Finding your summer style is such an important part of your travels. From making sure you're comfortable and prepared for every situation, to feeling beautiful and confident with that holiday glow. How we look plays a big part in how we feel, and don't we all want to feel great when we're on holiday? Whether you're planning a summer trip to the south of Spain, or you're going long-haul to a Thai beach – here are my top tips on finding the summer style for you.

Finding your summer style

Choose the perfect fabrics for your destination

Shop for the holiday you have planned. If you're travelling somewhere hot, think cool, loose fabrics with lots of movement, or try linen if you fancy more structured outfits. For active holidays, choose stretchy workout gear for hikes and climbs. Or for those cooler locations, why not pick up some warmer, insulated coats or ski gear? Plan carefully and it can have a big impact on how much you enjoy your holiday.

Pick the colour scheme for you

I've always been a bright and colourful girl. Much like my love of the tropics, my wardrobe is all the colours of the rainbow. If you're going somewhere sunny and plan to get a tan, go for colours that will compliment your summer glow. White always shows off a tan well, and bright reds, pinks and turquoise look great against bronzed skin. If you're more of a monochrome fan – look for clean-cut shapes and even white/black patterned clothes to mix it up a bit. Whatever you choose – make sure that it complements your skin tone.

Dress for your body – not for fashion

This is my most important point. Not everyone suits body-con dresses or long white linen trousers. Not everyone feels comfortable in tight mini-skirts and some bodies will be swamped by long floaty outfits. The important thing is to dress for your body and wear things that make you feel good. This could be the latest styles, or it could be bringing back vintage 70's. Remember, every body is a bikini body – but find the bikini that flatters and makes you feel confident on the beach. Don't wear anything that makes you feel any less than amazing!

Go for classic styles that won't date

Want to shop less and cut down on fast fashion in your wardrobe? Choose classic styles and you'll build a wardrobe that you'll wear for years to come. Not only will you love pairing items from 10 years ago with the latest quirky accessories, but you'll instantly know what items look good with each other. Creating a capsule wardrobe means wasting less time on stressing over outfit combinations, and more time drinking cocktails when you instantly have a mental rolodex of perfect outfits.

Save when you shop for your new clothes

Buying a new wardrobe each summer can create a huge expense when really you want to be spending that money on ice cream and cocktails on the beach. Start shopping a little differently and you could save a pretty penny! Instead of waiting until peak season to buy summer items, shop the sales the summer before to pick up great items at half the cost. This also works well with expensive winter clothes/ski gear – buy it during the sales to save. Shop wholesale fashion stores such as J5 Fashion to cut costs on picking up the latest styles. Or go vintage and hit the second-hand stores to save money and pick up some quirky, unique styles.

What's your summer style? How do you shop for your holidays?

Absolutely Lucy sign off