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Have you ever looked at a mini cruise holiday and wondered whether it was for you? For many years I’ve been eyeing up various cruise options and always questioned whether I would enjoy a trip or now. Plagued with seasickness and ideas of what a cruise was like, it was easy for me to brush the notion aside. But if I’m being really honest with myself, I had this whole idea of what a cruise was like with no real experience to back it up. So I’ve teamed up with Cruise and Maritime Voyages to share what cruise life is really all about. And for those who still aren’t sure whether cruises are really for them – don’t worry! I’ve got a much better option to help you test the waters before committing to a 3 week cruise.

Whether you’re running short on time, funds or simply don’t want to dive straight into a full cruise, a mini cruise could be the perfect option for you. Save yourself the stresses of going to the airport and dealing with luggage restrictions, cut down on the holiday planning time and keep the kids happy. Choose the holiday you really want, to fit in with your budget and your timescale.

Absolutely Lucy on a mini cruise

10 reasons why you should choose a mini cruise as your next trip

First-time cruisers

Always wanted to try a cruise but didn’t want to commit to weeks on a ship? Booking a mini cruise break for a weekend is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and see whether you like it! For first-time cruisers, you get the chance to test your sea legs without facing a long stint at sea. Set aside any fears or nerves you may have over a big cruise by taking a practice run on a mini cruise break.

All the luxury while sticking to your budget

One thing that can put travellers off a full cruise is the cost of travelling all-inclusive for several weeks. But booking a mini cruise break can see prices starting as low as £49pp for a one night cruise. With lots of cheap deals available for cruises across Europe and the UK, it could be a great way to save on accommodation and stick to your budget. Book cheap weekend or mid-week cruises – on average these start at around £100 for 2-4 night cruises. This includes your accommodation, delicious restaurant meals and top-class entertainment, plus a chance to visit some top destinations.

You’re worried about feeling seasick

Something that has always worried me about signing up for a longer cruise is seasickness – once you’re on the boat it’s a little too late to do anything about it. But a mini cruise could be the perfect option for you. The combination of shorter travel time and closer proximity of the different ports means avoiding the biggest sea swells and the roughest of waters. While you may still fall victim to bad weather, generally you stand the best chance of avoiding seasickness. If in doubt, always come prepared with seasickness tablets.

Mini cruise with Broads Boat Tours, Norfolk Broads

A unique way to travel Europe

Always fancied exploring the UK, France, the Channel Islands, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands but wanted to do something a bit different to the average city break? See the cities and countries you’ve always dreamed of visiting but experience them from the waterways. Choose between a mini cruise that stops off for expert-led shore excursions or simply enjoy the view from the boat. Get a taste of European life and there’s no doubt you’ll want to go back for more.

Avoid the hassle of airports and arrive feeling relaxed

Don’t spend your pre-holiday time worrying about baggage restrictions and making sure your liquids are under 100mls. Forget lugging around a heavy suitcase or getting stuck in the lines at customs. By choosing a mini cruise, you also give yourself the option of bringing back bottles of wine or foodie items you pick up on your travels. No chance of watching security throw away your precious purchases on the way home.

Go stress-free when planning your mini cruise

Booking a European city break can take a lot of organising, especially when you’re planning for the whole family. So why not skip the stress of booking flights, hotels and transfers separately? Instead, save your precious time and energy for enjoying a mini cruise where everything is provided. Right down to the evening’s dinner and entertainment – leave the big decisions to the staff while you sit back and relax in your home from home.

Absolutely Lucy enjoys mini cruise

Cram a lot into a short trip

Whether you’re bored of the same old city breaks, or haven’t yet had a chance to explore – a mini cruise is a great way to shake things up! Whether it means getting seeing the same places from a new perspective or getting to visit several destinations in one short trip. If you’re short on time but want to make the most of a short holiday, this could be a great way to incorporate visits to all of your favourite cities. Why not combine Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam for a Netherlands’ adventure?

Travel all year round – try a winter cruise

Who said cruises are just a summer holiday idea? They can also be a great way to get away when the weather starts getting colder. Many of the locations on offer also host some of the best Christmas markets. You could visit Germany and Amsterdam for the annual festivities. Why not plan a romantic getaway with that special someone? Enjoy all the Glühwein and bratwurst you can eat.

You’re travelling with children

Organising a trip with kids can be a challenge for keeping everyone happy and entertained 24/7. Booking a mini cruise could be the answer to all your problems. From being able to bring along as much luggage as you need. To having onboard restaurants that cater for even the fussiest eaters. While there may be the added cost of bringing kids along. Remember these costs will cover all your meals and accommodation. They could even include creche services and kid’s club to keep the little ones entertained while you relax.

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Choose the kind of holiday you want

If you want to relax in the spa, or plan days off the ship as you explore a new location. It’s your choice. You can keep yourself busy with shows and live entertainment. Enjoy fine dining or take a dip in the pool depending on which cruise you choose. Decide how you want to spend your holiday and your cruise will cater for your every need.

Whether I’ve persuaded you or not – it’s yet another unique way to travel and a great way to have a relaxing trip on a budget. It’s definitely something I’ll be considering for future trips, particularly for a European adventure.

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Have you been on a mini cruise? Would you like to experience one in future?

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