Love & Relationships

Adventure travel and lifestyle blogger Absolutely Lucy has had her fair share of heartache. Here she talks honestly about dealing with real relationships. From long term coupling and boyfriends at university. To sex, travel romances, adult relationships and those between family and friends. She also covers toxic situations and issues such as domestic abuse. Offering advice and real life experiences, Absolutely Lucy is always on hand for support regarding these issues.

Adventure travel and lifestyle blogger Absolutely Lucy comes from the UK but has spent the last few years traveling the globe. Having visited more than 30 countries, she’s taken on solo female travel with gusto and has shared every second with her audience. Explore Absolutely Lucy for honest, real and raw experiences from travel and life. Her unfiltered take on the world, and everything from career & blogging advice and relationships, to following your dreams and heart.

Aimed at women with adventurous hearts and curious minds. Lucy forgoes the polished blogger style for a raw, real collection of stories from her travels and isn’t afraid to talk about the harder side of traveling, life and relationships. This is the blog for the twenty-something who has spent far too long sitting in a dreary office daydreaming of something more. A few years ago, Absolutely Lucy was in exactly the same spot stuck in a job and a dead-end nine-year relationship. Fuelled by an incessant wanderlust, she chased a life of adventure and now she wants to help others do the same.

Disclaimer: Absolutely Lucy shares her own experiences and is happy to offer support and advice. However, she is not a professional counselor. Professional advice should be sought, and legal advice, if you are in a domestic violence situation.