A visit to Germany’s Black Forest wouldn’t be complete without exploring Triberg Waterfalls – one of the country’s finest natural sights. It’s famously known as Germany’s highest waterfall. This isn’t actually true, it is just the most accessible while Röthbach Waterfall is highest. But that doesn’t take away from the charm of Triberg Wasserfall. A place of myths and legends that inspired fairy tales and folklore. The Black Forest is like the place time stood still. Expect thatched roofs, quaint little cottages, cuckoo clock shops and best of all, stunning waterfalls. Because let’s be honest, who ever actually listened to advice by TLC?

I first remember seeing pics of Triberg Waterfalls on this post by the Travelista and knew I just had to find a way to squeeze it into my Europe road trip. We may have only had a day to drive through the Black Forest and stop at Triberg Waterfalls – but we made it count! Because no matter how much time you have, this magical part of Germany is well worth a visit. Just have a look at the photos in this post if you don’t believe me!

Triberg, Black Forest

How to get there and where to stay?

I had spent the previous afternoon in nearby Basel, Switzerland, and that night over the border near Mulhouse in France, where we stayed at a campsite. This worked perfectly for us as it was around a 90 minute drive to Triberg through some of the most beautiful countryside. If you’re flying in to Germany, it’s easiest to arrive at Stuttgart and hire a car for the 90 minute drive. Or those traveling from Munich face a 3.5 hour journey. It’s also easily accessed from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The best way to travel to the Black Forest is to hire a car and explore independently, or there are also tours available. You can also access the area by train, with most journeys from Frankfurt or Stuttgart ranging from 3.5-5 hours.

Depending on what time of year you are visiting – it may affect where you stay. During summer, it’s peak season for visitors and accommodation may become very expensive and booked up, so best to book in advance. You could also consider camping or hiring a motor-home to give you more flexibility. You can check out this Culture Trip article for tips on the best spots to visit, it’s worth looking for accommodation in these areas, or nearby.

Triber Waterfalls and Absolutely Lucy

Tickets and planning your visit

Admission prices for Triberg Waterfalls varies depending on whether you visit in summer or winter. You can check the most up-to-date pricing on this website. When we visited in the €5 per adult and was worth the cost. You can buy the tickets when you arrive and despite it being busy when we arrived, there was no wait to get in.

It’s worth planning the time you will arrive so that you are at the falls early or for the last hour before they close. There will be less tourists at these times if you like to avoid the crowds. However, the crowds here – even in peak season – were nothing compared to those at Neuschwanstein Castle – watch out for my upcoming blog post.

Absolutely Lucy at waterfalls

Exploring Triberg Waterfalls

Water cascading down the 163m high waterfalls creates an almighty roar as visitors are faced with a true natural beauty. The seven-level waterfall originates with the river Gutach and creates a dramatic sight. Even more so after heavy rainfall, or during the winter. Starting with a winding path, visitors make their way into the first section of the falls to find a beautiful sight. Lush green forest surrounding them at every turn. Crystal clear waters gushing down the falls and birdsong among the trees.

I do have to stress, this is one of the most touristy parts of Germany outside the cities. So do be prepared – especially if you visit in summer – there will be a lots of visitors. While it was busy and the town of Triberg was overrun by tourists – it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was still lovely to walk around and explore. Particularly as everyone was there to appreciate the stunning nature. I do recommend getting there early in the morning to avoid the busloads of tourists who come later in the day.

Fairytale forest

Hiking at Triberg Waterfalls

What I loved the most when visiting the falls was the hiking available there. Despite it being 30 degrees when we visited, it was cool and shady as we hiked up to the top of the falls and explored the woodlands barefoot. It was stunning and a fairly easy hike that anyone could manage unless seriously unfit. This hike also joins another path at the top which takes walkers on an easy 2.3km hike around the town, past the church and towards the lake. It’s suitable for all ages and you can find full directions here, plus there are lots of other great hikes available for all abilities.

Absolutely Lucy at the waterfalls

Visiting the town of Triberg

The town of Triberg looks like something out of Disney – Gepetto could have lived in one of the cottages. It’s magical and, while touristy, it has a certain charm about it. Don’t miss a look around the famous cuckoo clock shop for more cuckoo clocks than you can imagine, of all shapes and sizes. And of course, it wouldn’t be a visit to the Black Forest without stopping for some Black Forest cake!

Sunlight through the trees at waterfall

Have you been to the Black Forest? What did you think of Triberg Waterfalls?

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