Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is one of the most underrated parts of the world I have visited. Despite having some of the most beautiful, untouched countryside and epic hiking and views, barely anyone seems to have been there!

I’ve loved exploring parts of Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and most recently, Romania, over the years. Some of my favourite European trips have been exploring the eastern part of the continent.

Eastern Europe adventures in Slovenia

Slovenia was a dream – I stayed out in the countryside on the border with Croatia as part of a press visit. While I was only there for a week, it was more than enough to give me a great taste of what the country has to offer and to know I would be back.

A week of swimming in rivers, hiking to viewpoints, kayaking, tasting amazing local food and drink including river fish delicacies and local gins.

City breaks in Budapest and Prague

I spent time visiting both Budapest and Prague and loved both cities, so much that they are some of my favourites in the whole of Europe. Budapest was a solo trip and was an epic few days of sunshine-filled spas, ruin bars and exploring the city on foot.

Prague was an epic weekend of palaces, churches, bridges, delicious treats and of course a pirate rum bar on the river. I also loved driving across the Czech Republic and seeing the tiny villages and castles we came across as we drove towards Austria.

Let’s talk Romania

Finally, Romania – a country that really stole my heart. Read my city guide for Bucharest and find out all you need to know before you visit, plus enjoy my guide to the most instagrammable spots to take photos! It’s such an amazing international city and a great one for solo travelling!

But don’t forget to leave the city and visit Bran Castle – I stayed nearby while taking part in a programme teaching English abroad. There’s so much more to see in Romania and I’ll definitely be going back for a road trip in the future.