If you’re anything like me, you love a bargain when travelling. Things are only getting more expensive in the world right now, so any way to save a few pennies on your next trip means being able to splash out on the things you really love, like Aperol Spritzes, amazing food and lots of fun things to do on your next trip. Finding cheap flights for a destination is a great way to cut costs when travelling – so often your flights can be a big chunk of the overall cost of the trip.

But if you’re always left wondering how to score the unbelievably cheap flights other people seem to find – then listen up! I have all the insider tips and tricks from 10 years as a travel blogger and travel writer and 50+ countries. Keep reading to find out exactly how I managed to score £4.70 flights form the UK to Germany, and saved over £600 on flights from Australia to the UK.

20 tips for finding cheap flights for any destination in 2024

1. Be Flexible On Your Destination

If you can be more flexible on your flight destination, it can save you a LOT of money. If you’re entirely focused on your dream destination, this probably won’t work for you. But if you just want to get away and enjoy some sunshine but don’t really mind where you go – this could be a great money saver tip for you. It’s a great way of pushing yourself to travel to new places you might not have explored, to score a cheap city break and discover some new hidden gems!

Did you know that Skyscanner has an EVERYWHERE feature? This means you can select your closest airport and the rough dates you want to travel and then select everywhere as you destination which then shows you the cheapest flights available to destinations. This is exactly how I scored £4.70 flights to Germany, because I realised that I could fly to another airport nearby my home in Hamburg for a fraction of the price despite it being the same distance as the main airport from my home.

2. Set Up Alerts For The Flights On Your Radar

You don’t have to constantly be checking flight comparison websites to score great deals, let the systems do it for you! There are lots of sites you can set up alerts with, Google Flights is one of them and can be a great way to get notified when a great deal comes up. It makes finding cheap flights to any destination a breeze and means when airlines make mistakes and list flights for ridiculously low prices, you will automatically find out which could mean saving hundreds on your next trip if you move fast enough to book. 

3. Don’t Limit Yourself On The Dates You Can Travel

Staying flexible really is the key to saving money on flights. Not just on your destination but if you can allow yourself a little flexibility on the dates you travel, it can mean the difference between saving a few quid to saving £200. A great way to browse the availability and pricing is to look on Skyscanner. Search from your home airport to the destination you have chosen and then look at the WHOLE MONTH. This is great for seeing the change in pricing throughout the month and it’s even colour-coded so you just need to look for the GREEN days to find the cheapest flights.

4. Fly “Off-Peak” to Avoid Popular Times

Okay so this one doesn’t work for everyone – but avoiding school holidays and public holidays for travel makes a huge difference! There are still deals available for cheaper flights during peak times, but they are fewer and further between. Obviously if you do have children in school or limitations on time off for work this can be tricky and I know they have brought in tighter restrictions for parents who take their children out of school for holidays. So you have to make the decision that is right for you, but it can impact travel costs.

5. Book Travel Using A VPN

Always wondering how your favourite travel bloggers manage to save so much on travel? Using a VPN is one of the insider hacks I mentioned for finding cheap flights to any destination. I use Express VPN and have done for years to book trips, often saving significantly on my travel budget with every flight I book. Did you know that flights are priced different depending on where you are shopping from? So your home country, particularly if you are from the UK or US as most of my readers are, will actually make the flights and accommodation costs you look up appear higher. So if you use a VPN to ping your location and IP address to another country where perhaps income is much lower, it can reduce the costs of airfare.

6. Choose Your Flight Times Tactically

I’m going to say my favourite word again – flexibility is key! By choosing your flight times tactically, you can avoid higher cost flights that are usually later in the day. By flying in the early morning, you often save money as airlines are keen to get those flights filled, it also means you get to enjoy the whole day in your destination instead of arriving late afternoon or in the evening. It’s also worth considering if you’re flying long-haul whether you can use flights as a way of saving money on a night’s accommodation by choosing an overnight flight. It’s not always the most fun option, particularly if you’re bad at sleeping on flights, but finding cheap flights sometimes requires a bit of sacrifice in order to get the best deals.

7. Look at Alternative Options for Similar Destinations

This one works great if you’re in Europe, Asia or somewhere like Central America/South America. If you’re not dead-set on your destination, then stay flexible and consider other countries which perhaps border the destination you have in mind. Often the landscape and activities can be similar, the food might even overlap and it can be a great and similar option for a trip but cost half the amount.

I used this exact technique last summer when I was looking at a trip to Croatia but the prices were skyrocketing. Instead, I booked a trip to Montenegro which has turned into one of my favourite countries and found amazing deals on flights and accommodation that would have been out of my budget in Croatia. It also meant that we got to discover a hidden gem and avoid the crowds while exploring a new part of Europe. When travelling Asia I also loved to compare flight costs and pick my next destination based on the most budget-friendly options.

8. Consider Alternative Airports For Your Trip

Always remember to look at alternative airports if you are set on a destination but flights are getting expensive. Often most major cities will have multiple nearby airports and you could save a lot of money by flying to the less popular one. For instance, when I lived in Hamburg, I would often fly to Bremen which was the same distance from where I lived but often helped me score bargain tickets of £4.70. I recently took a trip to Slovenia to hike in Triglav National Park and visit Lake Bled, instead of flying to Ljubljana, I flew to Trieste in nearby Italy so I could combine the two countries in one trip and road trip. It meant far cheaper flights but also much better flight times!

9. Use Kiwi for Finding Cheap Flights for any Destination

Have you heard of Kiwi? It’s a unique platform with an algorithm that allows the brand to create combinations of flight, train, and bus tickets and offer them in a single itinerary. This pioneer in virtual interlining has an extensive database of low-cost flights and traditional airlines that have saved me £1,000’s over the years. It is amazing for finding cheap flights for long-haul trips and I’ve saved over £600 on flights from Australia to the UK previously among many other bookings. Please note that often with connecting flights booked through the platform there may be self-transfer options only, so just factor this into your travel timings so you don’t end up missing your connecting flight.

10. Always Check the Price of a Flight Direct With the Provider

If you’re shopping for flights on travel comparison websites, it’s always a good idea to check using a VPN the price of the same flight on the airline’s actual website. I’ve found at times that by doing this I’ve actually saved money by booking direct, you can also sometimes benefit from rewards schemes if you’re a frequent flyer.

11. Be Smart About Your Luggage

One thing I’ve noticed when travelling with my partner is that on the budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet, it actually works out cheaper for us to check in one piece of hold luggage between us than to have an extra cabin bag each. By doing this, it also means we can transport more liquids which for my gals who like their skincare and beauty products, is always a lifesaver! If you are travelling with cabin luggage only – be smart about your choice of luggage. I’ve recommended my favourite travel backpacks, suitcases and cabin bags to meet the luggage restrictions while maximising your packing space.

12. Use This Viral Packing Hack to Maximise Your Packing Space

Have you heard about the viral packing hack – The Secret Pillow? Check out this video for the best packing hack for over-packers! The Secret Pillow is a travel pillow that is hollow and allows you to use the pillow to stuff with clothing, it means you get extra packing space, and as these items count as separate to your cabin bag on flights, it’s a great way to pack extra clothes for your trip. I tested The Secret Pillow out at Stansted Airport – find out how I got on. You can currently get 20% off The Secret Pillow (and if you use my code LUCY10 you get a further 10% off when you purchase!)

13. Get a Priority Pass for Lounge Access

While there is a cost upfront for a Priority Pass, they’re really useful for frequent travellers with independent airport lounge access and up to 800+ offers for holders worldwide. The best bit? You won’t pay a penny for food at drink at airports which could easily save you up to £100 every time you fly. If you’re a business traveller or work while you travel, it also provides a quiet and calm place to work for a few hours, charge your laptop and relax between flights. If you often end up with long layovers, it can also give you access to showers if you want to freshen up. You can also gain access to lounges using an AMEX or other frequent flyer cards.

14. Collect Air Miles And Score Free Flights

It is soooo worth it to try and get your head around air miles and to start collecting points when you travel – particularly if you are a frequent flyer. If you’re savvy enough with them, you can rack up enough points to pay for Business Class upgrades or even free flights worldwide. If you get the right card, you can also rack up points on everyday purchases including supermarket shops, accommodations and much more. It’s a great way to save for travel even when you don’t have a trip coming up. Check out Which? for the best up-to-date recommendations on the best cards for air miles that can help you earn Avios, Virgin Points and American Express Membership Rewards.

15. Sign Up for Flight Deals Clubs

So many of these flight deals clubs have sprung up and they can offer amazing savings and discounts on flights. The Secret Flight Club offers a 7 day free trial for you to test out the service before committing. This award winning flight and travel deal club offers 20 years experience in holiday deals, it has 100,000+ members and could save you up to 81% off flights. Jack’s Flight Club is is a gem for finding cheap flights to any destination with 2.3 million members worldwide and around $400 saved per ticket booked using a free membership. Cheap Flights Club uses leading technology to source amazing deals on flights including up to 99% off standard airfare prices. It also has a free membership which is great for keeping costs low.

16. Claim Back Up to €600 For Delayed or Cancelled Flights

Did you know that if you have had a flight cancelled or delayed, you could be eligible to claim back up to €600 for each flight? So many holiday-makers are missing out on claiming back hundreds that could be owed to them. Why miss out on free money? Always be aware of your rights and make sure to follow up on any claims to make sure you get the refund you deserve. You can claim direct with your airline, but often this can be quite complicated, so if you want to make things simple, let AirHelp take the stress out of flight delay compensation. They’re leading the field with the fastest claim checks thanks to AI lawyers helping human claim agents, plus you benefit from legal teams in up to 30 countries and service assistance in 16 languages. They are also the owner of one of the most extensive flight stat databases in the world.