Everybody loves going on holiday: travelling to a tranquil and untarnished island, with shimmering seas and beautiful beaches. We all hope to get there and experience a week of ultimate relaxation without a care in the world. You don’t have to think about work or that annoying male in your life who isn’t texting you back. You can step into the sand and feel the soft warm grains sprinkle over your toes. You can dive into the crystal-clear sea and get your hair wet with the fresh salty water. You won’t feel bad about lying on a sun lounger and sipping your favourite fruity cocktail for seven days straight. This is the holiday goal we all want to reach. But before we can get there we have to get over the dreaded hurdle of packing. You’re bound to forget something, so you may as well stop caring now right? Wrong. Let’s make it super simple so you can glide your way to holiday happiness.

Perfect Protection

Heading to a country with hot climates and sizzling sunshine is a winning situation. But make sure you plan ahead and pack plenty of SPF to keep you protected from the resilient rays. Without adequate sunscreen you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation. Burnt shoulders, red noses and blushing cheeks aren’t the glowing features you were hoping to achieve. Make sure you choose a factor which is suited to your skin type. If you’re super sensitive you should opt for something a little more protective and make sure you test a little patch of skin first. It would be a disaster if you suffered from an allergic reaction to your cream whilst you were sunning yourself on the beach.

Sun cream isn’t the only way you can protect yourself. You can sport the latest styles whilst protecting yourself at the same time. Huge hats are all the rage at the moment, so treat yourself to some floppy and fabulous headwear and you’ll be rocking a celeb look in no time. When your head is exposed to the sun for extended periods of time you’ll be susceptible to sunstroke. Make sure you sit under a brolly or wear your lovely new hat in the heat of the midday sun. Spectacularly-sized sunglasses will also be your best friend this summer season. Keep your eyes safe from the bright sunshine and invest in a pair of protective glasses. There are tonnes of fabulous styles out there which will suit your fashion desires.

Image by: Tookapic

Classy Clothing

You want to look your best on the beach so kit yourself out with some fabulous couture and creative clothing. Have a look online at Anthony’s Ladies Apparel, they offer an abundance of amazing pieces that will satisfy your style needs. You need to kit yourself out with some dreamy daytime looks and show-stopping night time glam designs, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping around. Some sassy swimwear should also be at the top of your shopping list. You don’t want to forget your swimsuit when you’re going to be spending most of your time at the beach. A top tip for swimsuits is to keep it simple. There are so many stunning swimsuits out there, but many are a no-go if you want to get a smooth and even tan. Crazy straps and cut-outs might be a disaster if you’re sunbathing a lot, so keep that in mind!

Talk To Your Travel Buddy

Sit down get overly- organised with your best friend. A top space-saving tip would be to share lots of stuff with your travel companion. You might not always choose the same style of clothes, but there are so many ways to maximise on the space in your case. You’ll both want to use hair straighteners and a hair dryer so why not decide to take just one each in your suitcase. You can share your electricals easily and make your bag light as a feather. Save on space for souvenirs by cutting down on all the heavy makeup and sticky hair products. All you need is a sweep of mattifying powder and a lick of lip-gloss when you’re in hot climates. Tousle your hair into cute beach waves rather than setting with a tonne of hairspray too. Make this a holiday to go completely natural. Your hair and skin will thank you for the break.

Save your precious time and energy and take your holiday packing to the next level. You’ll have a super style, so much space and sparkling sun kissed skin to show from it!