Whether you live on the road full time, or you tend to use your camper van for weekend trips only, carrying van life essentials on board is a must! These products will make your time spent on the open road easier and more secure. You can then focus more of your energy on making memories and less time wishing you invested more in certain products or pieces of equipment. 

So, what are my top picks for the 10 van life essentials you need for your campervan?

My top 10 van life essentials you need for your campervan are a Bluetooth radio, preferably with a satnav and rear view parking camera, solar-powered portable power source, fridge, portable firepit, folding BBQ, portable rechargeable shower, Omnia Oven, Ridge Monkey, fuel jerry can, and storage cargo nets.

It’s possible to van life without these products, but from my time living in my home on wheels, I have found these to be extremely beneficial from increasing my power to making cooking in a small space a breeze. 

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10 Van Life Essentials You Need For Your Campervan 

When I first dived head-first into life on the road, I didn’t know what to expect and I certainly didn’t give much thought to the more obscure things I might need. Life is a journey, and we gain an abundance of knowledge from what we experience. My list of 10 van life essentials will unlock an easier and more enjoyable time for you and your loved ones in your campervan.

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1. Bluetooth Radio/Satnav/Rear View Parking Camera

A Bluetooth radio is an absolute must-buy, and finding one with an integrated satnav system and rear-view parking camera means getting the whole package. Creating a cosy, functional space is great, but having a reliable navigation system will enhance your driving experience, making long and short journeys a breeze – especially when you’re manoeuvring a long-wheelbase van or bus! 

Find out more information and read the latest reviews about my top pick by clicking here

2. Solar Powered Portable Power Source

Those living full-time on the road, or with high-energy appliances usually have a solar power system built into their campervan. This is a game-changer on sunny days, as the energy from the sun’s rays can be harnessed and used to charge up your batteries. On cloudy, winter days, however, achieving decent solar can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re unable to tilt the panels in the direction of the sun. 

Having a portable power source on board can be a saviour on days when you need to use electricity in your camper but the sun isn’t playing ball! This Bluetti solar-powered generator is robust, reliable, and comes with a panel able to be placed in the perfect position for ultimate sun exposure. It’s an irreplaceable product for longer trips and remote working from a campervan.

You can learn more about this power system by clicking here.

3. Fridge

One of the most common questions van lifers get asked about is how to keep food fresh. Provided you have an electrical system able to support the power draw of a fridge, this is a van life essential worth investing in. The ability to keep food fresh for prolonged periods means you can travel to more remote parts of the country, away from supermarkets and amenities as food can last a substantial amount of time.

My fridge recommendation is from the brand Dometic, and you can find out more by clicking here.

4. Portable Firepit

Nothing says camping like a night around a fire with friends, toasting marshmallows and laughing over silly stories. For optimal safety and protection for nature, it’s best to use a firepit to control a campfire. This helps reduce the risk of accidentally starting a fire and also minimises the chance of wildfires which sadly do happen in the UK. This firepit is strong enough to handle a decent-sized fire and can be folded and stored away in a small space which is good news for those in smaller campervans. 

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5. Folding BBQ

When the sun is beaming down, the smell of summer is dancing through the air, and you’re parked up at an idyllic spot, you might as well cook outside! There’s something so humbling about cooking and enjoying meals outside, and a folding BBQ is a van life essential that makes this so much easier. Stored in an attractive sunshine-coloured case, this BBQ takes up next to no room inside a campervan, and is a great tool, especially during warmer days. 

Find out more information and read the latest reviews by clicking here.

6. Portable Shower 

There will forever be an ongoing debate about whether it’s worth installing a shower in a campervan. Providing you have ample space to accommodate a shower, I think it’s a good idea, especially when travelling the UK in a camper as we have our fair amount of chilly days! 

Carrying a rechargeable, portable shower in your campervan is wise, particularly if you don’t have space for a shower inside your van. My top pick can be packed away small and is powerful enough to feel like a conventional shower. You simply need to submerge the pump in a bucket of warm water and off you go!

Explore more about this shower and read other travellers’ thoughts by clicking here.

7. Omnia Oven

The Omnia Oven is one of my most beloved van life essentials. If, like me, you don’t have a large kitchen fit with multiple hobs and an oven on board your campervan, it can be easy to feel stuck and restricted by what you can whip up in the kitchen. An Omnia Oven closely replicates the cooking process of an oven, all from one ring on the hob! Sweet bakes like cakes and brownies are no longer impossible, along with savoury delights like lasagne and cottage pie – an Omnia can handle it all.  

Learn more about what an Omnia Oven can offer you by clicking here.

8. Ridge Monkey 

Feeling inspired to cook in a small space isn’t always easy, but thankfully there are products available that can make things go far more smoothly in your tiny house kitchen. A Ridge Monkey is like a deep sandwich toaster pan, although it’s not limited to cheese toasties! In my Ridge Monkey, I’ve whipped up delicious omelettes, pancakes, lightly fried vegetables, cooked homemade burgers and so much more. Even in a small space, cooking healthy meals is vital for good health and nutrition, and the Ridge Monkey is something that helps make putting balanced meals together simple.

Discover further information, reviews, and find the latest price by clicking here.

9. Fuel Jerry Can

Unless you’re heading into the depths of the Scottish Highlands, petrol stations tend to be pretty accessible and frequent in the UK. This makes fuelling your campervan easy, but if you know you’re heading off the beaten track for some time, it’s worth carrying additional fuel on board as a safety measure. 

Read more about this jerrycan’s impressive capacity and leakproof construction by clicking here.

10. Storage Cargo Nets

Whether you’re adventuring in a long-wheelbase high-top campervan or a humble-sized Caddy, every inch of space matters! Building cupboards and drawers is essential for keeping belongings organised, but sometimes this doesn’t create enough room. Storage cargo nets are effective, easy-to-install space enhancers, providing additional areas to neatly store belongings.

See if these cargo nets are the storage solution you’ve been searching for by clicking here.