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Out of all the travels and life experiences, none has been as challenging as navigating the relationships in my life. From coping with loneliness as a solo female traveller and maintaining friendships while travelling the world, to coping with domestic violence and breaking up long-term relationships to travel. It’s never easy no matter what your situation but here I share my experiences in their rawest form, plus check out my posts on celebrating single life.

Travelling relationship & coping with loneliness

One of the biggest questions I get is whether solo female travel is lonely? I always answer that I felt lonelier in a relationship, surrounded by friends and family pre-travel than I ever did once I left. Travelling solo doesn’t have to mean being alone, but you’ll never avoid loneliness entirely. It’s about becoming comfortable in yourself, learning to manage those feelings and to fill up your cup and build lasting friendships and relationships. Check out these posts on relationships and travelling:
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Travelling relationship & coping with loneliness

Solo Female Travel

Do you dream of solo female travel? Click here for everything you need to know before a first solo trip, plus tips and advice from a solo traveller of 7+ years.
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Celebrating Single Life

I spent a lot of my twenties single and travelling the world solo – it was honestly one of the best times in my life. Breaking up my nine-year relationship to rediscover myself was still one of my best decisions. I believe every woman should spend time single and getting to know herself. For its only once we build that relationship with ourselves that we can really give to others.
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Travel Resources

Ever wondered how I manage to snag SUCH great travel deals and save so much on accommodation, airfare and travel? my Travel Resources will give you access to all my favourite booking websites and all the best places to get travel essentials on a budget. My goal is to help you save money so you can spend more on your adventures once you arrive.
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Celebrating Single Life

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