Before you hit the road on your next trip – don’t forget to check you have healthy tyres. Tyres are essential parts of a car since they ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. When not looked after properly, tyres can result in serious consequences including costly repairs and compromising the performance of your vehicle. Also, it can put you and other road users at risk of a road accident. Therefore, it is key to maintain your healthy tyres at all times. Here are five top tips you can use to keep your tyres in the best condition.

Regularly check the pressure

Tyre pressure can massively impact your car’s handling, braking, mileage and steering ability. Over or under-inflated tyres not only can increase fuel consumption but are more prone to wear and tear. It is crucial to regularly check your tyre pressure at least once per month including that of your spare tyre either at your local petrol station or using your pressure gauge.

Ensure there is enough tread

Tread depth ensures the overall safety of your car and enhances its performance in poor weather conditions. 1.6mm is the legal minimum tread depth, and it is illegal as well as dangerous to drive below this limit. Proper tread depth ensures good control and optimises the safety of your vehicle and ensures healthy tyres.

Align and balance the wheels

Incorrectly aligned tyres can not only result in uneven tyres but can make them more susceptible to damage. Balancing your tyres ensures that they evenly get worn, to get things properly checked it is worth visiting a garage.

Check for damage

It is essential to check your tyres for any signs of damage such as cuts, bulges or puncture marks. In order to buy tyres online in Fife, you can get in touch with Fife Autocentre. Having your tyres checked by a professional can help you identify damages that can go unnoticed.

Maintain good driving habits

Practising good driving habits is the key to ensuring that your tyres are in the best condition at all times. Avoid excessive acceleration or braking, which are terrible for your tyres.