With the next few months of my life undecided – I could be heading home to the UK for several months to work or I could be moving to Germany to live with my boyfriend – I can’t help thinking about where my next home will be. For those who are constantly travelling, sometimes the day dream is not of palm tree lined beaches or golden sands, but of having a space to call your own – a home to decorate as you please. If you fancy making some changes around the home but you don’t want to spend a fortune bringing in the professionals then why not take on the project yourself? Doing your own home improvements can be very satisfying as well as saving you money. If you are looking at taking on a home improvement project for the first time, then you are best starting off with a fairly small job.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

Upcycle wooden furniture – If you have some old chairs or a table that you think have seen their best days, think again. You could give them a refresh instead of buying new. Depending on the type of wood and the finish you would like, you can either sand them down and paint them a fresh new colour or simply add a varnish finish. The room will feel like you have made some big changes with minimal effort and minimal cost! You can even add some new seat covers to give chairs a completely new feel. There are probably loads of upcycling opportunities you can discover around the home.

Update your front area – Your front door and surrounding area is usually the first thing that people will see when they visit your house, so you probably want to make sure that it looks inviting. A new coat of paint on the front door, some new house numbers and maybe a potted plant or hanging basket could bring it to life. Finish the look off with a nice new doormat.

Refresh your staircase – Your staircase is a significant area of the house that often gets neglected as people spend more time on updating rooms. Refreshing your staircase is a great project that will leave a big impression. You can keep the project basic by just doing a repaint job, or for more of a challenge you could replace some staircase parts, perhaps introducing something like a pigs ear handrail. If you are bored of a carpeted staircase then why not pull it up and start again, maybe incorporating a wood finish?

Another way of renewing your staircase is to hang pictures or items up the wall, just make sure that they are well attached and will not easily be knocked off.

Visit charity shops – When you don’t want to spend money on new furniture, pay a visit to your local charity shops. You might be surprised at the kind of items that you can find, either for you to give a refresh or there could be furniture that is good to use. You could uncover some real hidden gems that add character to your home. You might also come across some interesting pictures and ornaments in charity shops.

Spruce up your cupboards – Your kitchen or bathroom cupboards can easily be refreshed with a new coat of paint and some new handles. Or you could replace your cupboard doors for a real transformation but without the cost of fully replacing your entire cupboards. This is a relatively cheap way to transform your kitchen without making wholesale changes. You can pick up a new set of handles for next to nothing and they can make a huge difference to the appearance of your cupboards.

Accessorise – You can leave the tools in the cupboard for this one. Simply buy some accessories to liven the house up a little bit. A throw and cushions for the settee, a rug as a centre point for your living room or maybe a mirror to hang above the fireplace. A few low-cost, small additions could make your room feel rejuvenated.