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Over the last decade, I’ve worked all over the world. But one thing that has allowed me to keep travelling and earning along the way was working as a digital nomad. I’ve worked as a journalist, a digital marketing manager and marketing manager, a travel blogger, social media influencer, a brand representative, in recruitment for smaller companies and in SEO. I’ve been either fully remote or a partially remote worker since long before flexible working became a thing, and I would never go back to full time in-office. I love being a digital nomad and having the flexibility to work in places and in ways that inspire my creativity. Here, I hope to inspire you and give you the tips you need to master this way of working.

Digital Nomads
& Freelancing

There are so many different ways to work online using your skills, it’s all about finding the one that you love and that gives you the freedom you crave. From selling digital products, to writing, social media, to coding and web design, customer service roles and many more. Check out these posts for inspiration for digital nomad roles, but also for advice on things you should know before becoming a freelancer or going self-employed.

Digital Nomads & Freelancing

Travel Blogging

Starting a travel blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s given me endless opportunities and become my passion in life. I love to create and capture travel memories, while inspiring others to seek their own. I get asked so many questions about how to get started in travel blogging, so I’ve put together these guides to help you get set up and start working with brands.

Travel Blogging

Living and Working Abroad

I’ve been lucky enough to live in several places around the world – Germany and Australia became my home for the longest and were completely different experiences. I’ve also spent shorter amounts of time living and working in Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, Guatemala and many more. Here I share what it’s really like to cope with a language barrier when you move abroad, the paperwork challenges you might face, visas and ways to make moving abroad easier, plus much more.

Living and Working Abroad

Studying while travelling

Travelling can provide you with a great opportunity to learn while you go – either via distance learning and online courses, or by taking part in a study abroad programme. There are lots of options, so check out these posts and more will be coming soon!
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Travel Resources

Ever wondered how I manage to snag SUCH great travel deals and save so much on accommodation, airfare and travel? my Travel Resources will give you access to all my favourite booking websites and all the best places to get travel essentials on a budget. My goal is to help you save money so you can spend more on your adventures once you arrive.
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Studying while travelling

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