As the world starts to creep back towards “normality”, travel is back on the radar for many. Many of us are starting to plan trips abroad once more and that means we’re all on the lookout for those tantalising cheap flights. Everyone has missed travelling over the last two years and we’re all eager to make up for lost time, so how better to do it than to find a great deal on your next trip? As a budget traveller, I’ve always loved hunting down a bargain for flights and accommodation so I can save my money for fun activities when I reach my destination. I’ve caught many flights over the years, so here’s the best tips and tricks I’ve discovered for scoring a great deal on cheap travel.

Choose your destination for budget flights

One of the best tips I can give to travellers on the hunt for budget-friendly flights is to remain as flexible as possible when booking. The more you can do this, the more money you will save. If you don’t mind where you travel to, you could save even more by selecting the Everywhere function available on a lot of online flight search engines. By setting search engines to look for the best flights on certain dates, they will pluck out the cheapest deals available. It might even inspire you to travel to places you hadn’t considered before. I’ve done this before a lot when travelling Asia and Europe – it’s a great way to explore a continent and to jump out of your comfort zone.

Be prepared to fly at “off-peak” times

Take this tip in two ways. Firstly, avoid travelling in peak season or school holidays. Flights, accommodation and activities are so much more expensive during these times due to popularity. If this is unavoidable, try booking as far in advance as possible to avoid being stung by price increases. You can also save a lot of money by being willing to fly at less popular times of the day. For instance, early morning flights are always less popular and yet when you arrive you have an extra day to explore. By avoiding the middle of the day flights, you can often save money and find flights less crowded. Spicejet offers a range of flights from Dubai to India available at all times of day.


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Compare different flight search engines

Always shop around before you buy and you could find far cheaper deals on flights and accommodation. Often the same hotel room or flights will be listed on different websites for varying prices depending on whether you use flight search engines, book directly through the airline or even buy as a package deal. Make sure to research and compare prices before you book or you could end up paying more for exactly the same trip. If you really want to find cheap flights, you could try spicejet for flights from Dubai to India.

Pack light and work the system

Budget airlines are notorious for being tough on travellers for baggage allowances and extras. But, if you learn to pack light and really work the system to your advantage, you could save yourself a small fortune in extra fees. Don’t risk turning up at the airport and being charged more than your flight cost for bringing a bag that is a few kilos overweight. Do your research beforehand and ensure your backpack or suitcase is the right dimensions and shape for the cabin. Don’t forget to check that it will comply across a range of budget airlines so you don’t get caught out. Next up, master the art of packing light and only taking what you need. Downsize your liquids/toiletries so you only take the essentials. Always weigh your bag before you leave home and remember how you packed so you can replicate it for the flight home.

Sign up for flight deals & air miles to save money

There are some fantastic resources out there with websites and even online memberships that allow you exclusive access to flight deals. If you’re pressed for time or don’t have the inclination to hunt down those cheap flights, this can be a good way to skip the hard work and reap the rewards. You might end up paying a small membership fee but you could end up saving a lot more overall if you are planning to fly regularly. Collecting air miles through airline points cards, or even your credit card, can be an easy way to rack up the savings without even trying! You can collect miles on a range of regular purchases these days and then put these towards savings on your next trip. If you travel often, you might even earn enough miles to upgrade to business class or book a long-haul flight.

What are your best tips for saving money on flights? How do you go about finding flight deals?


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