Working holiday visas are a golden opportunity, offering travellers the chance to visit a country and work while they’re there to keep their funds topped up. I had a working holiday visa when I travelled around Australia. It allowed me to explore Australia for 2 years, living abroad, working, and travelling to my heart’s content! I also had an epic trip to New Zealand arranged with a working holiday visa to support me, but the pandemic got in the way, so I had to put in a pin in my Kiwi adventure.

Obtaining a working holiday visa is beneficial if you’re looking to travel a country slowly, and put funds back into your budget for further trips around the place you’re visiting. For UK citizens, getting a working holiday visa isn’t too difficult as long as you fit the criteria for the country you’re heading to, such as age, a clean record, and a valid passport. 

What Is a Working Holiday Visa?

A working holiday visa is a permit allowing travellers to work in a country to keep their travel funds topped up while they are away from home. Countries offering this type of residence permit have specific requirements which can differ between locations. Some allow travellers to work and study while in the country which can be beneficial if you’re looking to get overseas experience in a particular field. 

The ability to stay in a country for longer than a brief holiday visit is an incredible chance to immerse yourself in a new location, culture, and life while you’re overseas. My time in Australia wouldn’t have been the same without my working holiday visa. I didn’t have any anxiety about my funds or the length I was staying, as I knew I had job opportunities and 24 months to play with!

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The Benefits of Working Holiday Visas

Working holiday visas are a must if you want to travel a country for an extended time and earn money while doing so. They open a door of opportunity where you can benefit from a new environment and lifestyle, meeting other travellers from around the world doing the same as you. 

Gain Unique Experiences

The experience gained during a long-term stay in a country is tenfold. When we visit a country for a couple of weeks, it tends to feel more like a holiday. It can take me some time to settle into a new routine, and I often feel overwhelmed by how much I want to experience when I land in a new country. Working holiday visas provide travellers with the incredible chance to gain unique experiences which feed the soul, aid personal growth, and stand out tremendously on a CV.

Live a New Lifestyle

When we do the same things day in, and day out, life can feel somewhat mundane and lose some of its magic. By diving into the deep end and living a new lifestyle for a year or two abroad, you shake up your typical routine and lean into trying new things. During my time in Australia, I had a different routine depending on the area I was travelling in and what I was doing. This meant I was always kept on my toes and truly tested my adaptability to new situations – something I hadn’t done before, especially for 24 months away from home!

Meet People

I am a people person through and through. Maybe this is because I’ve spent nearly a decade solo travelling around the world, or maybe it’s the warm energy I feel when I connect and engage with new people. Either way, working holiday visas can be obtained by travellers from different countries around the world, so the chances are you’ll meet some cool people while you’re away! 

Finance Your Trip

Travelling can be expensive, but a working holiday visa dramatically lightens the load as it provides a legal way to earn money while you’re away. I wouldn’t have been able to spend as long in Australia as I did, or do as many activities if I hadn’t been earning money alongside. 

Long-Term Stays

When I land in a country, I like to spend as long as possible there, seeing as many sites as my eyes can take, and learning to live like a local. Many countries offer visa-free stays for 30 days, but sometimes this simply isn’t long enough! With the chance to stay in a country for a year or two with a working holiday visa, you can dig deep and unearth what a country is really about, and gain memorable experiences along the way. 

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Am I Eligible For a Working Holiday Visa?

Working holiday visas are generally targeted at young people aged between 18-30, though this can fluctuate between various countries. You’ll also need a valid passport, with enough validity left for the duration of your stay. As for criminal convictions, these need to be disclosed and may affect your chance of getting a working holiday visa. Each country has its own rules, so if enough time has passed since your conviction, you still may be able to get the visa. 

It’s also standard to show proof of funds or savings when travelling abroad for an extended time, and this figure can change between countries. For Australia, this is currently AUD $5,000 and for New Zealand, you need NZ $4,200. This proves you have sufficient funds to kickstart your trip before you source a job to increase your earnings. During your working holiday visa application, you can also be asked for details about your current state of health and may be requested to provide a police certificate too. 

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Where Can British Citizens Get A Working Holiday Visa?

There are several countries where British citizens can get a working holiday visa, so if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge and doing some long-term travel, there are plenty of destinations to choose from!


Australia is one of the most popular locations for Brits to head to on a working holiday visa. The country has a few different visa types, and the requirements for an Australia working holiday visa are as follows:

  • Travellers need to have a valid passport
  • Aged between 18 – 30
  • Apply online outside of Australia
  • Be unaccompanied by children or family
  • Not previously entered Australia on a subclass 417 or 462 visa
  • Pay AUD $635 for the WHV visa

Obtaining an Australia working holiday visa will allow you to:

  • Stay for 12 months
  • Complete short-term work
  • Study for a maximum of 4 months
  • Unrestricted travel to and from Australia 
  • Do 3 months of specified work for second working holiday visa eligibility

When you return from your long-term travel around Australia, you can get your tax back when leaving the country and returning home. You can find out more information about this here.

How Easy is it to Get a Job in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa?

Finding a job in Australia on a working holiday visa isn’t hard as there are so many different roles available! Think of everything from fruit picking and waitressing to sales jobs and temporary admin positions. My biggest tip would be to head into potential workplaces such as hotels, hostels, and bars, and hand in your CV. You can read more of my backpacker tips for finding jobs in Australia in my guide here

For those who would like extra help with arranging their working holiday visa in Australia, why not book a package with Global Work and Travel? They’ll help you with flights, travel insurance, accommodation, visa applications and even job hunting. Plus you can get support 24- hours a day Mon-Fri from your own Trip Coordinator and make friends before you land using their app.

Find out more about Australia’s working holiday visa by visiting the official AU government website here



The glorious snow-dusted mountains of Canada can become a reality for British citizens by applying for a Canadian working holiday visa. A UK citizen from mainland, Jersey, or Guernsey can apply for the visa, as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Travellers need to have a valid passport
  • Passport validity cannot be longer than passport validity
  • Aged between 18 – 35
  • Have a minimum of CAN $2,500 
  • Valid health insurance
  • Not be inadmissible to Canada
  • Have a departure ticket or proof of funds to purchase one
  • Be unaccompanied by dependants
  • Pay any visa fees 

Obtaining a Canadian working holiday visa will allow you to:

  • Stay for up to 2 years
  • Work in Canada

Travellers can gain additional support when applying for a Canadian working holiday visa by booking with Global Work and Travel. The company ensures everything runs smoothly from flights and accommodation to job searches and obtaining the correct visa. The comfort Global Work and Travel provides with 24-hour support Mon-Fri is next to none, and means you immediately have a place to turn to with any questions or concerns.

Find out more about Canada’s working holiday visa with International Experience Canada by visiting the official CAN government website here

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New Zealand 

Like Australia, New Zealand is also a popular location for young people to obtain a working holiday visa and explore the country for an extended period. A UK citizen can apply for the visa as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Travellers need to have a valid passport
  • Have sufficient funds for a return ticket
  • Have a main interest in being on holiday, supported by work and short-term study
  • Apply online
  • Arrive in New Zealand within 1 year of being granted the visa
  • Pay any visa fees which start from NZD $420
  • Applications for longer than a 23-month visa require a General Medical Certificate
  • Be unaccompanied by dependants
  • Have a departure ticket or proof of funds to purchase one
  • Must not have had approval for a New Zealand working holiday visa before

Obtaining a New Zealand working holiday visa will allow you to:

  • Stay for up to 36 months
  • Work in New Zealand (but not accept a permanent job offer)
  • Study one or more courses for a maximum of 6 months

Global Work and Travel are the leaders in working holidays and they have provided a reliable solution to 90,000 traveller’s dreams when living and working abroad. The company has a user-friendly website where you can explore everything you need to know about applying for a New Zealand working holiday visa. Global Work and Travel is dedicated to matching you to a job before you even touch down in New Zealand, giving you the best opportunity to get on your feet and fast!

Find out more about New Zealand’s working holiday visa by visiting the official NZ government website here


USA Hotel Professional 

With 11 temporary worker visa categories when looking at working holiday visas for America, it’s hard to know where to start! The exchange visitor visa (J) will be the best option if you’re looking to take on roles such as au pair or camp counsellor, or if you’re a student at college or university. UK citizens can apply for an exchange visitor visa providing the following requirements are met:

  • Travellers need to have a valid passport
  • Aged between 18 – 30 for J-1 visa
  • Have one 5 x 5 cm (2” by 2”) colour photograph taken in the last six months
  • Apply for a non-immigrant visa
  • Schedule an interview
  • Obtain Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status, Form DS-2019 and Training/Internship Placement Plan, Form DS-7002
  • Hold the receipt number of the approved petition
  • Declare any convictions
  • Declare any medical conditions
  • Declare if you have previously been denied entry to the US
  • Pay any visa fees

Obtaining an American working holiday visa will allow you to:

  • The J-1 visa allows travellers to work in a pre-arranged job for up to four months
  • Travel for 30 days at the end of the program for J-1 visa holders
  • The length of time a J-1 visa will last depends on the program you’re taking part in but this is usually a 12-month period.

The American working holiday visa can be complicated to understand as there are so many visa types available, each with varied requirements and results. Global Work and Travel can help secure you a guaranteed paid internship, obtain a J-1 visa, and also provide support when searching for flights, travel, accommodation, and insurance for your trip to the US.

Find out more about America’s temporary worker visas by visiting the official US government website here

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South Korea

It’s possible to find everything from unique culture and experiences to energetic nightlife and delicious cuisine in South Korea. For a longer window of travel in South Korea, UK citizens can apply for an H-1 working holiday program visa, as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Travellers need to have a valid passport
  • Aged between 18 – 30
  • Enter South Korea within 3 months of visa being issued
  • Be unaccompanied by dependants
  • Hold a completed application form with a valid photograph
  • Proof of return flight
  • Proof of bank statement for the last 3 months showing £1,500
  • Completed form of Activity Plan
  • Criminal background check
  • Medical certificate
  • Pay any visa fees

Obtaining a South Korean working holiday visa will allow you to:

  • Stay for up to 1 year
  • Work for 25 hours/week
  • Travellers can take a class at a private school or language course but cannot take a regular degree course at University  

Travellers can get ahead of the game when applying for a South Korean working holiday visa by booking with Global Work and Travel. The company arranges interviews with South Korean companies before you fly or during orientation, and has the largest network of partner companies so you won’t have any concerns over getting a job to support your travels. Talk to other travellers heading to Korea by using the gWorld app so you can make friends even before you’ve landed!

Find out more about South Korea’s working holiday visa by visiting the official website for the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the UK here


Working holiday visas for UK citizens are a gateway for long-term travel where you can finance the entirety of your trip, whilst gaining valuable experiences. Have you ever used a working holiday visa to travel a country? If so, where did you go and how did you find your time away?