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It feels great to be back to blogging and even more so to be sharing such a fab ethical jewellery UK brand. My regular readers will know how important sustainability and making ethical choices is to me. From our food, to travel and even fashion. Nobody is perfect, I’m certainly still a work in progress. But as part of my work as an On a Mission charity ambassador, I really want to support brands that are making an impact and offering us sustainable choices we can trust.

Now I have an exciting opportunity for you to win your choice of gorgeous boho jewellery from Life Less Ordinary. Match my style and pick out the bracelets that mean the most to you. You can even have them engraved with words and co-ordinates that mean the most to you. Read on to the bottom of this post to find out how you could win!

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Who are Life Less Ordinary?

Life Less Ordinary is a UK ethical jewellery brand with a great message. Set up by Brighton couple, Aimee and Joseph Cooke, the brand was inspired by travel and a longing to live differently, and with purpose. It’s a brand that completely aligns with my own values. That’s why I’m so proud to share them with you, and to be working with them.

Because we both love to travel, we have tried to see as much of the world as possible. On our travels we have met some incredible individuals and been inspired to take some weird and wonderful adventures. These experiences were part of what formed the idea for Life Less Ordinary. We met people who had started charities. People who had fled from terrible lives and were now safe and happy. Some who were saving elephants. Others who had given up stable jobs to go out into the wild and see where life took them.

– Aimee & Joseph Cooke

Perhaps you’ll start to see a real connection between their values and my own at this stage. The couple sold their house, quit their jobs and decided to see where life took them. Deciding to give up everything at home to travel the world was a huge turning point in my life. I can really identify with how it changes a person, and their values. It opens our eyes to the world around us and shows us that we need to be the good in the world. That we must do all we can to protect our world.

Boho jewellery, Life Less Ordinary

Why choose ethical jewellery from the UK?

While their original idea may have come to them while on the bus, it’s an idea that quickly took flight around the world. It was the couple’s travels that inspired them to keep charity at the heart of all they do, and to support their chosen charities by creating ethical, fair trade and cruelty-free products. Now their cotton bags are fair trade, the tagua nuts they use are cruelty free and even their business cards are made from recycled T shirts!

The couple create boho travel bracelets and donate 10% of the sales of each one to their chosen charities each quarter. They are currently supporting the following 3 charities:

  • Indigo Volunteers works with humanitarian projects that serve people in impoverished communities and refugee camps. They’re the world’s first global totally fee-free volunteering organisation.
  • ‘RESERVA’ Youth Land Trust which creates youth-funded nature reserves to protect biodiversity, fight climate change. They also work to elevate the status of young people as environmental change-makers. They educate youth around the world on the importance of habitat and biodiversity and empower them with this platform for action.
  • One World Projects strives to reduce poverty, restore balance in nature, and promote peace. They do this by giving artisans worldwide a chance to earn fair wages and improve their lives. They go above and beyond Fair Trade by offering Compassionate Trade.

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Pick your own sustainable boho style bracelets

The bracelets come in a range of gorgeous styles to suit every traveller. Choose from the Reserva Collection to protect a classroom-sized area of the Chocó Rainforest in Ecuador. This site is home to iconic species such as the Ocelot and the Two-toed sloth, and also to a number of critically endangered species of monkeys, frogs and birds. You can personalise the front and back of the bracelets with a message or name. And the bracelets are made with tagua seeds which are also known as vegetable ivory and grow on palms in Ecuador. Even better, the materials are super durable and won’t damage easily, perfect for if you’re living an action-packed travel life!

You will see the bracelets I picked out in the images in this post, if you would also like to have these bracelets, they are listed as the following:

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Mermaid vibes

For each of these bracelets, you can choose the colour of the handcrafted band and in some cases you can combine the colours. You can also have a personalised message engraved on the back, I chose the following three words to be engraved on mine:

  • Dérive – a spontaneous and unplanned journey where you are guided by the landscape
  • Solivagant – a solitary wanderer. A person who revels in the act of wandering alone–preferably in destinations and locations they have not previously visited.
  • Trust your journey – a reminder to always follow the signs and trust in your instincts.

These were all messages that really spoke to me and since putting these bracelets on, I haven’t taken them off. They’re great reminders that although my path may be different to that of others, that it’s the right path for me.

Win your own ethical jewellery UK from Life Less Ordinary


Okay now let’s get to the really fun bit! Here’s how you can WIN your own choice of bracelets! I have 4 opportunities to win – the winner will get their choice of favourite product from the store. And 3 runners up will get prizes of £10 each to shop online for their favourite products. Supporting a good cause and getting that gorgeous boho style – a perfect combination!

All you have to do is make sure you are following @absolutelylucy and @_life.less.ordinary_ on Instagram – and comment on today’s competition Insta post with one sustainable change you have made. Make sure you enter by May 1st, 2020, and I will reveal the winners on Instagram! This competition is only open to those living in the UK.

Good luck!

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