Foreign Travel

Adventure travel and lifestyle blogger Absolutely Lucy  is from the UK. She has spent the last few years enjoying foreign travel around the globe across over 30 countries. Taking on solo female travel with gusto, Lucy has shared every second with her audience.

What’s Absolutely Lucy all about?

Explore Absolutely Lucy for honest, real and raw experiences. Enjoy foreign travel, local experiences, and life. Her unfiltered take on the world, and everything. Find posts on everything from career & blogging advice and relationships, to following your dreams and heart.

Enjoy foreign travel with me

She’s crossed four continents and 30+ countries, and Lucy loves to get off the beaten track and explore. She can’t wait for you to join her foreign travel adventures.

Absolutely Lucy is all about finding ways to travel that will fit in with your life. Whether that means backpacking solo across the world for a year, two-week luxury summer holidays or a weekend away. This is the travel blog that will tell you how to make your adventure travel dreams a reality to suit your budget. But why stop there?

Who is Absolutely Lucy aimed at?

Aimed at women with adventurous hearts and curious minds. Lucy forgoes the polished blogger style for a raw, real collection of stories from her travels. She isn’t afraid to talk about the harder side of traveling, life and relationships. This is the blog for the twenty-something who has spent far too long sitting in a dreary office daydreaming of more.

A few years ago, Absolutely Lucy was in exactly the same spot stuck in a job and a dead-end nine-year relationship. So, fuelled by an incessant wanderlust, she chased a life of adventure. Now she wants to help others do the same, because it was the best decision she ever made.

What to read?

Check out this section for posts from around the world including city guides and trip planning posts for Prague, Milan and Bucharest. Explore Sri Lanka and Thailand but check out these posts first, or venture into Cambodia and Vietnam with me.