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This year more than ever has really shone a light on the fast fashion industry. So many of us are waking up to what is really going on to make those jeans, boots and bodysuits we so crave. More importantly, we're starting to realise the impact this has on marginalised people and communities around the world. When we buy a top, it's never "just" a top. With some brands selling clothes for as cheap as 4p over Black Friday weekend. It seems more important than ever that we are asking where exactly our clothes are coming from. But the buck doesn't stop at clothes. Fast fashion is an industry that also encompasses jewellery.

So many of us forget about our jewellery and where it is sourced. Plumping for 3-for-2 deals instead of raising an eyebrow. We need to ask ourselves how we can be getting items for such a cheap price and still pay a fair wage to the person making it. What about the effects the brand has on the environment? Now I hold my hands up and say I'm as guilty as the next person of mindlessly choosing the cheaper option. Over the last few years I've been shopping vintage far more, and I always wear items for years. But one of my New Year's resolutions for 2021 is to really start cracking down on myself and reduce shopping with fast fashion brands. So I thought, why not introduce you to one of the jewellery brands I really admire.

sustainable and ethical jewellery – absolutely lucy wears white shirt and models Wolf & Gypsy Gold Evil Eye Pendant

Why choose sustainable jewellery with Wolf & Gypsy

Wolf & Gypsy are a company that aim to empower and heal through jewellery that is created fairly and in a way that protects both the planet, and those involved in the process. I love their quirky and unique style. I've been admiring their products for years so getting the opportunity to work with the brand is amazing. Tori, the brand's founder, handpicks the gemstones used to ensure they perfectly fit each piece and that they are ethically-sourced and conflict free.

I could never find jewellery that I wanted to wear myself which was also high quality and long lasting. So I decided to create my own ‘forever’ jewellery and that’s where my brand, Wolf & Gypsy, was born; ethical and sustainable jewellery made with love. – Tori Shay, Founder

The brand create jewellery with a conscience. They use recycled sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14ct gold to create beautiful pieces that you will treasure for years. If, like me, you love to find more unique pieces of jewellery that tell a story. Wolf & Gypsy is perfect for you. They combine elements and nods to spirituality, culture, travelling and symbolism into each piece. The very name of the brand – Wolf & Gypsy – is derived from Tori's own love of travel and adventure. Which as you guys well know, aligns so perfectly with my own values.

sustainable and ethical jewellery – absolutely lucy wears white shirt and models Wolf & Gypsy Gold Evil Eye Pendant

Ethical jewellery with Wolf and Gypsy

As a member of 1% For The Planet – Wolf & Gypsy put a big focus on being environmentally responsible. The brand cares deeply about the environment which is clear from their use of recycled sterling silver and gold and eco-friendly packaging. They donate a minimum of 1% of annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations such as WWF-UK, Tree-Nation and Plastic-Free Me. When you purchase a beautiful piece of Wolf & Gypsy jewellery, you know that 1% of the price goes to preserve the environment. So not only are you shopping ethically, but you are actively supporting organisations that are protecting the planet when you buy their jewels.

Equality and diversity with Wolf & Gypsy

Priding themselves on being an ethics first brand. Wolf and Gypsy are focused on making positive changes – not just within the brand but within the industry. Their core goal is to create jewellery that has the lowest impact on our planet. While providing fair income for all those involved in their production. With a workforce spread across the UK and India, they enforce quality checks to ensure the products they receive are made from low-impact raw materials. They have a zero-tolerance approach to child labour, forced labour and modern slavery. Instead supporting their workers with more than a living wage. Wolf & Gypsy also provide private health insurance to all permanent staff. They also sponsor their children in education by paying for tuition fees, school uniforms and books. The brand is a gender-equal, non-discriminatory employer and most importantly, they remain entirely transparent about the working conditions and sourcing of products.

If you're shopping for Christmas gifts, why not skip the fast fashion brands this festive season and invest in a timeless piece that supports great causes.

What are your favourite sustainable fashion brands? Which ethical jewellery companies do you recommend?

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