Planning a first-time visit to a new city can be tricky, but lucky for you guys – I've done the research and found 30 awesome things to do in Prague! One of my favourite European cities, I was so excited to finally get to visit and see this beautiful place with my own eyes. From those famous bridges to the gorgeous winding streets between the busy squares. A visit to Prague is like stepping back in time to a fairy tale city of red-tiled roofs and those green copper towers to a time of princes and princesses. But it's more than just storybook inspiration – Prague is also a seriously cool city with some epic things to do when you visit. Check out my list for ideas of things to do in Prague on your first, second or even third visit!

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30 AMAZING things to do in Prague on your first visit

Visit Prague Castle

The city's most popular attraction – Prague Castle is breathtaking and a perfect place to spend the afternoon exploring. Tours are available and your ticket will also include access to visit other famous buildings including the cathedral, basilica and Golden Lane.

Walk Charles Bridge

It wouldn't be a visit to Prague without a stroll along Charles Bridge and best of all, it's free! A great way to get a feel for the city, enjoy river views and endless entertainment. This 14th century bridge is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, so naturally expect it to be busy!

Marvel at St Vitus Cathedral

Found upon entry to the castle grounds, St Vitus Cathedral is magnificent and overwhelms the courtyard in which it stands. Amazingly the building only dates back to 1929 and the art nouveau style, but feels like it could be hundreds of years old.

Check the time at Prague Astronomical Clock

Head to Old Town Square on the hour to see this mechanical masterpiece strike. Prague's Astronomical Clock is the pride of the city and sits on the wall of the town hall. More than just a ticking clock, onlookers should prepare a show on the hour.

Classic Prague streets and cars

Watch street performers at Old Town Square

This lively heart of the city is overlooked by Prague Town Hall and welcomes crowds of visitors every day. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, it's also the perfect place to find street performers from singers and musicians, to comedians and even magicians.

Relax at a beer spa

Bathe in the finest Czech beer at the original beer spa – Pivní Lázně Spa Beerland – one of many beer bath experiences across the city. Relax in 1,000 litre oak hot tubs filled with beer while drinking as much beer as you want and eating homemade beer bread. Read about the ultimate beer-lovers experience in this blog post.

Indulge in a Trdelník

It turns out the traditional Czech chimney cake isn't actually a traditional dessert for Prague! But that won't stop the masses of tourists for whom it was invented for. If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you. Enjoy a trdelník – a long strip of dough cooked into a spiral shape, then filled with cream, chocolate, nutella and even ice-cream!

Go see the Lennon Wall

Get creative and add to the graffiti-covered John Lennon Wall, a monument to peace and love hailing from the dark times of communism. Look a bit deeper to find images of John Lennon and his lyrics among the graffiti. Add your own message, but keep it meaningful and respectful to what is already there.

Visiting Prague Castle is one of many great things to do in Prague

Drink rum on a pirate ship

If you walk away from the city centre on the south riverbank of Charles Bridge and keep following the water, you'll find a Captain Morgan's pirate ship. Docked at the riverbank, it's actually a bar and a great place to spend the night, head downstairs to hit the dancefloor!

Explore the old Jewish ghetto

Nestled between the Old Town and the Vltava River, you can still find surviving parts of the former Jewish Ghetto dating back to the 13th century. Known as Josefov, you can still find six synagogues and various historical buildings in the area.

Spot Pinocchio in the puppet shops

Find out what's been pulling the strings on Prague's love affair with the marionette all these years as you walk the streets of the city. Check out the amazing puppet shops and pick out one to take home, or why not go to a puppet show at the National Marionette Theatre and see them in action?

Stroll along the Golden Lane and learn the legends of alchemy

This adorable little street in the castle grounds is actually a key part of the city's history. It was here that novelist Franz Kafka lived for a few years. But it was the fabled alchemists of yore that gave the street its name, with legends claiming this was where they sought to turn materials into gold.

Visit St Vitus Cathedral

Enjoy a traditional Czech feast

There are so many delicious things to try while in the city. From meat-heavy dishes including duck, stews with beef and lamb, pork cooked in beer, to the lighter pickled vegetable and pickled cheese dishes. Head down the side streets to get away from the touristy restaurants.

Spot the dangling tribute to Sigmund Freud

A sculpture that has been mistaken for a suicide attempt more than once. This dangling tribute is one to watch out for when wandering the Stare Mesto area. The psycho-analyst appears in seven-foot form hanging precariously from a metal beam above the cobbled streets.

Go undercover at the KGB Museum

Interested in learning about the Soviet Union and what life was like in Prague during Communist times? This museum was set up by a Russian enthusiast and features spy cameras and interrogation equipment. There's also a photography exhibit with images captured by a KGB officer in 1968 in the streets of Prague.

Go on a riverboat cruise

Prague is famous for that river view, so why not take to the water to get a unique view of the city? Taking a riverboat cruise along the Vltava is a great way to see many of the city's most famous sights while escaping the busy streets. You could even book in for a lunch or dinner cruise to make it extra special. If you love being on the water, you could even combine your trip to Prague with a European river cruise and explore the Czech city as part of a bigger trip.

Prague rivers

Taste the finest beer in the world

How better to test the Czech claim that their beer (pivo) is the best in the world, than by tasting it yourself? Join a beer museum tour, visit the local breweries or just head to a nearby bar to try the famous Czech lagers such as Budvar and Staropramen.

Party hard – Czech style!

Popular with stag and hen weekends, it's easy to see why! Prague is a great place to party the weekend away, with everything from underground bars, to rooftop cocktails and fine dining, to live music, nightclubs and of course, the red light district.

Crazy or quirky? Visit the most bizarre museums

From the sex machines museum to the museum of medieval torture instruments – there's some strange places to visit when you come to Prague. Find over 200 kinky devices dating back hundreds of years, plus silent film to keep you entertained at the Sex Machines Museum. You can even visit the Museum of Communism, and the KGB Museum for a peek into a dark time in history.

Head to the Dancing House rooftop bar 20

Combine amazing panoramic views of the city with a cocktail at one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in the city. The building is considered nouveau baroque architecture and gives the illusion of a couple dancing, so naturally, it's called the Dancing House. A perfect place for a drink overlooking Prague Castle.

Prague streets

Go to a Black Light Theatre

A theatrical performance of visual tricks, changing between light and dark, modern dance and costumes all combine to give you an experience you won't forget.

Drink absinthe in the heart of Prague

The highly alcoholic spirit associated with bohemian culture is the perfect drink to try while in the city. Head to Franz Kafka Square where you'll find the Absintherie which have lots of different flavours, plus absinthe beer, coffee and ice cream!

Check out crazy giant baby sculptures at Kampa Park

Head to the grounds of Museum Kampa for some quirky artwork that sits somewhere between crazy cool and a bit creepy. Giant crawling babies with barcodes across their faces will tower over visitors. Along the riverside, you may even spot some bright yellow penguins glowing in the dark at night.

Find tributes to Franz Kafka across the city

The home of Franz Kafka, Prague has scattered tributes to the bohemian novelist across the city. This includes a giant rotating sculpture of his head outside City Hall! You can even visit his house up at Prague Castle. Or find out more about him, his works and his life at the Kafka Museum.

Prague cathedral inside view

Visit Prague's Christmas Markets

If you want to experience the magic of Christmas in Prague, you should book in for the Christmas Markets. Spend a weekend going from stall to stall. Eat delicious festive foods. Stand among the twinkling lights and falling snow to get in the Christmas spirit.

Climb the Petrin Tower for epic views

Prague's own Eiffel Tower. The Petrin Tower offers 360° views across the city from one of the city's most famous landmarks. It's free to get up the 299 steps with a Prague City Card.

Find amazing city and castle views at Vysehrad Castle

Just south of the city centre, 10th century Vysehrad Castle stands up on the hill on the opposite riverbank to Prague Castle. With free entry, it's a great place to go for viewing platforms with amazing scenic views. For views of Prague Castle, find a spot overlooking the river on the west side of the grassy park. Check this article for more details of where to go.

Make a wish with the Infant Jesus of Prague

Hundreds of believers visit the Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant every day in the heart of Prague. Visiting to pray and make wishes, this 16th century shrine has become something of an attraction in the Mala Strana.

Absolutely Lucy at bridge

Eat a knuckle – yep, that's right

Not one for the veggies or vegans among us! Pork knuckle is a really popular dish in the Czech Republic. Koleno is a very meaty dish featuring pork knee marinated in beer, served with pickled vegetables and bread.

Sing-along with musicians on Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a famous enough attraction already. But add street performers, magicians, musicians and singers and you've practically got a party on the bridge! While packed with tourists, it's a great place to get a view across the city. Just watch for pick-pockets.

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