I’m sure that we all have a reason to be grateful for the society and culture in which we live. After all, we all receive so much support from it, no matter how well off we may already be. And those that aren’t quite as lucky as us rightly get so much more out of society. So, why not give something back and try to raise some funds for a local charity?

There are lots of ways you can raise some cash for a charity. For instance, you might want to just give a generous one-off donation.  You could also take part in a personal challenge, such as a marathon, and try to encourage all of your friends and family to sponsor you. However, there is no better way to raise some money than by organising a large-scale fundraising event. Sure, you might need to get some of your friends onboard to help with all the planning and running of the event, but it will all be really worth it.

Not sure which kinds of events are worth it? Here are some fab ideas.

Cake Sale

If you want to get your family involved so that you can encourage your kids to be charitable, you might want to organise a bake sale. This is really easy to do and you don’t need to have much baking experience behind you to make a success of it. You just need to bake some cakes and cookies to sell. All of the funds you raise will go to the charity of your choice. This is great if your kids are of school age – you could see if their school wants to get involved! If you don’t have children, you might just want to bake some sweet treats and sell them at work. Don’t worry if you don’t make much money by doing this – after all, every little counts!


Charity Dinner

Charity dinners are very popular and often raise a huge amount of money. To host a dinner, you will need to book a restaurant or function room and catering company. You should then sell tickets to anyone who wants to attend. When you are considering how much to sell each ticket for, you should figure out how much your expenses are and ensure that the ticket price is enough to cover them while also leaving you with a nice little profit. You should also organise some after-dinner entertainment to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. You might want to book a singer or band for this.

Auction Of Promises

Just like a charity dinner, an auction of promises is another great formal event that will get all of your guests reaching deep into their pockets in aid of your charity of choice! For this, you need to find local businesses and individuals to donate gifts that you can sell at your auction. For instance, a local restaurant might want to give away a free dinner to two diners or a local spa hotel might offer up a treatment. These gifts will then go to the highest bidder on the night!


Charity Fair

For a fun day that the kids can enjoy just as much as the adults, you should think about planning a fair in aid of charity. There are lots of things you can have the fair. For instance, you could invite local independent businesses to have stalls so that they can sell their goods. They should then offer up a percentage of their profits to the charity that you are raising money for. It’s also a good idea to hire a marquee so that you can bring an outdoor display idea to fruition. You should see about hiring some fair rides as well, such as a big wheel, so and sell tickets for rides.

Supermarket Bag Packing

Have you ever seen anyone carrying out a bag-packing event at your local supermarket? This is when people volunteer to pack shoppers’ bags at the tills in aid of charity. Once the bags are all packed, the shopper donates a small amount of cash as a thank you. This is another great event to do if you want to involve your kids with your charitable efforts. In fact, the more people who help you, the merrier! It’s a good idea to hold your bag packing at a large supermarket as there will be more tills for you to man. Plus, they will get a lot more shoppers through their doors!


Arrange Your Own Run Event

I’ve already mentioned that there are lots of running events, such as marathons and half marathons, that you might want to enter. Don’t have one in your local area? Well, why not set up your own running event?! Some people also like to set up runs that aren’t quite as long – this is especially the case if there are only marathons available in your area. Some people will be put off with such a long race! So, you might want to just host a charitable 5k or 10k race. That way, people of all running abilities will be able to enter without too much pressure. It’s also a good idea to host a fun run alongside the main event so that young children can get involved as well. You should charge a fee to sign up for the races, and it’s also a good idea to encourage runners to try and get sponsorship money from their friends and family. It’s a good idea to talk to your local council before you do set up this kind of event. They will be able to let you know the best place for you to have the run, as they might have to close some roads for you.

There are plenty of great events you can organise in aid of a charity that is close to your heart. And, as a result, I’m sure that your local society and community will really benefit! Which event do you think you will host?