Blogs themselves are not enough to draw in an audience, they need promotion to do so. Yes, blogs, no matter how good or famous they, are nothing without the advertisement that promotes them. So, if you want to turn your blog into a business, then you need to be spending vast amounts of time, effort and money into making sure its advertisement is doing everything it needs to be doing.

And, when it comes to the spending of money on your blog’s advertisement, there are ways to stretch it. To see how you can stretch your blog’s advertising spend, make sure to read on.

Invest in PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of marketing where those that use it provide a payment to those that advertise for them every time one of their advertisements is clicked on, and you should most definitely be using it to drive traffic to your blog. You should be doing so because doing so, especially when done alongside a professional adwords agency, is the best way today to wield the Internet as an advertising tool. It is so because you would only be paying money upon results, the results being traffic arriving at your blog. It is so because your adverts would always be carefully targeted and only ever put in the exact place they need to be in order to find their way onto the screens of your target audience. So, if you want a marketing strategy for your blog that will bring you the biggest return on investment possible, then invest in PPC.

Use social media as a weapon, but do so carefully

Social media can and most certainly should be used as a weapon to advertise your blog, but if you want the money you spend on it to be stretched as far as it can go then you’re going to have to use this weapon with caution. And yes, before you ask, despite social media being free to use, advertising on it isn’t always necessarily so cheap!

When you come to using your social media platforms and handles in a bid to advertise your blog, make sure to be careful with what specific platform you are using. You see, when it comes to social media, one size does not fit at all, not in the slightest. Advertising campaigns that may work on Facebook, for instance, will not be so fruitful on Twitter because of the difference in their usage styles, the difference in the interactivity they induce and the difference in what demographics actually use them. So, make sure to pay careful attention to what social media site you are using and how you are advertising your blog upon it, because one wrong move could see you waste a lot of time and money on the venture.

Your blog deserves to be seen by as many people as possible, but it will be seen by this vast amount of people if you advertise and promote it properly. And, if you want to advertise it a lot and in many different places, then you’re going to have to stretch the fund you are working with to do so.

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