Love & Relationships

I have a tumultuous relationship with love – we’ve been through the mill a bit over the years. But I like to share my experiences from my various relationships in the hope it will help others. Whether that means sticking with a relationship and working through things. Or keeping a long-distance relationship going. It might even mean getting the hell out of there and recognising a toxic and harmful relationship.

Love & relationships blog posts

This section has posts on dealing with romantic relationships, but it also touches on relationships with family and friends. One of my most popular posts ever is about what it’s really like to have a boyfriend at university and it was so popular that I was actually interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on this topic. If you’re about to start university, or perhaps are considering a long-distance relationship, this post has lots of good advice from someone who went through it and decided to stay with that partner. Spoiler alert: it was the right decision!

Domestic violence & abusive relationships

For those who have a little less luck in the romance department – I hear you. I also have posts on abusive relationships and domestic violence which have also become some of my most read posts. I speak from my own experiences of living with a toxic, narcissistic male and the effects it had on my own life. Read the experiences I shared as part of my work with a domestic violence charity called Chayn. If you’ve experienced anything like this – or even if you haven’t – I urge you to read these posts if only so you know what signs to look out for.

Long-distance relationships

If you spend a lot of time away from home, you may enjoy my posts on family and friendship. These talk about how to maintain relationships while you travel, how to ensure you stay close and in-touch regardless of distance.