Self-Care & Wellness

As someone who has spent the last decade travelling the world as a digital nomad, I’ve learned a lot about looking after myself both physically and mentally while on the move. It can be challenging at times, and we all have our low moments, but I’ve found ways to really help boost my mental health and wellbeing when I’m struggling. I’ve found ways to maintain my health and fitness levels while travelling from one place to the next, and to integrate that perfect morning and night routine no matter where I am in the world. Find out how I use positivity and manifestation to create my dream life.
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Love & Relationships

Out of all the travels and life experiences, none has been as challenging as navigating the relationships in my life. From coping with loneliness as a solo female traveller and maintaining friendships while travelling the world, to coping with domestic violence and breaking up long-term relationships to travel. It’s never easy no matter what your situation but here I share my experiences in their rawest form, plus check out my posts on celebrating single life.
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Fashion & Beauty

I may have spent a decade living out of a backpack but that doesn’t mean I can’t be stylish. Clothes and skincare are passions of mine and no matter where I’ve travelled, I’ve always found ways to incorporate these into my travels. From shopping at the markets, to finding budget-friendly ways to indulge. I’ve become a master at packing so that I can maximise my wardrobe even when I have very little baggage allowance. Here I share my favourite sustainable brands, the best festival fashion and the skincare products you need.
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Festivals & Gigs

Festivals are one of my favourite things in life – I love everything from festival fashion, to the music, to the people I meet at these amazing events. I’ve been lucky enough to go to a lot of festivals, work with festival companies and even speak at vanlife festivals. So, I’d say I’m a festival expert! This section will share some of my favourite events, the best outfits to wow the festival crowds and the vanlife essentials you need!
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Food & Drink

Check out my restaurant recommendations from across the UK and beyond. Plus, the best places to try wines and wine tastings across the world. Love an afternoon tea? Check out my favourite ones to try and don’t miss my vegetarian travel guides.
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