It’s that time of the year where many of us have already planned staycation. Christmas holidays brings many exciting things along with it like lots of shopping, setting off on long trips, meeting with loved ones and many more. Hence, it’s a busy driving season for a lot of people. Drivers should make sure that their vehicle is in good condition and tyres are fitted properly before setting off on long journey.  Here in this article, quick guide is explained to make your car’s tyres ready for Christmas.

Through checkup of Tyres 

Christmas brings a lot of gifts with it. If you are driving a heavily laden vehicle, then there will be a lot of stress on your tyres. Make sure to give a thorough check to your tyres before setting off on your journey. Keep an eye on tears, bubbles, cuts, and bulges in the sidewall. These can reduce the damage to the sidewall and helps to keep your journey hassle-free.

Check Tyre Pressure of your tyres 

It’s a vital thing to check your tyres pressure regularly. This key activity not only prolongs the life of tyres it also makes sure that you and your family are safe on road. Especially in winter, tyre inflation requires major attention due to strict weather conditions. It could cause a fatal accident if tyres are under-inflated and traveling at high speed at that time. So try to keep your tyres at optimal inflation level, and thoroughly check your tyre pressure before going on the long drive.

Check Tyre Tread 

It is as important to check tyre tread as tyre pressure of the vehicle. We think that it’s only breaks that make car to stop when necessary, but no, it is the grip of tyres. Tyres tread is the only part of a vehicle that makes contact with the road. Therefore it is necessary to keep them in good condition and according to the legal requirement. The legal limit is 1.6mm in the UK. 

To measure it, you can use the tread depth indicator. But, if you do not have this equipment available then simply grab a 20p coin and insert it in the tread grove. If the outer edge of the coin is visible, then it’s time for a tyre replacement. 

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