No matter what age you are, keeping on top of your health should be your top priority. While public healthcare services serve an important purpose, sometimes they don’t provide us with the quality of care we really need. 

You would be forgiven for assuming that private healthcare is simply unaffordable for the average person. In fact, the reality is that going private can actually be far more cost effective than you might initially suspect. What’s more, it can offer a range of incredible benefits. Let’s find out more. 

Waiting Times Are Shorter

Perhaps the biggest downside to public healthcare is the long wait times patients can face. The NHS is currently in crisis, and wait times for everything from GP appointments to ambulances are at an all time high. This has led to serious consequences, with severely ill patients being left for hours without medical treatment or attention both in hospitals and when waiting for ambulances. 

If you decide to go private, you will be able to access medical treatment with far shorter wait times than you would see in public services. For example, GP services through Phoenix Hospital Group offer same-day GP appointments after an initial consultation. This can allow you to get health issues addressed immediately and lets you avoid having to wait several weeks for an appointment. 

More Personalised Care

The NHS treats hundreds of millions of patients every year. This means that it must provide an incredibly streamlined service in order to treat as many people as possible. However, this result in shorter appointment times and practitioners can spend a limited amount of time with each patient. 

If you decide to pursue private healthcare, you will receive a far more personalised service where doctors can get to know you and your case in detail. This can have enormous benefits for you and your health, the care you will receive will be highly individualised and you will feel more listened to and looked after. 

Affordable Payment Plans

The idea of private healthcare often makes us think of eye-watering bills for routine or straightforward medical procedures. While private healthcare is obviously more expensive than public alternatives, it is actually far more affordable than many people realise. 

Private medical bills can be covered by health insurance policies. Services can also offer patients the option to pay by themselves, either as one-off payments or in the form of an instalment plan. At Phoenix Hospital Group, these fees are all-inclusive. This means that there will be no hidden costs or fees when it comes time to receive your final bill, and that you can be assured that you only pay for the treatment you receive.  


Don’t assume that private healthcare is financially out of your reach. Not only is it surprisingly affordable, but it can also offer a range of benefits over public healthcare services. Waiting times are far shorter, and you can expect to receive a more personalised and individualised level of care.