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We may all be cooped up inside on Lockdown at the moment – but that doesn’t stop us planning for the future! Let this guide serve as some positive inspiration for what you can do when you’re finally able to get back to normal. You guys are constantly asking me – “who takes your photos?” “how do you manage to get such great travel pics?”. The truth is – it’s all me! I’ve spent the last few years really working on my photography skills – it’s a passion of mine and one that I love to develop. But I know that not everyone has the time, the inclination, or the equipment to be able to do this. So what happens if you just want great pics?

You might want epic travel photos or the perfect family photoshoot – but minus the selfie sticks and blurry shots that you sometimes get left with when you’re doing it in a rush. Have you thought of hiring a family photographer to help create the perfect shots? We’ve all learned a few lessons in gratitude over the last few weeks and how important it is to hold our loved ones close. So perhaps getting some family snaps would be a lovely way to celebrate when we’re finally out of quarantine? Not only is it a great way to capture happy memories, but it also gives you something fun to look forward to when this is all over.

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10 great excuses to book a professional photoshoot

Treat yourself & feel extra fabulous

If you’re anything like me, you’re living in pyjamas and loungewear right now. So why not give yourself something to look forward to and when this is all over, consider booking a future photoshoot to make you feel good. Get your hair done and feel extra glam in front of the camera. It could be the best remedy for getting back to normal. It could also be great motivation to really look after yourself during this strange lockdown time by eating healthily and working out at home.

Help grow your confidence in front of the camera

Hands up if you’ve ever felt awkward in front of the camera? Yup, me too! It seems crazy to me now, but a few years ago I couldn’t speak to the camera and hated Facetime. I always took photos but usually of everything else around me. Fast forward five years and I glow with confidence when I take photos and talking on Insta stories is an absolute pleasure. What’s my secret? I forced myself to have more time in front of the camera. The more time I spent on camera, the more comfortable I became and the confidence built. So if you’re struggling with confidence, perhaps a professional photoshoot with someone supportive is exactly what you need to kickstart your new confidence!

Capture precious memories

One of the reasons I love photography so much is because it captures memories and moments. Photographs are my souvenirs and my way of being transported back to a moment no matter where I am in the world. A family photoshoot or travel photoshoot can be the perfect way to capture your happiest times with the ones you love. Why not take the opportunity to get some gorgeous photos of your little ones before they grow up and treasure the final prints forever.

Casco Viejo photography, colourful streets of Panama City with girl dancing

Get high quality photos and editing included

We’ve all got camera phones, but a professional photoshoot offers a chance to get higher quality photos and editing all included in one package. It means that for a one-off payment, you can save yourself thousands on photography equipment and countless hours learning editing skills.

A professional photoshoot makes a great gift

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? I always love giving experiences as gifts and a photoshoot is a great way to do that! Whatever your motivation – whether that’s confidence building or simply getting the perfect photos. It’s a great way to spend a day and to get some great shots with your friends, family or loved one. You don’t have to book straight away – why not buy a gift card and give it to someone special? If you’re looking for a great gift while stuck in Lockdown – this could be a perfect treat to look forward to.

Get your photos within 48 hours

Remember the old days when we used to wait weeks or months to develop film? Isn’t it crazy how times have changed? Well not only is it a much faster process these days but you could have your full-edited photos within 48 hours after a shoot. No waiting around, you could have them framed and hanging on your wall within 3 days!

Make photography easy and fast

Life may have slowed down lately, but we all lead busy lives and if you’re struggling to find time for yourself, booking a photoshoot could be a great way to make time. As straightforward as calling an Uber, it’s super easy to book photography services online and to get a fast and efficient service with high quality photos. Don’t we all just want a simple and efficient service that yields great results?

Casco Viejo photography, colourful streets of Panama City with girl dancing

Shoot for any occasion

Booking a photoshoot can be a perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it’s a new baby or birth announcement, a wedding or engagement, a new home, family photoshoot, travel photos or even a boudoir photoshoot. There’s plenty of great excuses to book a professional photographer and really mark the occasion, while creating memories you can share with friends and family, and look back on years down the line.

Photography services are more affordable than you think

For those on a budget – photography services don’t have to be expensive. Actually they can be much more affordable than you think. Most companies/photographers will have different pricing available depending on the length of shoot and what you’re looking for. If you go into it with a clear idea of what you want and plan well with the photographer, you can get maximum results for the minimal timeframe and have the smallest hit on your wallet. Plus don’t forget, you’re investing in photographs that you’ll treasure forever.

Let a photographer inspire your future shoots

You can learn so much with the right photographer. They know all about angles, lighting and how to make you look and feel good. Booking a photographer could be a great way to learn new skills that can inspire your future photoshoots. You might choose to book a regular professional photoshoot, or to even develop your own photography skills based on what you learn at the shoot. I actually learned a lot of what influenced my photography style today by shooting with other people.

Have you ever had a photoshoot with a professional photographer? Would you like to? How do you feel about having your photo taken? Love keeping the memories, or hate to look back?

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