*This hammam towels post is a collaboration with Sorbet [AD]

I’m always looking for colourful and versatile new products to help make my travels run smoother. I’ve teamed up with Sorbet, to test out their Hammam towels and wraps for our upcoming adventures. Over the years I’ve definitely become good at packing light and finding ways to reduce the amount of stuff I take with me. Finding products that can be used for multiple purposes is always my favourite way to help lighten the load. And with several big trips still to come this year – I want to be prepared for every eventuality!

Absolutely Lucy Sorbet hammam towels & wrap on the beach

The story behind Sorbet

Sorbet first started after company director, Amanda, went on holiday to Turkey and fell in love with the brightly coloured traditional Hammam towels as they adorned the beaches. Filling her suitcase with as many as she could carry, she was inspired by the candy ice-cream and sorbet coloured shades. Back in London, her friends and family liked them so much, she located traditional weavers back in rural Turkey and started producing the towels en masse thanks to the help of her authentic suppliers. From 2011 to now, the company now stocks 28 mouth watering colours in 100% cotton, a luxury range of bamboo/cotton fibres and ice cream colours.

Absolutely Lucy Sorbet hammam towel and wrap on beach in the wind

Review of Hammam Towels

They sent me the turquoise and satsuma coloured Hammam Towels from the original collection, plus the pink coral Hammam Wrap to try out. As you can see, the bright colours fit perfectly with Absolutely Lucy and I took them straight to the beach. These amazingly versatile fabrics are lightweight and quick to dry. This makes them perfect towels for the beach or even as a sarong or cover-up. They are also great for everything from picnics in the park, to the swimming pool, camping, festivals and road trips. Last summer I spent a month road-tripping around Europe and these would be perfect additions to your van or campsite. If you’re planning on a festival this summer – they would be great for creating a colourful campsite.

Absolutely Lucy, beach, beach huts, english summer

Review of Hammam Wraps

The coral Hammam Wrap is my new favourite travel accessory and I can’t wait to take it on my next big trip in September. It’s incredibly soft thanks to being hand loomed with a stonewashed effect. It would be perfect for snuggling up on a long flight or bus ride. I never travel without a scarf or pashmina to protect me from the chilly air-con. These also double up well as a cover-up if you’re visiting religious areas. What I love the most, is that as well as being practical for all your travel needs. It’s also really stylish and would be a great evening accessory. I’m all for anything that brings a splash of colour to my outfits – and this is such a gorgeous shade.

Absolutely Lucy at the beach, picnic

As someone who has tried many a quick-drying travel towel over the years, only to find they end up making your entire bag smell. I’m really excited to give these Hammam Towels a try on my next big trip. The all-natural 100% cotton is lightweight and will dry quickly, no doubt leaving my bags a lot fresher and cleaner. Plus, they’ll take up a lot less space, and use up too much of my luggage allowance. All the more space for the treasures I collect along the way. Find out more and order the products online at the Sorbet website.

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