian being my favourites.

Cooking is such a great way to treat those you love. Food is such a social experience. That’s why it can be such a fantastic focus for travel. It brings travellers together as they join a group for dinner or encourage each other to try new experiences. Food can help your push your boundaries and leap outside your comfort zone like nothing else.