One of the biggest challenges of my life. Germany has been both a home and one of my greatest foes over the last few years. I’ve gone from a visitor, to a traveller, to an expat who has built a community of over 250 expats.

It’s been both a place filled with love and friendship, and a place where I’ve struggled to adjust and to deal with loneliness. I’ve seen both sides of Germany and have travelled across the country over the last few years. I’ve seen it’s natural beauty, it’s industry and the people.

City breaks in Germany

The story started with a few days in Berlin where I spent my time exploring the city, enjoying free walking tours and learning about the history. A party hostel and lots of cool coffee shops later. I caught up with some friends and failed at Berlin’s nightlife after we passed out after cocktails.

While it was a fab city, I definitely need to go back – it’s so huge that I feel like as much as I saw, the city still has so much to offer!

Moving to Hamburg

A few years later, I moved to Hamburg with my partner at the time. He was from the city and we decided to settle there after several years of travelling. I didn’t speak a work of German at the time but was excited for the challenge. It was never an easy city to live in, but I built a home there regardless.

I started learning Germany, found a great job and lots of friends. I spent my free time exploring the city and getting to know my new home. During my time there I visited German Christmas Markets, I celebrated Oktoberfest and the Hafengeburtstag.

Road tripping across Germany

I was also lucky enough to spend a month road tripping across Europe in a van which meant seeing much more of this beautiful country. We drove to Rügen Island and explored the national park there, later we visited Saxon Switzerland National Park, on the border of the Czech Republic.

We drove into Munich and stayed there to explore the city. Before visiting Neuschwanstein Castle and nearby Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the mountains. Later, we drove back up towards Hamburg via Germany’s Black Forest, Triberg waterfalls and Frankfurt via the Fairytale Road.