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The travel industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years, no longer do people want the standard package deals to stay at one hotel for two weeks every summer. Instead travellers are becoming more and more adventurous. They want excitement, they want to explore the world and see as much as possible. Whether that means throwing themselves into deepest Africa, exploring South America, or parts of Asia. But even when travelling short-haul to Europe, more travellers than ever are choosing multi-centre holidays. Instead of staying in one place, they prefer to visit several locations like when I combined Berlin, Budapest and Amsterdam in one trip. But why should you consider this for your next trip?

5 reasons to choose Europe for a multi-centre trip

You get to see so much more in less time

This is so important to those looking to make the most of their precious holiday time. We all just want to maximise our holidays, so why not do this by actually visiting more places and ticking them off your bucket list? There’s so many amazing historical sites across Europe, it seems a shame to stick to just one location! Instead why not spread your trip across various cities and visit more amazing places? Click here to find out more about Europe’s historical sites.

It’s cheaper

Instead of taking lots of smaller trips and having to pay for flights home each time – why not see if you can take a longer break? This way you can cram a lot more places into your trip and it will actually work out much cheaper overall than flying home each time.

It makes historical sense

If you’re a bit of a history buff – it could actually be fascinating to see different locations according to their history. For instance, why not visit Germany and stop in various places like Berlin, Munich and Hamburg in order to learn about their history surrounding the world wars? Or head to Malta and explore historical sights across Valetta and then venture over to Gozo and Comino?

It’s so diverse

Europe has so much to offer and each country is as different as the next. By simply boarding a short flight, you
could be enjoying Budapest’s famed ruin bars one night, and exploring the world’s oldest stone structures in Malta by lunchtime the next day. Don’t stop at just one country when you could tick off a few favourites.

There are so many ways to do it

You don’t just have to hop on a plane. You could combine locations in a multi-centre tour by taking the train, enjoying a cruise or even driving yourself. It’s a great way to see more of the country than just the city. You could even try daily private car hire or chauffeur to take you between destinations – plan your own itinerary with European Transfers and travel Europe. Available across most European countries, the company offers an English-speaking driver and spotless vehicles, giving you both freedom and comfort.

Have you ever had a multi-centre trip to Europe? Where would you like to go if you planned a multi-centre trip?

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