When I say the words “adventure travel”, I bet the first place that comes to mind isn’t Slovenia. And yet, this central European gem is packed with an incredible variety of outdoor and thrill-seeking activities designed to get your pulse racing. I recently visited Lake Bled, a destination so perfectly beautiful that it could have inspired fairytales of yore. But what excited me even more was the Slovenian town’s daring side and the amazing choice of Lake Bled activities awaiting adventure travellers. Yes, you could visit Lake Bled for a relaxing break – but why? When you could get your heart rate up and try a really unique experience to make your trip forever live in your memories.

Planning a visit to Lake Bled? Here’s where you can find:


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13 Best Lake Bled Activities For Adventure Travellers:

1. Full-Day Underground Kayaking in an Abandoned Mine

Yes that’s right – a full day trip of underground kayaking through an underground mine – are you brave enough? I haven’t come across adventure activities quite like this one in all of my travels so it’s a completely unique adventure travel experience. Explore the abandoned mines near Lake Bled with only a headlight to light your way. This eight hour underground adventure starts as you descend into the mine on an original old mining train, then there’s a short hike down some steep stairs. You’ll spend the next few hours exploring the mine, paddling through on your kayak and hiking through the depths of this underground world. Pretty cool right?! >> BOOK UNDERGROUND KAYAKING AT LAKE BLED

2. The Longest Zipline in Europe

If your knees don’t start knocking at the mention of heights, the longest zipline in Europe is a must when visiting Lake Bled. Adventure seekers will love the combination of stunning birds-eye views of the Sava River with the adrenaline rush of descending through the Slovenian forest across seven different zipline cables. The whole experience lasts around 2.5 hours and takes you through the beautiful alpine area of meadows and valleys.

Zipline Dolinka in Bled is located in the Sava River Valley nature reserve and is protected under the Natura 2000 European network. You will travel 4km along seven steel cables between aerial platforms with breathtaking views between Lake Bled and Vrba village, on the edge of Triglav National Park and with incredible views of the Julian Alps.

3. Summer Tobogganing & Chair Lift at Straža

What goes up, must come down and wow what a ride the summer tobogganing is in Lake Bled. With amazing views across the lake and surrounding mountains to Bled Castle, it’s worth taking the chair lift up for these alone. Feeling daring? Catch the chair lift up to Straža Bled from spring to autumn and you will be able to take a ride on the sledding track. Reaching speeds of up to 40kmph – this one isn’t for the faint of heart and will give you the rush you’ve been craving. 

4. Canyoning in the Bohinj Valley

If that’s not thrill-seeking enough to satisfy you, why not head to the pristine wilderness of the Bohinj Valley for a few hours of canyoning with OUTdoor Slovenia. This 3.5 hour canyoning tour will see you hiking through the lush, green forests, rappelling down rocks, jumping through waterfalls, climbing the canyon walls and swimming in pools of fresh mountain water. Sounds fun right? Of course, you will have an expert guide with you on the trip but that won’t take the edge off this daring trip through the breathtaking countryside surrounding Lake Bled. One of the best adventure activities for adventure travellers visiting Lake Bled. >> BOOK CANYONING IN LAKE BLED NOW

5. Sava River Rafting Experience

Prefer to stay afloat? Perhaps you’ll enjoy a day on the beautiful Sava Dolinka River taking on the rapids with a River Rafting Experience from Sava Rafting Bled. Work as part of a team with your crew for the day as you paddle down the racing rapids and cling on to the boat. The scenery is incredible so don’t forget to take it in while taking on the river’s current. A short stop halfway and you get the opportunity to swim with the river’s current with time for a group photo. Before continuing on to see where the Sava Dolinka River merges with the Sava Bohinjka before floating towards the end of the trip. >> BOOK RIVER RAFTING NEAR LAKE BLED

6. Rock Climbing near Lake Bled

This gorgeous mountainous part of Slovenia provides a great hub for rock climbers of all abilities who are eager for a rock climbing challenge. For those craving adventure activities in Lake Bled, this one is perfect as it’s just five minutes drive from the centre. You visit a nearby village that is well known for rock climbing fields, and climb with the very best. Get your kicks as you hang high on the vertical wall and experience panoramic views of the beautiful scenery. >> BOOK ROCK CLIMBING IN LAKE BLED

7. Clear Kayaking & Paddle Boarding on Lake Bled

This is an adventure activity you won’t want to miss – spending time on Lake Bled. There are so many ways to do this that are more relaxing, but personally I love a physical challenge and something a bit different. I tried clear kayaking on Lake Bled at sunset and can’t recommend it enough >> WATCH MY VIDEO HERE. It was a magical twilight experience to witness the sunset over Bled Castle while we kayaked around the lake at dusk and saw the city of Bled light up against a backdrop of the Julian Alps. The clear kayaks are illuminated underneath so you can also spot fish swimming below you. >> BOOK CLEAR KAYAKING ON LAKE BLED

If you prefer paddleboarding, you can also enjoy a guided SUP tour of Lake Bled where you’ll gain local insights from the guide, while testing out your balance and trying yoga poses as you cruise around the lake. >>BOOK PADDLEBOARDING ON LAKE BLED

seven lakes valley hike in triglav national park in the julian alps, near lake bled

8. Mountain Biking in Slovenia

Hire Austrian MTV mountain bikes for a budget-friendly way to adventure around Lake Bled in Slovenia. If you’re searching for an adrenaline rush but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is great as bike hire starts from £21.13. Use a map of the area to explore independently and enjoy the scenery as you cycle through Lake Bled and the Julian Alps. >> BOOK MOUNTAIN BIKING IN SLOVENIA

9. Quad Biking Adventures in Lake Bled

Head off the beaten track as you explore Slovenia’s rugged landscapes and wild vistas by quad bike. Accompanied by expert tour guides with amazing stories about the local area, you will weave through the dense forests and winding trails to secluded waterfalls and panoramic viewpoints. Discover hidden gems along the way as you ride the ATVs around Lake Bled. >> BOOK QUAD BIKING IN LAKE BLED

10. Mountain Hikes in Triglav National Park

Of course, when visiting Lake Bled you have the incredible back garden of Triglav National Park with endless hikes, climbs and adventures to be had. If you’re looking for adventure activities in Lake Bled, this is a great place to find them. I took on the Seven Lakes Valley Day Hike through the Julian Alps and WOW it was incredible! >> WATCH MY VIDEO HERE. There are also lots of other great trails including hut-to-hut multi-day hikes such as the 2-day Triglav Summit Trail (Krma Valley trail) that leads you to the summit of Mount Triglav, as well as lots of smaller hikes including Vintgar Gorge >> WATCH MY VIDEO HERE.

11. Cold Water Dips & Wild Swimming

For those who are after a calmer but exhilarating adventure activity in Lake Bled, how about trying a bit of cold water swimming either in Lake Bled, or at one of the nearby waterfalls or lakes in Triglav National Park? That fresh mountain water will shock you awake and leave you feeling refreshed and revived all year round as you try wild swimming in this beautiful, mountainous region. Just be sure to check before you swim that it is allowed in your location – there are normally signs up indicating no-swim areas due to boats or potential dangers.

12. Skiing & Snowboarding

Of course Lake Bled also has an adventurous side during the winter months, so if you are a keen skiier or snowboarder, it’s a great place to explore. Not only is the scenery beautiful during these snowier months, but you can still get your kicks thrill-seekers. Bled is not a classic winter sports centre, but the Straža ski slope is just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of town and offers an incredible view of the city of Bled with its castle and lake. The ski slope is well lit for night skiing and they offer ski school, equipment hire and even a snow park for children.

13. Bled Adventure Park

If you’re looking for family friendly adventure activities near Lake Bled, why not visit Bled Adventure Park? Located at the top of Straza Hill (near the summer tobogganning & chair lift), this aerial adventure park is home to series of unique challenges suitable for all ages. It has eight different courses set high up in the tree canopies. Unfortunately Bled Adventure Park was “permanently closed” at the time of writing this article – however I have heard great things and it is worth checking to see if it has reopened.