I’m standing on the cusp of my next big adventure. Currently sitting in a cafe in the tiny port town of Fremantle, Perth, I’m making plans for the trip I’ve been looking forward to for the whole 18 months I’ve spent in Australia. For a long time I’ve dreamt of living that traveller dream of picking up and taking off into the sunset in a van with nothing but weeks of sandy toes and star-filled skies ahead of you. Tasmania was just a teaser for what lay ahead, read all about my road trip in the Tasmanian wilderness here. Now I’m waiting for the real thing – the camp fires on the beach, the endless sunsets and sunrises, the surfing and snorkelling, the ciders and the smiles.

East Coast has so much to offer in terms of exciting trips, parties and fun, but if you ask me, travelling is about getting lost and discovering something you never expected. That’s what I want right now, I’ve spent so long working away and biding my time until I saved enough money, I’ve spent so long stuck in the same place and dreaming of everywhere else. But now I’m well and truly ready to get lost, to spend my days on the beach watching the salt of the ocean dry on my skin. Yesterday was an unusually warm day for Fremantle and I spent the whole of it on the beach drinking ciders in the sunshine and playing in the waves. It was a taste of what my life could be for the next few weeks and it got me more excited than ever to be on the road again.image

How to plan a West Coast road trip:


It can seem a little daunting to plan a trip for such a huge distance – don’t forget Australia’s West Coast covers 3-4,000km depending on where you start and stop. My plan is to start from Fremantle in Perth and work my way up to Broome or even possible heading back to Darwin to work. Now I’m pretty flexible thanks to the money I have saved and the time it takes me to do this trip – it could take 2-3 weeks or 2 months for all I care – if I’m enjoying myself I’m happy to take longer to finish the trip. But if you’re not as lucky, you’ll want to work out exactly how much time you have and the driving distances to work out what is realistic in terms of driving and stopping off for sights/hikes/experiences.

Mode of transport

Are you buying a car/hiring a car or jumping in with road trip buddies? Have you plumped for a van, a 4WD or a big car? Are you and your buddies sharing the driving or is one person driving the whole way? Has the vehicle been serviced and checked to ensure it is roadworthy enough for the journey? There are so many questions when it comes to the vehicle – I personally have chosen not to buy a vehicle or hire, instead I’m hunting for road trip buddies who already have everything sorted – less stress and hassle for me in terms of buying/selling or limiting my travel time through hiring. Another option would be checking out camper van conversion kits if you’re hiring a vehicle as these mean the van is fully decked out with everything you could need on arrival – perfect for road tripping all over the globe.image


You’ll want to think of everything before you leave otherwise you could be stranded in the outback without a key item. Make sure you have good camping gear if you don’t have a vehicle you can sleep in – a tent and camping stove will come in handy. Things like snorkels, surfboards and anything for fun activities would be great as they’ll be cheaper to buy in a city than they will be to buy/hire along the road. Use your common sense and make sure you have extra containers or water/fuel for when you are in the middle of nowhere.


Even though it can be hard to plan ahead on a road trip, certain trips and activities you will need to to avoid them behind totally booked up. In this case I’m thinking particularly about swimming with whale sharks up near Exmouth – it’s prime season to see them and I can’t stand the thought of missing out because it’s too busy so this is an important one to book ahead.image

Road trip necessities

Most importantly – make sure you have good road trip buddies to have fun with, a great soundtrack for the road trip and a big smile on your face.imageIf you ask me, road tripping is the perfect way to really see a country. The changing landscapes and the freedom to explore at your own pace are so different to any other form of travel. It’s the company you take with you, the tastes and smells, the music you play along the way – everyone has to admit a road trip stays with you longer than other trips. So if you’re planning a road trip abroad – check out these camper van conversion kits to plan ahead and make your trip the best it can be!